Mr Triple R Everything You Need to Know in 2024

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In the world of gaming in Bangladesh, Mr Triple R is one of the most popular names. Most people know about him from the video-sharing platform Youtube. He is one of the most popular gaming content creators from Bangladesh. Most people know only his voice only. No one knows his face or other information. Today we will talk about him in detail. So, let’s start. 

Who is Mr. Triple R?

The gaming content creator who is popular as Mr. Triple R has an identity but most of us don’t know. The word Triple R means 3 R (RRR). This actually refers to his name. The name of this gaming video creator is Rejaur Rahman Resvy. This person never came in front of the camera. That is why no one knows his face. Even he never shares his on any platforms. 

So, we only know about his voice and gameplay videos. Nothing is known about him. This is his personal identity. One more thing you need to know about Mr. Triple R. That is his Youtube channel. The Youtube channel called Mr. Triple R is owned by Rejaur Rahman Resvy.  This channel has almost 4 million subscribers.

MrT riple R youtube chanel link
Mr triple R youtube channel link

Mr. Triple R Monthly Income

The earnings of Mr. Triple R are huge and have many sides to earning. His earning sides are like Youtube Monetization, Sponsorship, and Facebook page monetization   But we don’t know about the earnings of this content creator from all sides. We only can guise his earnings from the Youtube channel. Let’s see what is the monthly earnings Mr. Triple R.

Mr. Triple R Monthly Income From Youtube

According to social media statistics and analytics platform Social Blade, The monthly earnings of Mr. Triple R is around 10,000,00 BDT to 12,000,00 BDT. Though this is not 100% correct. But the possibility of being true is very high. 

Mr. Triple R Monthly Income
Mr. Triple R Monthly Income

Mr. Triple R Monthly Income From Other Sides

There are a number of earning potentials if you have a huge audience. This is called a social media influencer. As Mr. Triple R is a social influencer so he has a huge scope of earning huge amounts of money. Mr. Triple R also has a huge side income.

Mr. Triple R has Free Fire Diamond selling business. If you ask any question on their business Facebook page then they will offer you these diamonds. That is another source of earning for Mr. Triple R. He earns a huge amount from there. But the amount can not be guise.

Mr. Triple R new video

The quality of Mr. Triple R’s content creates a special feeling in the mind of his audience. They always want to watch his videos. For this reason, his audiences want to know more about the new video of Mr. Triple R. 

This is very easy to get if you go to his youtube channel. But if you don’t know how to find these then you may visit the link given below. This will take you to the latest videos of Mr. Triple R on YouTube Videos.

Mr. Triple R Diamond Selling

Diamond selling is one most revenue-generating sides of Mr. Triple R. They sell their diamonds from their official Facebook page. They have different packages of top-up offers. If you want to buy from them then you may try. 

Here is the price list of Mr. Triple R Diamond’s top-up.

The offers below will require Free Fire User Id only.

  • 1. 100-85 BDT  
  • 2. 210-160 BDT 
  • 2. 310-240 BDT 
  • 3. 520-380 BDT 
  • 4. 855- 650 BDT 
  • 5. 1080-780 BDT 
  • 6. 2200-1650 BDT 
  • 7. 5600-3000 BDT (Id Pass)

Hot Ingame Top Up offer

( Only Facebook Account will require to get these offers) 

1.200 Diamonds -130 BDT

2.300 Diamonds- 200 BDT

3.500 Diamonds – 300 BDT(Most  Value)

4.800 Diamonds- 450 BDT

5.1000 Diamond – 600 BDT(Most Value)

6.1500 Diamonds- 900 BDT

7.2000 Diamonds-  1200 BDT

9.2500 Diamonds – 1500 BDT

10.3000 Diamonds -1800 BDT

They have weekly and monthly packages also for the best price. You may try them.

Mr. Triple R’s Free Fire ID, and Social Accounts

Free Fire id is an identity for the Free Fire users. This id bears very much significance for the players of this game. As we are knowing about the famous Free Fire gamer Mr. Triple R, you may want to know his free fire id. Here I arrange the free fire id of this popular gamer 728027523.

Mr. Triple R Social Accounts

The social accounts of Mr. Triple R are very important to know. Because there are a number of people who are creating fake social media accounts in the name of this popular gamer. So, you need to know the original and verified social media accounts.

Mr. Triple R Short Question and answer

1. Who is Nayeem Alam?

Ans: Nayeem Alam is a famous gaming video creator on Youtube. His Youtube channel name is GamingwithNayeem

2. Mr triple r face

Ans: Mr. Triple R never came in front of the camera. So, no one knows his identity. There is some fake information about his face on the internet.

3. Mr triple r monthly income

Ans: I already mention the monthly earning of Mr. Triple R. If you missed that then here I give that again. The monthly earning of Mr. Triple R is around 10,000,00 BDT to 12,000,00 BDT.

4. Mr Triple R real name style

Ans: The real name of Mr. Triple R is Rejaur Rahman Resvy. All three Rs from his name are called triple R.

5. Mr Triple R photo

Ans: There is no photo available of Mr. Triple R. Because he never uploaded his photos on the internet. As a symbol, he uses a rabbit face Free Fire character’s image. This is his identity on the internet.

6. Mr Triple R phone number

Ans: The personal phone number of this YouTuber is not available. But if you feel you need him for any reason. Then you may mail him directly. The mail address of Mr. Triple R is 

7. Mr Triple Rfree fire name

Ans: The Free Fire name of Mr Triple R is mrtripler. This is the present name. The name may change any other time. His Free Fire id is 728027523.

8. Mr triple r id

Ans: The Free Fire id of Mr. Triple R is already discussed in the previous section of the article. But again for you here. The Free Fire id of Mr Triple R is 728027523.

9. Mr triple r new video

Ans: To get new videos of Mr. Triple R, you have to go to his YouTube channel. There you will find an option called “video”. You have to click there to get the video.

Final Thought

At the end of this discussion, I want to give you my instruction. Always be aware of fake IDs and social accounts of celebrities like Mr. Triple R. As he sells diamonds of Free Fire game then you need to be sure about the official social accounts. That was all about the gaming content creator Mr. Triple R. I hope you get all you wanted. Thanks for reading.

FAQ Section: Mr. Triple R – The Enigmatic Free Fire Content Creator

Q1: Who is Mr. Triple R?

A: Mr. Triple R, whose real name is Rejaur Rahman Resvy, is a renowned Free Fire content creator from Bangladesh. He is celebrated for his engaging and skillful gameplay videos on YouTube.

Q2: What does the name ‘Mr. Triple R’ signify?

A: The name ‘Mr. Triple R’ is an abbreviation that stands for the three initials of his name – Rejaur Rahman Resvy (RRR).

Q3: Has Mr. Triple R ever revealed his face to the public?

A: No, Mr. Triple R has maintained his anonymity by not revealing his face on camera. His identity remains a mystery, as he prefers to keep his personal life private.

Q4: What content does Mr. Triple R create?

A: Mr. Triple R primarily creates content related to the game Free Fire. His YouTube channel features gameplay videos where viewers can enjoy his gaming skills and strategies.

A: Mr. Triple R’s YouTube channel, named after himself, has garnered significant popularity, amassing almost 4 million subscribers. This is a testament to his skill and the quality of his content.

Q6: Does Mr. Triple R interact with his fans?

A: While Mr. Triple R keeps his personal identity private, he does interact with his fan base through his gameplay videos and possibly through comments and social media, albeit without revealing his personal details.

Q7: What makes Mr. Triple R stand out in the gaming community?

A: Mr. Triple R’s unique approach of maintaining anonymity while delivering high-quality gaming content makes him stand out. His ability to engage viewers with just his voice and gameplay is quite remarkable in the gaming community.

Q8: Can fans expect to see Mr. Triple R’s face in the future?

A: As of now, Mr. Triple R has chosen to keep his identity private. Whether he will reveal his face in the future remains uncertain and is a decision entirely up to him.

Q9: Where can fans follow Mr. Triple R’s content?

A: Fans can follow Mr. Triple R’s content on his YouTube channel, where he regularly posts his Free Fire gameplay videos.

Q10: Is there any merchandise available for Mr. Triple R’s fans?

A: There is no information available about official merchandise for Mr. Triple R. Fans should stay tuned to his official channels for any announcements regarding merchandise.

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