Best Dollar Buy Sell Site In Bangladesh 2023

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Those who do freelancing know how important a trusted best dollar buy sell site in Bangladesh is. But sad to say, there is still no reliable dollar buy-sell group or platform in Bangladesh to support freelancers. Those who are there are not so well known. But today we will introduce you to some of these Trusted Dollar Buy Sell Site in Bangladesh. They have maintained loyalty in Bangladesh so far and have been doing business with people for a very long time. So let’s get started without delay.

Best dollar buy sell site in Bangladesh

Here is some famous and trusted Best dollar buy sell site in Bangladesh. Let’s have a keen look at them. 

Best dollar buy sell site in Bangladesh
Trusted Dollar Buy Sell Site in Bangladesh

1. BTC to BDT

A very popular website in Bangladesh has been on everyone’s lips very recently. And that is BTC to BDT. Although according to the title it is pointing to convert from Bitcoin to Bangladeshi taka in fact, they are famous for dollar by sale in Bangladesh. They have many specialties.


The biggest feature is the dollar rate. You will find many dollar exchange websites in Bangladesh for those who bought dollars with very low dollar rates. But BTC to BDT is a website that is priced in dollars depending on the conventional price.

As of this writing, the dollar value in BTC to BDT is around 86 BDT. Which is the real value of the dollar. Another great feature of them is that you can exchange about a few thousand dollars at a time if you want. In other words, they have a large amount of money in stock.

2. Swapcost

Swapcost is another popular trusted Best dollar buy sell site in Bangladesh. You can also buy dollars from this website if you want. This website has some unique features that you will not find anywhere else. Swapcost is another best dollar buy sell site in Bangladesh.


The most interesting thing is that here is a list of the latest transactions and their usernames are also given. You can look at them and believe in them. And the best thing is that you can sell dollars using mobile banking. You do not need a separate payment method for this. You can receive and disburse money in the easiest way possible in Bangladesh. 

3. e-wallet is another name of choice for those who regularly sell dollars in Bangladesh. Their security system is the best. No spammer can easily access this website. This popular website in Bangladesh has a very good dollar rate. With that, you will be able to complete your buy cell in a very short time.

This is one of the most popular websites if you want to buy without any hassle. You will find many features on this website that are not easily available on many other websites in Bangladesh. The e-wallet completes everything from opening an account to taking money payments very quickly.

4. Wowbdex

If you face any problem with the popular sites shown above, Wowbdex is another good choice for you. They are also very popular for dollar exchange in Bangladesh. You can exchange dollars from them for about 24 hours. However, some rules must be followed. This website has a small problem.

And that is that when you buy dollars at the rate of about 92 BDT, you have to sell some less money when selling dollars. However, their payment methods are many and are also one of the most common simple payment methods in Bangladesh. They have also been known as trusts in Bangladesh for a long time. You can also try them if you want.

Best of All

We have researched these websites for a long time before suggesting them to you and have sometimes seen transactions with them. Here are some of the things we consider while suggesting them. Such as how much hassle it is to open an account, what is their dollar rate, what is the maximum amount they can exchange, and how long it takes to clear payment.

By noticing these issues, we have tried to bring a site to the top with more importance. From our own experience, we can say BTC to BDT website is very popular in Bangladesh and will be one of the best websites in a very short time. Because their service is certainly admirable. It is the best dollar buy sell site in Bangladesh.

Things to Remember

There are a few things you must keep in mind before selling or buying dollars. If you do these things wrong, you are more likely to be deceived. So these things cannot be wrong.

  • Find out about the reviews of the websites you are dealing with. Don’t rely on their website but social media to know the reviews. If you want you can find out about them with a Google search.
  • You also need to keep in mind the dollar rate of this website. If you want to sell dollars then it is better if the dollar rate is higher. But if you buy dollars, it is better if the dollar rate is lower. So look at your benefits and then exchange.
  • The website from which you want to exchange dollars will also try to find out how fast the payment clearance is. Because there are some websites that delay up to a few hours to clear the payment. It is better to stay away from them.

Our Opinion

I hope you have a good idea about the trusted Best dollar buy sell site in Bangladesh. The sites we have mentioned to you are well known. But it doesn’t take long for their business style to change. So before dealing with any website, you must check and choose it. Hope you get an update on the best dollar buy sell site in Bangladesh.

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  1. […] very hard to find a dollar buy sell trusted site in Bangladesh. But among the huge number of fake dollar buy selling websites, some are truly giving efforts to gather people’s trust by doing real dollar buy selling […]

  2. Hello Dear,
    Thanks for your useful information. You also can add to your list. Cause USD CARE is now the leading online dollar buy-sell platform in Bangladesh.

  3. On your list 1st one (BTC to BDT) is out of business. Check, they haven’t any transactions this year. You should remove that and add on there. USD CARE is also a certified exchange partner of perfect money. You should check it by login into your perfect money account. It’s the leading platform in this sector.

    • Reply
      PriceInBangladesh May 26, 2022 at 1:33 pm

      we will add your site to our platfomr. thanks for your info

      • Thank Sir, Your listed e-wallet bd is out of business for a long time. Their site is also not available on the internet. You can replace USD CARE in that position if you want. It will be good for your site and also for us also. Your audience will be helpful also.

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