GSXR Price in Bangladesh

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Model: Suzuki GSX-R150

Top Speed:145 KM/H

Mileage:40 KM/L

Weight:131 kg

৳ 350,000.00

GSXR Price in Bangladesh

GSXR Price in Bangladesh Suzuki is considered one of many two greatest Japanese two-wheeler producers in addition to one of many top-rated on this planet too. Recently Rankin Motorbike Ltd the official importer of Suzuki in Bangladesh launched Suzuki GSX-R 150 and its worth is 350,000/- Their merchandise can be found in most international locations these days together with Bangladesh. They used to make the engine with the most recent expertise. However, not too long ago they launched one of many prime merchandises within the 150cc section in Bangladesh which is named GSXR Price in Bangladesh 150 simply a few months in the past. The bike is made for sports activities particularly.

Design & appears to be like

Here are the design and appearance features of the GSXR Price in Bangladesh presented in points:

  1. Aggressive Styling: The Suzuki GSXR features a bold and aggressive design language that reflects its sporty nature. It has sharp lines, aerodynamic bodywork, and a dynamic stance that exudes a sense of speed and power.
  2. Aerodynamic Fairings: The motorcycle incorporates aerodynamic fairings that not only enhance its visual appeal but also improve its aerodynamic efficiency by reducing drag and increasing stability at high speeds.
  3. Twin Headlights: The GSXR is equipped with twin headlights that provide excellent visibility and add to its distinctive front-end appearance. The headlights are designed to provide a focused and clear beam of light for enhanced visibility during nighttime riding.
  4. Sporty Colors and Graphics: Suzuki offers the GSXR in a range of sporty colors with eye-catching graphics, giving it a vibrant and dynamic look. The color schemes are often inspired by racing heritage and add to the overall appeal of the motorcycle.
  5. LED Lighting: The motorcycle features LED lighting elements, including the headlights, taillights, and turn signals. LED lights provide improved visibility, enhanced energy efficiency, and a modern appearance.
  6. High-quality Finishes: The GSXR is known for its high-quality finishes, with attention to detail in the paintwork, decals, and overall fit and finish. The motorcycle is designed to impress with its premium look and feel.

Engine efficiency

Here are the engine efficiency features of the GSXR Price in Bangladesh presented in points:

  1. High-Performance Engine: The Suzuki GSXR is equipped with a high-performance engine that delivers impressive power and torque for a thrilling riding experience.
  2. Advanced Fuel Injection System: The motorcycle features an advanced fuel injection system that ensures precise fuel delivery and optimal air-fuel mixture for improved combustion efficiency.
  3. Engine Displacement: The GSXR is available in different engine displacement options, ranging from [Displacement] cc to [Displacement] cc, allowing riders to choose the model that suits their preferences and riding style.
  4. Lightweight Design: The engine of the GSXR is designed to be lightweight, reducing overall weight and improving the power-to-weight ratio for better performance and fuel efficiency.
  5. Advanced Cooling System: The motorcycle incorporates an advanced cooling system, such as liquid cooling, to maintain optimal engine temperature even during intense riding conditions. This helps enhance engine efficiency and longevity.
  6. Electronic Engine Management: The GSXR is equipped with advanced electronic engine management systems, including throttle-by-wire technology and engine mapping, to optimize performance, fuel efficiency, and throttle response.

Dimensions & seating place

Here are the dimensions and seating features of the GSXR Price in Bangladesh presented in points:

  1. Length: The Suzuki GSXR has a length of [Length] mm, which contributes to its compact and agile nature, allowing for easy maneuverability.
  2. Width: The motorcycle has a width of [Width] mm, providing a balanced and stable stance on the road.
  3. Height: The GSXR Price in Bangladesh has a height of [Height] mm, giving it a sleek and streamlined profile.
  4. Wheelbase: The wheelbase of the GSXR measures [Wheelbase] mm, which helps in stability and handling during high-speed riding.
  5. Seat Height: The motorcycle offers a comfortable seating position with a seat height of [Seat Height] mm, ensuring a proper riding posture and easy reach to the ground for most riders.
  6. Seating Capacity: The Suzuki GSXR is designed for a single rider, providing a sporty and focused riding experience.
  7. Ergonomics: The motorcycle features a sporty riding position with slightly forward-leaning ergonomics, allowing riders to have good control and stability while enjoying the thrill of riding.

Suspension & Brakes

Here are the suspension and brakes features of the GSXR Price in Bangladesh presented in points:


  1. Front Suspension: The GSXR is equipped with a high-performance front suspension system, typically a telescopic fork, which offers excellent handling and absorbs bumps and shocks for a smooth and controlled ride.
  2. Rear Suspension: The motorcycle features a rear suspension system, commonly a mono-shock, that provides stability, control, and comfort by damping the rear wheel movement.


  1. Front Brakes: The GSXR is equipped with powerful front disc brakes, typically with dual discs, which provide strong and reliable stopping power. These brakes offer excellent modulation and control for precise braking.
  2. Rear Brakes: The motorcycle features a rear disc brake, providing effective braking performance and stability during deceleration.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS):

  1. The GSXR may be equipped with an advanced Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) as a safety feature. ABS helps prevent wheel lock-up during sudden or hard braking, enhancing rider control and reducing the risk of skidding.


The mileage of GSXR Price in Bangladesh 150 can be higher. Like a lot of the up-to-date, bikes in 2017, it may give higher gas effectivity as a sports activities class monster. It would supply greater than 40 km mileage on the freeway in accordance with some customers however the common mileage of the beast will not be lower than 35 km.

Instrument Panel & Features

Here are the instrument panel and features of the GSXR Price in Bangladesh presented in points:

Instrument Panel:

  1. Digital Speedometer: The GSXR is equipped with a digital speedometer that displays the current speed of the motorcycle in a clear and easy-to-read format.
  2. Tachometer: The instrument panel includes a tachometer that indicates the engine’s RPM (Revolutions Per Minute), allowing the rider to monitor the engine’s performance.
  3. Fuel Gauge: The GSXR features a fuel gauge that provides information about the amount of fuel remaining in the motorcycle’s fuel tank.
  4. Trip Meter: The instrument panel includes a trip meter that keeps track of the distance covered during a specific trip, allowing the rider to monitor their journey.
  5. Odometer: The GSXR has an odometer that displays the total distance traveled by the motorcycle since it was first put into use.


  1. LED Lighting: The GSXR Price in Bangladesh is equipped with LED lighting, including headlights, taillights, and turn signals, which offer enhanced visibility and energy efficiency.
  2. Slipper Clutch: The motorcycle may feature a slipper clutch, which helps to prevent rear-wheel instability during aggressive downshifting, providing smoother gear transitions and improved control.
  3. Quick Shifter: Some models of the GSXR Price in Bangladesh may come with a quick shifter, allowing for quick and seamless upshifts without the need to use the clutch.
  4. Adjustable Suspension: The GSXR may offer adjustable suspension, allowing the rider to fine-tune the suspension settings according to their preference and riding conditions.
  5. Riding Modes: Some models of the GSXR Price in Bangladesh may offer different riding modes, such as sport, street, or rain, which adjust various parameters of the motorcycle to suit different riding conditions and rider preferences.


Looks and velocity are the 2 most essential issues of GSX–R150. According to the corporate, it could attain 149 km per hour prime velocity highest which is a lot superb.

Specification: GSXR Price in Bangladesh


Single cylinder, liquid-cooled, fuel-injection, DOHC, 4-Stroke, 4-Valve


Full Faired Sports


Available in Bangladesh


350,000/- (Non ABS), 379,950/= (ABS)

Last update

2nd August 2021

Engine type

Single cylinder, liquid-cooled, fuel-injection, DOHC, 4-Stroke, 4-Valve


147.3 cc

Maximum Power

18.90 Bhp @ 10,500 rpm

Maximum Torque

14 NM @ 9000 rpm

No. of Cylinders


No. of Gears


Starting system

Electric Start


Wet Multi-Plate

Bore x Stroke

62.0 mm x 48.8 mm

Kerb Weight

131 kg


1300 mm


2020 mm


700 mm


1075 mm

Seat Height

785 mm

Fuel Type


fuel capacity

11 liters

No. of Seats


Suspension Front

Telescopic Forks

Suspension Rear

Mono Shock

Front Brake


Rear Brake


Wheel Type


Front Tyre


Rear Tyre


Alloy Wheels

Tubeless Tyres


MF 12v






Low Fuel Indicator

Gear Indicator

Trun Lamp

Low Battery Indicator

Fuel Gauge

Tail Lamp

Top Speed

155 KM/H

Mileage (City)

30 KM/L

Mileage (Highway)

40 KM/L

Mileage (City & highway)

35 KM/L

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