What is 512GB SSD Price in Bangladesh? Best Suggest.

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Almost everyone who uses a computer knows how to use an SSD. But many people have no idea about the SSD Price in Bangladesh. So in our today’s article, we will try to inform you about the price of SSD in Bangladesh. Especially the 512GB SSD Price in Bangladesh. In this article, we will try to tell you the price of different brands of SSDs and try to have a comparative discussion, and also try to tell you from which seller you will benefit from buying. So let’s start the article without delay on 512GB SSD Price in Bangladesh.

512GB SSD Price in Bangladesh

512GB SSD Price in Bangladesh
512GB SSD Price in Bangladesh

Solid State Drive of different brands of Bangladesh is available. However, a few brands are more popular and these are always at the top of the list of buyers’ preferences. Here are the prices of SSDs of some of these popular and quality brands. Then you will get an idea about 512GB SSD Price in Bangladesh.

  • Walton: 6000 BDT- 7500 BDT
  • HP: 6000 BDT- 8500 BDT
  • Gigabyte: 6500 BDT – 8000 BDT
  • Adata: 6000 BDT – 8500 BDT
  • Silicon Power: 6500 BDT – 8000 BDT
  • Samsung: 7500 BDT – 10,000 BDT

Walton 512GB SSD Price in Bangladesh

Walton’s products are special in Bangladesh. Walton is now making computer accessories. They have also become quite popular in this sector. If you want to buy Walton Antique 512GB SSD then you have to spend around 7000 takas. However, Walton’s 512GB SSD starts at BDT 6,000. This SSD is currently one of the most popular. Also at the top of customer reviews of this SSD. 512GB Walton SSD will work quite well to make your PC fast.

HP 512GB SSD Price in Bangladesh

HP has gained the most popularity in the production of laptops and PCs in general. Along with that their laptops and computer accessories are quite popular and quality. If you want to use HP 512GB SSD on your computer then you have to spend from 6,000 to 8500 Takas. They also have more different-priced SSDs. HP is also very popular in the world of SSD. Not just SSDs, they have many more computer accessories that are at the top of popularity.

Gigabyte 512GB SSD Price in Bangladesh

There is no pair of Gigabyte brands in the production of SSD, hard disk, pen drive, and SD card. They are also far ahead of the others. If you are a Gigabyte fan and want to use Gigabyte SSD on your computer then you have to spend from BDT 6500 to BDT 8000. The main reason for the low price is the other configurations. If you are not an expert, you will not understand. However, the higher the price, the better the service and the support from the seller. However, do not go to buy cheap products for more money.

Adata 512GB SSD Price in Bangladesh

Adata is another big name as a manufacturer of storage devices. Especially in Bangladesh, their reputation is quite old.

Adata 512GB SSD Price in Bangladesh
Adata 512GB SSD Price in Bangladesh

They have been producing in-store devices for a long time and people have also used their devices. They are also not lagging behind in SSD production. They always charge a higher price than others because of the good quality of their products. If you want to buy Editor 512GB SSD, you can start from BDT 6000 to BDT 8500. However, when buying, you must know about the quality of the product and then try to buy.

Where to Buy SSD in Bangladesh?

There are many vendors in Bangladesh who sell computer parts. Some of these vendors have become brands in Bangladesh. They have branches in almost every district of Bangladesh. If you are associated with a brand or if you have a good personal relationship with someone then it is better to buy these products from it. Because these products have some duplicates. It is better not to buy from a stranger.

However, those who are well-known brands in Bangladesh do not usually sell counterfeit products. So you can buy from them. If I want to talk about online sellers, then in Bangladesh, StartechBD is on top in this regard. Ryan Computer also sells SSDs. You can also buy from them. In recent times, Daraz and such products are home delivery. You can also buy from there if you want. However, computer accessories are best taken from the nearest showroom.

Things to Consider While Buying SSD

Things to Consider While Buying SSD

Here are some things to look for when purchasing an SSD.

  • Price: The same storage capacity and the same brand of 512GB SSD Price in Bangladesh. Which is less expensive, which is more expensive. When buying, you must keep in mind the price at which you bought the product. Try to find out if the SSD you are buying is related to your price.
  • Authenticity: If you do not buy any brand of SSD, you must try to verify whether the product is genuine or counterfeit. Different brands have different strategies to understand the difference between real and fake. Check and buy these. At present, the market is full of counterfeit products. So if you can’t buy after checking, then you must cheat.
  • Take Experienced People: Try taking someone with SSD before or who knows a lot about this. Because anyone who has experience with a product can talk to the seller about the pros and cons of that product and verify the product.

Our Opinion

With these things in mind, you can use a good SSD on your computer and the computer will give you very good service. We hope that the SSC that you will purchase after reading our article will make your computer super fast. Thanks for reading the whole article. There are many more articles on the price of different products on our website that you can read if you want.

FAQ: 512GB SSD Price in Bangladesh (BD)

What is an SSD?

  • Definition: Solid State Drive (SSD) is a storage device used as an alternative to HDD (Hard Disk Drive). It’s known for fast, reliable performance, especially for gaming and graphics-intensive tasks.
  • Durability: SSDs are more durable due to no moving parts, using NAND flash memory for storage.
  • Usage Increase: In Bangladesh, SSD prices have decreased significantly, leading to increased usage​​.

What are the Types of SSDs Available?

  1. SATA Controller SSD: Ideal for multitasking with fast Windows loading time, almost zero failure rate, and speeds up to 650 MB/s.
  2. SATA Controller M2 SSD: Common in laptops due to their compact size, offering similar performance to SATA Controller SSDs.
  3. NVME Controller M2 SSD: Offers the fastest Windows loading times, about 4x faster than normal SSDs, and is slightly pricier. Suitable for laptops and industrial use​​.

What are the Price Ranges for SSDs in Bangladesh?

  • General 512GB SSD Price in Bangladesh: Starts from around 1200 Taka, varying based on SSD type, storage amount, and brand quality.
  • Price for 512GB SSD: Ranges from 2950 to 3220 Taka.
  • Price Variations: Larger storage SSDs cost more, with NVMe SSDs being pricier due to superior performance​​.

What are Some Specific 512GB SSD Models and Their Prices?

  • Team CX2 256GB Classic SSD: ৳ 2,100.
  • Samsung 980 Pro 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD: ৳ 11,800.
  • Dell 03481G 200GB SATA Server SSD: ৳ 8,500.
  • X-Star 256GB SATA III Aluminum Body SSD: ৳ 1,850.
  • Billion Reservoir J11 240GB SATA Internal SSD: ৳ 1,750.
  • TwinMos H2 Ultra 512GB SATA III SSD: ৳ 4,200​​.
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