What is 64GB Pen Drive Price in Bangladesh? Who Best Seller?

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Pen drives play an important role in bearing data from one place to another like SD card. Pen drive is a very popular storage device in Bangladesh. But many have no idea about its price. Many people want to know about the price that is constantly changing. Today we will try to tell you the 64GB pen drive price in Bangladesh. So let’s get started without delay.

64GB Pen Drive Price in Bangladesh

A few bands are better known as pen drive sellers in Bangladesh. These include HP, Sandisk, Samsung, Transcend, Adata, and many more. Today we will try to inform you about the price of the 64 GB pen drive of each band.

  • HP 64 GB pen drive: 500 BDT – 750 BDT
  • Sandisk 64 GB pen drive: 1200 BDT – 2000 BDT
  • Samsung 64 GB pen drive: 1200 BDT – 2000 BDT
  • Transcend 64 GB pen drive: 900 BDT – 1500 BDT
  • Adata 64 GB pen drive: 700 BDT- 1500 BDT
  • Team 64 GB pen drive: 850 BDT – 1500 BDT

Transcend 64GB pen drive price in Bangladesh

Transcend is a popular name in the field of pen drives. They have been doing business in Bangladesh for a long time. They have different models of pen drives and different storage capacities.

Transcend 64GB pen drive
Transcend 64GB pen drive

If you want to get Transcend 64GB pen drive then you have to start from 900 BDT. Of the many brands that have been conceived so far, the price of their pen drives is quite high. However, people have fewer doubts about their quality. Because they have been doing business in Bangladesh for a long time.

Samsung 64GB pen drive price in Bangladesh

Samsung also sells pen drives at high prices in Bangladesh. If you want to buy a Samsung pen drive, you have to spend over BDT1000. And if it is 64GB then you have to spend around 1200 takas.

Samsung 64GB pen drive
Samsung 64GB pen drive

But you don’t have to worry about quality. Because Samsung is known in the world as a manufacturer of any product and their quality is also very good. You can use Samsung’s 64 GB pen drive if you want. But of course, your budget has to be a little higher.

HP 64GB Pen drive price in Bangladesh

If you want to use good products at low prices then you have to go for HP. HP laptops, computers as well as pen drives are quite popular. You can buy a 64GB pen drive between BDT 500 and BDT 700.

HP 64GB Pen drive
HP 64GB Pen drive

The price difference varies mainly based on the seller and the data transfer speed on the pen drive. You can use an HP pen drive. Their services are nationwide and of very high quality. HP 64GB pen drive price in Bangladesh is not so high.

Adata 64GB Pen drive price in Bangladesh

Adata brand is producing very good quality pen drives in Bangladesh. But if you want to buy their pen drive, you have to have a mid-range budget. Prices of Adata brand 64 GB pen drives range from BDT 700 to around BDT 900. Metal body pen drive cost 1900 takas. But plastic body pen drives are low price but enough high duty. All their pen drives are heavy-duty. You can use Adata if you want.

Things to Remember While Buying

There are a few things to keep in mind when buying a pen drive. If you do these things wrong, you can buy a pen drive and face loss.

  1. First look at the warranty card of the pen drive. This is because the warranty period is determined not from the date of your purchase but from the date of manufacture. That’s why you will see when the pen drive has been produced and when it will expire.
  2. It should also be checked whether the pen drive is working properly. Because pen drives and memory cards are things that can’t be fixed once damaged.
  3. Of course, try to get a pen drive from a known and trusted seller, and always try to use good brand products.
  4. Check the price of the pen drive online and then go to purchase. Otherwise, the seller may charge you more. Therefore, it is very important to have a complete idea about the price. You can follow our website regularly to get an idea about the price of any product if you want.

Where to Buy Pendrive?

Try to buy other computer parts, including pen drives, from your nearest seller and make sure that the seller is trusted. And if you don’t have a trusted seller near you, you can buy online. Because it is much better to buy products online than to buy from unknown sellers.

But be sure to check which e-commerce company you are buying your product from. Because e-commerce scam has increased in recent times. I will suggest Star Tech BD. You can also buy from Daraz, BDstall. There is also Ryan Computer’s official website.

Our Opinion

Friends, I hope the whole article has helped you to know the price of a 64GB pen drive as well as many other things. There are many more such articles on our website. You can come back if you want. If you want to know about the price of any product in Bangladesh, the Price in Bangladesh may be the first choice for you. Thanks for reading the whole article on 64GB pen drive price in Bangladesh.

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