Pulsar 150 price in Bangladesh

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Price:1,73,000 BDT

CC Category:150 cc

Category: Standard Bike

Distributor: Uttara Motors Limited

Product Availability: Available

৳ 173,000.00

Pulsar 150 price in Bangladesh 2020 The title is stuffed with feelings, recollections, and all. If you’re a Bangladeshi biker, or else, a biker from the subcontinent, you will need to know the title very nicely. BAJAJ has lately been up to date with their complete lineup of this sequence for the 12 months of 2017 and identical goes for probably the most offered model too. The 150cc Pulsar has created a reign of its personnel by the efficiency it affords to the customers.

Pulsar 150 price in Bangladesh 2024


BAJAJ Pulsar launched again in 2001 to satisfy the calls for the brand new age “millennial” bikers. Since its inception, it has been a spread that provides riders with a full package deal of efficiency and reliability. You can be simply in a position to distinguish it as a Pulsar and nonetheless know it’s the new one from its styling bits.


Key options of BAJAJ Pulsar 150 price in Bangladesh 2017 Edition are described in a nutshell.

It has an AHO (Automatic Headlight On) system, new graphics together with stripes within the iconic alloy wheels, and a new color for the backlit switchgear that can assist you in the evening.  The design is similar to the prevailing fashions and, therefore might be polarizing to some. BAJAJ has positively gone the “why to try to fix something if it is not broken?” route while upgrading this model…

Here are some of the notable features of the Bajaj Pulsar 150:

  1. Digital Instrument Console: The bike features a digital instrument console that displays the speedometer, odometer, trip meter, fuel gauge, and clock.
  2. Twin-Spark Ignition: The Pulsar 150 comes with Bajaj’s patented Twin-Spark Ignition technology that improves fuel efficiency and performance.
  3. Nitrox Suspension: The bike has a Nitrox suspension system that provides a comfortable ride even on rough roads.
  4. Front Disc Brake: The Pulsar 150 comes with a front disc brake that provides excellent stopping power and improved safety on the road.
  5. Tubeless Tyres: The bike features tubeless tires that reduce the risk of punctures and provide better grip and stability on the road.
  6. Stylish Design: The Pulsar 150 has a stylish and sporty design that appeals to young riders.

Body dimensions

all-new Pulsar 150 price in Bangladesh 2020 2017 Edition is a very good performing bike. The bike is balanced very nicely. The bike has a 15-liter gas tank which feeds the engine by the injection ports.

The general size of BAJAJ Palcher 150 price in Bangladesh 2020 Edition is 2055mm whereas the width and top are 755mm and 1060mm. The floor clearance is 165mm. Pulsar 150 price in Bangladesh

Engine & Transmission

Both wheels have a tubeless tire for higher efficiency and to keep away from sudden deflation.

The engine of the Pulsar 150 features Bajaj’s patented Twin-Spark Ignition technology that improves fuel efficiency and performance. The bike also comes with a carburetor fuel system that provides efficient fuel delivery to the engine.

When it comes to transmission, the Pulsar 150 features a wet multi-plate clutch that provides smooth engagement and disengagement. The bike has a chain drive system that transmits power from the engine to the rear wheel.

Top speed

The Pulsar 150 has a top speed of around 110 km/h and can accelerate from 0-60 km/h in around 5.6 seconds. The bike also features a fuel tank capacity of 15 liters and has a claimed mileage of around 65 km/l, although the actual mileage can vary depending on several factors such as riding style, traffic conditions, and maintenance.

Overall, the engine and transmission of the Bajaj Pulsar 150 offers a good balance of power

Best For

The BAJAJ Pulsar 150 price in Bangladesh 2020 Edition is focused on the youth of the nation but it is usually very a lot usable by the older era too. City driving could be very a lot doable on this bike. College and college college students and younger job holders are the principal clients of this bike. Many center-aged customers additionally use this bike each day for his or her want of commuting and inter-city driving.

The bike can also be excellent at freeway speeds and it simply permits the consumer to do inter-city commutes because of its snug seating association for each rider and the pillion.

Key Features

Bajaj Pulsar 150 price in Bangladesh overview: Introduction: Pulsar! The title is stuffed with feelings, recollections, and all. If you’re a Bangladeshi biker, or else, a biker from the subcontinent, you will need to know the title very nicely. Pulsar 150 price in Bangladesh.

FAQ Section for “Pulsar 150 Price in Bangladesh”

Welcome to our FAQ section where we aim to provide comprehensive information about Pulsar 150 price in Bangladesh. This section is designed to address common questions and provide insights into the Pulsar 150 price in Bangladesh, focusing on its pricing and related aspects in Bangladesh.

1. What is the current price of the Pulsar 150 in Bangladesh?

As of our latest update, the Pulsar 150 price in Bangladesh varies depending on the model year, dealer location, and any ongoing promotions or discounts. We recommend checking with local authorized dealers for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing.

2. Does the price of the Pulsar 150 vary across different regions in Bangladesh?

Yes, the price of the Pulsar 150 can vary slightly across different regions in Bangladesh. Factors such as local taxes, transportation costs, and dealer-specific pricing policies can influence the final retail price.

3. Are there different variants of the Pulsar 150 available, and do they have different prices?

The Pulsar 150 is available in several variants, such as the Standard, Twin Disc, and Neon models. Each variant comes with different features and specifications, which can affect their pricing. It’s best to consult with a local dealer for detailed pricing on each variant.

4. What factors should I consider when looking at the price of a Pulsar 150?

When considering the Pulsar 150 price in Bangladesh, take into account factors such as the model variant, any additional features or accessories, warranty terms, after-sales service quality, and any financing options available.

5. Can I negotiate the price of a Pulsar 150 with a dealer?

Negotiation depends on the dealer’s policy. Some dealers may offer room for negotiation, especially during promotions or when purchasing additional accessories.

6. Are there any seasonal discounts or promotions that affect the Pulsar 150’s price?

Dealers and manufacturers may offer seasonal discounts, festive promotions, or special offers that can affect the price. Keep an eye on local dealer announcements or official brand promotions during festive seasons.

7. Does the price include registration, insurance, and other related costs?

Typically, the displayed Pulsar 150 price in Bangladesh does not include additional costs like registration, insurance, and road taxes. Confirm with the dealer to understand what is included in the quoted price.

8. Is financing available for purchasing a Pulsar 150, and how does it affect the overall cost?

Many dealers offer financing options for purchasing a Pulsar 150. While financing can make the purchase more accessible, it may increase the overall cost due to interest and other associated fees. Discuss with the dealer or a financial advisor for detailed information.

9. How does the Pulsar 150’s price in Bangladesh compare to other similar motorcycles?

The Pulsar 150 price in Bangladesh is competitive when compared to other motorcycles in its segment. Consider factors like engine performance, brand reputation, fuel efficiency, and feature set when comparing.

10. Where can I find the most reliable information on the Pulsar 150’s price in Bangladesh?

The most reliable sources for pricing information are authorized Bajaj dealerships in Bangladesh. Additionally, the official Bajaj website and verified automotive review websites can provide accurate and up-to-date information.

Specification: Pulsar 150 price in Bangladesh


149.5 cc

Max Power

14 PS @ 8000 RPM

Max Torque

13.4 NM @ 6000 RPM




Wet, Multi-Plate

Engine Cooling

Air Cooled

Fuel Supply


Starting Method

Kick & Electric

Transmission Type


Fuel Tank Capacity

15 L

Ground Clearance

165 mm


1060 mm

Overall Length

2055 mm

Overall Width

755 mm


144 kg


1320 mm


Normal Braking System

Front Brake

240 mm Disc

Rear Brake

130 mm Drum

Front Suspension

Telescopic With Double Anti Friction Bush

Rear Suspension

5 Way Adjustable Nitrox Shock Absorber

Front Tyre

80/100 – 17

Rear Tyre

100 / 90–17

Tyre Type


Wheel Type



12 V Full DC

Connection Type



35/35W With 2 Pilot Lamps

Tail Light




Engine Kill Switch


Handle Type

3-Part Handle Bar

Fuel Gauge




RPM Meter




Pass Switch


Seat type


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