What is 1TB Hard Disk Price in Bangladesh?

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Hard disks are used as the main memory of the computer. It is almost impossible to start a computer without it. Hard disks of different capacities are being used in computers in Bangladesh. However, a 1TB hard disk is a more known and demandable product in Bangladesh. In today’s article, we will try to tell you the 1TB hard disk price in Bangladesh. So let’s get started without delay.

1TB Hard Disk Price in Bangladesh

Here are some famous brands’ 1TB hard disk prices. You may buy from anyone from the list or from outside the list.

  • Toshiba: 3500 BDT to 5000 BDT
  • Western Digital: 3000 BDT to 4500 BDT
  • Seagate: 3500 BDT to 4500 BDT

Toshiba 1TB Hard Disk Price in Bangladesh

Toshiba is a world-famous brand for producing electronics and electrical devices. They have a number of products in the market.

Toshiba 1TB Hard Disk
Toshiba 1TB Hard Disk

But among them, Hard Disk is one. Their hard disks are very quality and low priced. You have to spend about 3500 BDT to 5000 BDT if you want to buy one for yourself. These have a very rich history of serving people through this component.

Western Digital 1TB Hard Disk Price in Bangladesh

This is another famous brand in Bangladesh. It has a huge fan base around the world. Their Hard Disks are very much popular in Bangladesh.

Western Digital 1TB Hard Disk
Western Digital 1TB Hard Disk

If you ask for a Hard Disk anywhere in Bangladesh then you will hear about them. They are very low priced but highly qualified. If you want to buy a 1TB Hard Disk from this brand then you have to spend around 3000 BDT to 4500 BDT. This is not fixed, the 1TB Hard Disk Price in Bangladesh may vary from seller to seller. 

Seagate 1TB Hard Disk Price in Bangladesh

Seagate is a less known but much loved Hard Disk manufacturer in Bangladesh. They have a number of models that can meet the need of users.

Seagate 1TB Hard Disk
Seagate 1TB Hard Disk

Moreover, they have less price in Market. If you want to buy a 1TB Hard Disk Price in Bangladesh then you have to spend around 3500 BDT to 4500 BDT. As the price of a 1TB hard disk, it is very less. You may try them on your computer.

There are a lot of brands in Bangladesh whose hard disks are popular and mostly used. But among them, these three are at the top. I hope you now get an idea about the price of different brands’ 1TB Hard Disk price in Bangladesh.

Where to Buy a Hard Disk?

I always say that your nearest showroom is the perfect place to buy electronic or electrical products. Because these products may be defective. So if you buy a product online, it will take a long time to fix those problems. And if you buy from a nearby showroom, they will give you quick support.

You can also check if the product is good. So it is better to buy electronic or electrical devices from the nearest showroom than to buy online. As the hard disk is a product of this category, it will do the most intelligent thing if you buy it from your nearest showroom.

And if you want to buy online, then Startechbd, the most famous website as a computer-accessories, like 4GB graphics card seller in Bangladesh. This is always ready to assist you. There are also other vendors including Ryan Computer’s official website, Bdstall, Daraz, etc. E-commerce scams have become quite regular in recent times. So before buying any product from any e-commerce, know about them.

Things to Remember While Buying Hard Disk

Here are some common things to keep in mind when buying hard disks or any other computer accessories. If you do not pay attention to these, you may lose out on these products. Let’s find out now.

  • Avoid Duplicate Products: You must verify the product. There are a lot of duplicate products in the market. So a deep checking is very important.
  • Match Specification: You need to check the specification of the hard disk you are going to buy. The price should be according to the specification. The only capacity is not main. Other specifications also matter a lot.
  • Buy From Trusted Seller: I always tell you to buy from trusted sellers. Computer accessories are very sensitive products. You have no clue if the seller does any wrong with you. So, never go anywhere to buy a hard disk. 
  • Check Price Before Buying: You need to check the price of that model hard disk you are going to buy. If you can not do that then the seller will make more money from you as price. You may take help from our site.

You must follow these things before buying a hard disk for yourself.

Our Opinion

These are some overviews we try to give you. I hope now you know the 1TB Hard Disk Price in Bangladesh. You must follow the instructions I tried to give you. Take someone with you who has some experience in this sector. You may check the price of different products from our website Price in Bangladesh. Thanks for reading this article on 1TB Hard Disk Price in Bangladesh.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on “1TB Hard Disk Price in Bangladesh”

1. What is the average price range for a 1TB hard disk in Bangladesh?
The price of 1TB hard disks in Bangladesh can vary depending on the brand, type (HDD or SSD), and specifications. Generally, the prices range from BDT 3,500 to BDT 12,000. It’s important to compare prices across different retailers for the best deal.

2. Which brands of 1TB hard disks are available in Bangladesh?
In Bangladesh, popular brands like Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba, and Samsung offer 1TB hard disks. Each brand has different models catering to various performance and budget needs.

3. Where can I buy a 1TB hard disk in Bangladesh?
1TB hard disks can be purchased from computer hardware stores, online marketplaces, and official brand stores. Websites like Daraz, Pickaboo, and Ryans Computers are popular online options.

4. Are there any warranty options for 1TB hard disks in Bangladesh?
Most 1TB hard disks come with a manufacturer’s warranty. The duration and terms of the warranty vary by brand and model. It’s advisable to check warranty details at the time of purchase.

5. What factors should I consider when buying a 1TB hard disk in Bangladesh?
Consider the hard disk type (HDD or SSD), read/write speed, connectivity options (USB 3.0, Thunderbolt, etc.), durability, brand reputation, and warranty. Your choice may also depend on whether you need it for general storage or high-speed applications.

6. Can I find SSDs with 1TB capacity in Bangladesh?
Yes, 1TB SSDs are available in Bangladesh. They are typically more expensive than HDDs but offer faster performance and durability.

7. How do I ensure I’m getting a genuine product?
Purchase from reputable sellers or authorized dealers. Check for official packaging, warranty cards, and authenticity seals. Online reviews and ratings can also be helpful.

8. Are there any seasonal discounts or sales on 1TB hard disks in Bangladesh?
Yes, retailers and online stores often have sales during festive seasons, holidays, or special promotional events. Keep an eye out for these to avail discounts.

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