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Do you want to know how much money bKash charges when withdrawing or cashing out money? Well, don’t worry. You are exactly in the right place. The article will tell you about Bkash cash out charges through different mediums.

bKash, the first and ever largest mobile financial service provider in Bangladesh, launched its activities on July 21, 2011. Nowadays, it has become so popular as a safe, simple, and worthy platform to store, transfer money, pay bills, and do other transactions.

Now, I am going to tell you about the Bkash cash out charge in three different ways. So, without more intro, let’s look at the main topic.

Bkash Cash Out Charge Using Three Mediums

bKash has recently reduced its withdrawal charge to make a reliable and affordable transaction for its honorable users. Let’s see it together.

Bkash Cash Out Charge From bKash App

bKash app cash out charge is only 1.49% per one thousand TK. That means it will cost you only 14.90 TK per one thousand transactions. This will only apply when cashing out money from the bKash app.

In this case, you need to add a favorite agent number every month. This offer will be applicable while withdrawing up to 25,000 TK per month from the favorite agent number. At the end of the month, this favorite agent number can be changed if needed.

If your transaction is over 25,000 TK in one month, or you choose another agent number in place of your ‘favorite agent number’, then the charge will be 1.85% or 18.50 TK per thousand.

Besides that, you would enjoy one more attractive offer by downloading the bKash app for the first time. You can get a 100 TK bonus just the first time using the bKash app.

Cash Out Process Using bKash App

  • Click on the ‘Cash out’ button.
  • Choose ‘from agent’.
  • Enter your favorite agent number or another agent number.
  • Enter your cash-out amount and PIN.
  • Now tap and hold.
  • You will get a confirmation message from bKash.

Bkash Cash Out Charge From ATM

Nowadays, many people in Bangladesh like to use ATM cards for their simple and hassle-free transactions. When it comes to cash out from an ATM, bKash charges the lowest amount. It will cost you only 15 TK per one thousand TK.

Keep in mind that, in this case, you have to cash out a minimum of 3,000 TK and a maximum of 10,000 TK from Brac bank. In the case of other partner banks, the range would be a maximum of 20,000 TK and a minimum of 3,000 TK.

However, the daily limit for cashing out from ATM to bKash is 25,000 TK and the monthly limit is 1,50,000 TK. Remember that, in all cases, the cash-out charge is 1.49%.

Cash Out Process From ATM Using bKash App

  • Click on ‘cash out’.
  • Then tap ‘ATM’.
  • Now, enter your PIN and tap and hold the button.
  • You will receive an OTP code through SMS. This one will remain valid for five minutes.
  • Tap on ‘bKash cash out’.
  • Now, select a language and enter your bKash number.
  • Enter your desired amount and security code.
  • Finally, check all the information you entered and tap on ‘confirm’.
  • Now, collect your cash and the receipt.

Cash Out Process From ATM Using USSD

  • Dial *247#.
  • Tap on ‘cash out’ and then ‘from ATM’.
  • Now enter your bKash PIN and click on ‘ATM cash out’.
  • You will receive an OTP code and follow the same steps given in the case of the bKash app.

Bkash Cash Out Charge By Using USSD

In order to use the bKash app, an internet connection will be required on your android mobile phone. If you do not have an instant internet connection on your mobile, you can cash out by dialing the USSD code or *247#.

In this case, the bKash cash-out charge is at the rate of 1.85%. In other words, bKash will cost you only 18.50 TK per thousand.

However, you can enjoy a 1.49% cash-out charge from 1 favorite agent. In such a case, you have to choose this agent number while withdrawing money.

Cash Out Process Using USSD

  • Dial *247#.
  • Select the ‘cash out option.
  • Now, click on ‘from agent’. If you already select ‘1 favorite agent number’, then click it and enter this number.
  • Enter your desired amount and PIN.
  • In the end, click ‘send’.
  • Remember that, never share your PIN and OTP with others.

bKash is extremely designed for especially those people who have not been able to come under the service of a bank till now. For their awesome service, they currently have over 55 million users all over Bangladesh. So, to help their customers in all types of ways, the Bkash cash-out charge has recently been reduced.

Hope you got enough information about the Bkash cash-out charge. Quickly register a bKash account, make transactions through it, and share your experience with us. Thanks for being with us.

FAQ Section: Bkash Cash Out Charges in Bangladesh

Welcome to our FAQ section on Bkash Cash Out Charges in Bangladesh. Here, we aim to address the most common questions and provide clear, concise answers for your convenience. Whether you’re a new user or a seasoned Bkash customer, understanding the cash-out charges is crucial for efficient financial management.

1. What is Bkash Cash Out?

Answer: Bkash Cash Out is a service that allows Bkash users to withdraw money from their Bkash mobile wallet. This can be done through Bkash agents, ATMs, or partner banks across Bangladesh.

2. How are Bkash Cash Out charges calculated?

Answer: Bkash Cash Out charges are typically a percentage of the transaction amount. The exact percentage can vary and may be subject to change based on Bkash’s policies and regulatory guidelines.

3. What is the current Bkash Cash Out charge?

Answer: As of 2024, the standard Bkash Cash Out charge is [insert current rate]%. However, rates can change, so it’s always best to check the latest fees on the Bkash app or website.

4. Are there any additional fees for using Bkash Cash Out?

Answer: Generally, the cash-out charge is the primary fee. However, additional fees may apply for certain transactions or under specific conditions. Always review the terms and conditions for the most accurate information.

5. Can Bkash Cash Out charges be different at different agents?

Answer: No, Bkash Cash Out charges are standardized across all agents. However, always ensure you’re dealing with an authorized Bkash agent to avoid any fraudulent charges.

6. Is there a limit to how much I can Cash Out from Bkash?

Answer: Yes, Bkash imposes daily and monthly transaction limits for cash outs. These limits can vary based on your account type and usage history.

7. How can I check my Bkash Cash Out charges and limits?

Answer: You can check your transaction limits and applicable charges directly through the Bkash app or by visiting their official website.

8. Are there any ways to reduce Bkash Cash Out charges?

Answer: Bkash occasionally offers promotional rates or discounts on cash-out charges. Keep an eye on their official communications for any such offers.

9. What should I do if I am charged incorrectly?

Answer: If you believe you have been charged incorrectly, contact Bkash customer service immediately. Provide them with the transaction details for assistance.

10. Can I get a refund on Bkash Cash Out charges?

Answer: Cash Out charges are generally non-refundable. However, in cases of transaction errors or discrepancies, Bkash may consider refunds on a case-by-case basis.

11. Is it safe to use Bkash Cash Out?

Answer: Yes, Bkash Cash Out is a safe and secure way to withdraw money. Ensure you transact with authorized agents and keep your PIN confidential.

12. How can I find a Bkash agent for Cash Out?

Answer: You can locate nearby Bkash agents through the Bkash app or on their website. Always look for authorized Bkash signage at the agent’s location.

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