Pulsar UG5 Price in Bangladesh

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Engine:4-stroke, DTS-i, Air-cooled, single-cylinder, BS4

Top Speed:115 KM/H

Maximum Power:13.8 Bhp @ 8000 rpm

Weight:144 Kg

Mileage:45 KM

Cooling:Air Cooled

৳ 176,900.00

Pulsar UG5 Price in Bangladesh

Pulsar UG5 Price in Bangladesh Bajaj is the largest firm in India and is the main bike manufacturing model in the World. In Bangladesh Bajaj remains to be dominated the bike market as we all know. Its bike Pulsar is the most well-liked collection all through the nation India and Bangladesh. Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi as soon as dominated the market and undoubtedly it’s the most offered 150 cc bike within the section within the nation. But for a number of years, the market of the bike was lowered as a result of folks having higher alternate options and the Pulsar 150 DTSi has no adjustments in any respect.

Design & appearance :

Design and Appearance of the Pulsar UG5 Price in Bangladesh:

  1. Sleek and Dynamic Exterior: The Pulsar UG5 features a sleek and dynamic design that exudes sportiness and modernity. The overall shape is aerodynamic, with smooth lines and curves that contribute to its stylish appearance.
  2. Aggressive Front Fascia: The front of the Pulsar UG5 showcases an aggressive look with a bold grille and sharp headlights. The grille is designed to enhance airflow and give the vehicle a commanding presence on the road.
  3. LED Lighting: The Pulsar UG5 is equipped with LED lighting technology. The headlights, daytime running lights, and taillights all utilize energy-efficient LEDs, providing better visibility and a distinctive lighting signature.
  4. Striking Alloy Wheels: The vehicle features eye-catching alloy wheels that are designed to complement its sporty stance. The wheels have a unique design with intricate patterns, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall appearance.
  5. Dynamic Body Lines: The Pulsar UG5 incorporates dynamic body lines along its sides, adding a sense of movement and agility even when the vehicle is stationary. These lines create a visually appealing profile and enhance the car’s aerodynamics.
  6. Aerodynamic Enhancements: The design of the Pulsar UG5 includes various aerodynamic enhancements, such as a rear spoiler and side skirts. These features help reduce drag and improve fuel efficiency while adding a sporty touch.
  7. Premium Finishes: The Pulsar UG5 Price in Bangladesh is available in a range of premium finishes, including metallic and pearl paint options. These finishes enhance the car’s overall appearance and give it a luxurious touch.
  8. Sporty Rear End: The rear of the Pulsar UG5 is characterized by sleek taillights that extend onto the trunk lid, creating a unified and sporty look. The rear bumper is designed to match the front fascia, incorporating bold lines and a diffuser-like element.
  9. Integrated Technology: The Pulsar UG5 seamlessly integrates technology into its design. Features like integrated LED turn signals, a panoramic sunroof, and sleek side mirrors with integrated turn signal indicators contribute to the modern and futuristic appeal.
  10. Comfortable and Stylish Interior: The interior of the Pulsar UG5 is designed to provide both comfort and style. It features premium materials, ergonomic seating, and modern accents. The dashboard is sleek and intuitive, housing an advanced infotainment system and digital instrument cluster.

Engine efficiency: 

Engine Efficiency of the Pulsar UG5 Price in Bangladesh:

  1. Advanced Engine Technology: The Pulsar UG5 Price in Bangladesh is equipped with an advanced engine that utilizes the latest technology to improve efficiency and performance. It features a fuel-injected, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke engine with a displacement of 149.5 cc.
  2. Improved Fuel Economy: The Pulsar UG5 is designed to be highly fuel-efficient, with a mileage of up to 55 km/l. The engine’s advanced technology, combined with aerodynamic enhancements and reduced weight, contributes to this improved fuel economy.
  3. BS6 Compliance: The Pulsar UG5’s engine is compliant with the latest BS6 emission norms, which ensure that the vehicle emits fewer pollutants into the environment. This also contributes to the engine’s overall efficiency.
  4. Dual-Spark Technology: The engine features Bajaj’s patented DTS-i technology, which utilizes twin spark plugs to ensure complete combustion of the fuel-air mixture. This results in improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.
  5. 5-Speed Gearbox: The Pulsar UG5 is equipped with a 5-speed gearbox that is designed to deliver smooth and efficient shifting. The gearbox is optimized for the engine’s power and torque characteristics, contributing to the vehicle’s overall efficiency.
  6. Ride Control Switch: The Pulsar UG5 features a ride control switch that allows the rider to select between two riding modes – City and Sport. The City mode is designed for maximum fuel efficiency, while the Sport mode delivers improved performance.
  7. Low-Friction Technology: The engine incorporates low-friction technology, which reduces internal friction and improves overall efficiency. This technology includes a roller rocker arm, a low-friction piston, and a low-tension piston ring.
  8. Lightweight Components: The Pulsar UG5 features lightweight components, including the engine casing, crankshaft, and connecting rod. These components reduce the vehicle’s overall weight, improving efficiency and performance.
  9. Efficient Cooling System: The Pulsar UG5’s engine is equipped with an efficient cooling system that keeps the engine temperature within optimal limits. This contributes to improved efficiency and longevity of the engine.

Dimensions & seating place: 

Dimensions and Seating of the Pulsar UG5 Price in Bangladesh:

  1. Length: The Pulsar UG5 has a length of approximately 2,035 mm, contributing to its compact and maneuverable nature.
  2. Width: The vehicle has a width of around 765 mm, providing sufficient space for the rider and passenger.
  3. Height: The Pulsar UG5 stands at a height of approximately 1,075 mm, offering a comfortable seating position.
  4. Wheelbase: The wheelbase of the Pulsar UG5 is approximately 1,345 mm. A longer wheelbase enhances stability and contributes to a smoother ride.
  5. Ground Clearance: The vehicle features a generous ground clearance of approximately 165 mm, allowing it to tackle various road conditions with ease.
  6. Seat Height: The seat height of the Pulsar UG5 is around 800 mm, ensuring an ergonomic seating position for the rider.
  7. Seating Capacity: The Pulsar UG5 is designed to accommodate two occupants. It features a rider seat and a pillion seat, providing comfortable seating for both the rider and the passenger.
  8. Ergonomic Design: The seats of the Pulsar UG5 are ergonomically designed to offer maximum comfort during rides of varying durations. The rider seat is contoured to provide good support, while the pillion seat is designed for comfort and stability.
  9. Footpegs and Handlebars: The Pulsar UG5 incorporates well-positioned footpegs and handlebars, allowing the rider to maintain a relaxed and comfortable riding posture.
  10. Storage Space: The vehicle may include storage compartments, such as an under-seat storage area or additional storage compartments, for keeping small items or essentials. Pulsar UG5 Price in Bangladesh

Suspension & Brakes: 

Suspension and Brakes of the Pulsar UG5 Price in Bangladesh:


  1. Front Suspension: The Pulsar UG5 is equipped with a telescopic front suspension system. This system consists of hydraulic shock absorbers and telescopic forks, providing a smooth and comfortable ride by absorbing bumps and vibrations on the road.
  2. Rear Suspension: The vehicle features a Nitrox mono-shock rear suspension system. This system is designed to offer excellent stability and control, ensuring a balanced and comfortable ride for both the rider and passenger.
  3. Adjustable Suspension: Depending on the specific variant or customization options, the Pulsar UG5 may offer adjustable suspension settings. These settings allow the rider to adjust the suspension stiffness according to their preferences or riding conditions.


  1. Front Brakes: The Pulsar UG5 is equipped with a disc brake system at the front. The disc brake provides excellent stopping power and ensures effective braking, contributing to enhanced safety.
  2. Rear Brakes: The vehicle features a disc or drum brake at the rear, depending on the specific variant. The rear brake system provides reliable stopping power and assists in maintaining control during braking maneuvers.
  3. Combined Braking System (CBS): Some variants of the Pulsar UG5 may come with a Combined Braking System. This system ensures simultaneous braking of both the front and rear wheels when the rider applies the rear brake, improving stability and reducing stopping distances.
  4. Anti-lock Braking System (ABS): The Pulsar UG5 may be equipped with an Anti-lock Braking System as a safety feature. ABS prevents wheel lock-up during hard braking, allowing the rider to maintain control and stability while minimizing the risk of skidding.
  5. Brake Calipers: The front and rear brakes of the Pulsar UG5 are equipped with high-quality brake calipers. These calipers exert pressure on the brake discs/drums, enabling effective braking performance. Pulsar UG5 Price in Bangladesh


Mileage of the Pulsar UG5 Price in Bangladesh:

  1. Fuel Efficiency: The Pulsar UG5 is designed to offer excellent mileage, providing an economical and cost-effective riding experience.
  2. Advanced Engine Technology: The vehicle is equipped with an advanced engine that incorporates modern technology to optimize fuel consumption. Features such as fuel injection and dual-spark technology contribute to improved mileage.
  3. Aerodynamic Design: The Pulsar UG5’s aerodynamic design helps reduce wind resistance, allowing the vehicle to move more efficiently through the air. This aerodynamic advantage contributes to better fuel efficiency and mileage.
  4. Lightweight Construction: The Pulsar UG5 incorporates lightweight materials in its construction, reducing overall weight. A lighter vehicle requires less energy to propel, leading to improved mileage.
  5. Engine Optimization: The engine of the Pulsar UG5 is tuned for efficiency, balancing power, and fuel consumption. The engine’s performance is optimized to deliver good mileage without compromising on performance.
  6. Ride Control Switch: The Pulsar UG5 Price in Bangladesh features a ride control switch that allows the rider to select between different riding modes. The City mode is specifically designed for maximum fuel efficiency, further enhancing mileage.
  7. Commuter-Friendly Features: The Pulsar UG5 may include features that cater to commuter needs, such as an eco-meter or a fuel efficiency indicator. These features provide real-time information to the rider, encouraging fuel-efficient riding habits and maximizing mileage.
  8. Engine Management System: The vehicle is equipped with an advanced engine management system that ensures optimal fuel-air mixture for combustion. This system helps improve fuel efficiency, leading to better mileage.
  9. Regular Maintenance: Regular maintenance, including timely servicing and tuning, can help maintain the efficiency of the Pulsar UG5’s engine, contributing to consistent mileage over time.
  10. Riding Style and Conditions: The mileage of the Pulsar UG5 can vary depending on factors such as riding style, traffic conditions, and road conditions. Smooth and controlled riding, along with avoiding excessive idling and aggressive acceleration, can help maximize mileage. Pulsar UG5 Price in Bangladesh

Instrument Panel & Features:

Instrument Panel and Features of the Pulsar UG5 Price in Bangladesh:

  1. Digital Instrument Cluster: The Pulsar UG5 features a digital instrument cluster that provides clear and precise information to the rider. The digital display includes a speedometer, odometer, trip meter, fuel gauge, and other essential indicators.
  2. Tachometer: The instrument panel includes a tachometer that displays the engine’s RPM (Revolutions Per Minute), allowing the rider to monitor and optimize engine performance.
  3. Gear Position Indicator: The Pulsar UG5 may have a gear position indicator that shows the current gear engaged. This feature helps the rider stay aware of the gear position for better control and shifting.
  4. Fuel Efficiency Indicator: Some variants of the Pulsar UG5 may include a fuel efficiency indicator. This feature provides real-time information about the current fuel consumption and encourages fuel-efficient riding habits.
  5. Trip Meter: The instrument cluster typically includes a trip meter that allows the rider to keep track of the distance covered during a specific trip. It helps in monitoring fuel consumption and planning longer rides.
  6. Clock: The v may feature a clock on the instrument panel, providing convenient timekeeping during rides.
  7. Turn Signal Indicators: The instrument panel includes indicators for the turn signals, ensuring that the rider is aware of the active turn signals.
  8. High Beam Indicator: The instrument cluster incorporates a high beam indicator, alerting the rider when the high beam headlights are activated.
  9. Warning Lights: The Pulsar UG5’s instrument panel includes warning lights for various functions and systems, such as low fuel, engine temperature, battery, and oil pressure. These lights alert the rider to potential issues or maintenance requirements.
  10. Backlit Display: The instrument panel features a backlit display that enhances visibility, especially in low-light conditions, ensuring easy readability of the information.
  11. Integrated Switchgear: The Pulsar UG5 may have integrated switchgear on the handlebars, allowing the rider to control various functions without taking their hands off the handlebars. These functions may include headlight controls, turn signal controls, and horns.
  12. Additional Features: Depending on the specific variant or customization options, the Pulsar UG5 may include additional features on the instrument panel, such as a gear shift indicator, service reminder, and customizable display settings. Pulsar UG5 Price in Bangladesh

Colors & Price:

 There are three colors of the bike Bajaj Pulsar 150 Twin Disc obtainable out there. They are Black with Red, Black with Blue, and Black Chrome. The worth is elevated somewhat which is BDT 176,900 solely. Pulsar UG5 Price in Bangladesh


BajajPulsar UG5 Price in Bangladesh 150 is a superb creation that may be very a lot well-liked in Bangladesh. The new model of Bajaj can be superb to have a look at. The bike has an additional very snug seating place with a far more dependable engine. There can be no compromise in regards to the controlling of the bike which is just too good. Pulsar UG5 Price in Bangladesh

Specification: Pulsar UG5 Price in Bangladesh


Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi Twin Disc (UG5)




Available in Bangladesh


180,900/- (BDT)

Last update

2nd August 2021

Engine type

4-stroke, DTS-i, Air-cooled, single-cylinder, BS4


149 CC

Starting system



Wet Multi-plate

No. of Cylinders


No. of Gears

5 Speed

Maximum Power

13.8 Bhp @ 8000 rpm

Maximum Torque

13.4 Nm @ 6000 rpm


2055 mm


755 mm


1060 mm

Seat Height

785 mm

Kerb Weight

144 Kg


1320 mm

Fuel Capacity

15 L

Fuel Type


No. of Seats


Front Brake

Single Disc (260 mm)

Rear Brake

Single Disc (230 mm)

Suspension Front

37mm Telescopic Forks

Suspension Rear

Triple rated spring, 5 way adjustable with 105mm travel nitrox shock absorber

Front Tyre


Rear Tyre


Wheel Type


Tubeless Tyres

Alloy Wheels


12V 35-35W


2v, 7Ah


Low Fuel Indicator

Low Oil Indicator


Trun Lamp

Tail Lamp

Top Speed

115 KM/H

Mileage (City)

40 KM/L

Mileage (Highway)

50 KM/L

ileage (City & highway)

45 KM/L

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