Bluetooth Mouse Price in Bangladesh 2024 Best Buying Guide

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There are so many mouse brands in Bangladesh. Among them, some are very good for producing Bluetooth mouses. These brands are popular for many reasons. These brands’ Bluetooth mouse prices in Bangladesh are different from one another. Here in this article, we are going to tell you the price of different brands of Bluetooth mouse in Bangladesh. So, without any delay, let’s start.

Bluetooth Mouse Price in Bangladesh

Bluetooth is one of the better wireless technologies in the present time. People use it for small area wireless connections. A computer mouse is a product where Bluetooth technology is being used widely.

Bluetooth Mouse
Bluetooth Mouse

Today we will look at some famous brands’ Bluetooth mouse prices. These prices will be based on the Bangladesh market. 

HP Bluetooth Mouse price in Bangladesh

HP is very famous as a computer manufacturer in Bangladesh. Their products are appreciated not only in Bangladesh but all over the world. The computer parts made by them are also of high quality.

HP Bluetooth Mouse
HP Bluetooth Mouse

You will know their quality if you ever use their Bluetooth mouse. If you want to buy an HP Bluetooth mouse, you have to spend a lot of money.

Bluetooth Mouse of other brands usually costs from BDT 1000 to BDT 1500 or a little more. But the price of an HP Bluetooth mouse is around 2500 to 3000 takas. But still not readily available in Bangladesh.

A4tech Bluetooth Mouse price in Bangladesh

A4tech is another popular company which has been producing and selling Mouse, keyboards and other computer parts in different countries of the world including Bangladesh for a long time.

A4tech Bluetooth Mouse

If you want to buy an A4tech Bluetooth mouse then you may have to spend around 1000 to 1800 takas. This is a medium-budget Bluetooth mouse.

You will also find a much more expensive Bluetooth Mouse. A4tech’s products are quite quality. You can use it if you want. It is popular and A4tech Bluetooth Mouse Price in Bangladesh is respectable.

Logitech Bluetooth Mouse price in Bangladesh

Logitech is a popular computer parts manufacturer. They are especially popular because of the production of Bluetooth devices. They are very popular in Bangladesh as Bluetooth mouse manufacturers.

They have a lot of Bluetooth mouse fans in Bangladesh. You can use Logitech’s Bluetooth mouse if you want. Their Bluetooth mouse is worth more.

Although the quality is not bad. If you buy a Logitech Bluetooth mouse, you may have to spend around BDT 2,000 to BDT 10,000. Prices may vary according to the mouse’s configuration.

Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse Price in Bangladesh

Those who want to use a little more stylish product and make your laptop mouse more attractive can use Microsoft Surface ARC Bluetooth Mouse. It costs about 9000 takas. Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse Price in Bangladesh is resonable.

In addition to this, Microsoft has many more Bluetooth Mouses that are quite attractive but the price is quite high. You have to spend a lot of money to use Microsoft’s Bluetooth mouse.

Things to Consider While Buying Bluetooth Mouse

Since you want to know the price of a Bluetooth mouse, I think you are thinking of buying a Bluetooth mouse in a very short time. We want to give you an idea about the price as well as help you buy a Bluetooth mouse.

Which will definitely be beneficial for you. Below are some things to keep in mind when buying a Bluetooth mouse. If you make these mistakes, you may be deceived into buying a Bluetooth mouse.

  • See Connecting Range: When buying a Bluetooth mouse, you must see the range of the mouse. Usually, the range of Bluetooth mouse is between 10 to 20 meters. Find out how much of the area you are mouse can control your computer.
  • Battery Backup: Bluetooth mouse battery is a very important issue. You should also know how long the mouse battery is capable of backing you up. Because if your mouse can’t give you back up when you need it, then it is better not to buy such a mouse.
  • Battery Type: Bluetooth mouse batteries are usually not rechargeable. Find out what the battery of your Bluetooth mouse looks like. If it is rechargeable then very good. This is another plus point for you if your Bluetooth mouse can be connected to Bluetooth as well as cable. If you have a Bluetooth mouse, you can buy it without hesitation.

Where to buy Bluetooth Mouse in Bangladesh

You can easily buy a Bluetooth mouse from any part of Bangladesh. There are also many vendors online, you can also buy a Bluetooth mouse from there if you want. However, it is better to buy a Bluetooth mouse from your nearest vendor than to buy it online.

In that case, they will be able to support any problem with your product and you will be able to accept the warranty service very easily. The product purchased from an online seller is often wasted which is a matter of time even if it can be returned. Some online sellers are BDStall, Daraz, Startech, and many more.

Our Opinion

Hope you got a good idea about the price of BlueTooth mouse in Bangladesh. When buying a Bluetooth mouse be sure to try to purchase from a trusted buyer.

Throughout the article, we have tried to give you a buying guide and in every article on our website, we have tried to give you a buying guide. You can read other articles on our website if you want. Thanks for reading the whole article on Bluetooth Mouse Price in Bangladesh.

FAQ: Bluetooth Mouse Prices in Bangladesh

1. What is the average price range for Bluetooth mice in Bangladesh?

  • The Bluetooth Mouse Price in Bangladesh varies depending on the brand and features. Generally, you can expect to find models ranging from BDT 500 to BDT 5000.

2. Are there premium Bluetooth Mouse Price in Bangladesh?

  • Yes, premium brands like Logitech, Apple, and Microsoft offer high-end Bluetooth mice with advanced features. These can Bluetooth Mouse Price in Bangladesh upwards of BDT 3000.

3. Can I find budget-friendly Bluetooth mice in Bangladesh?

  • Absolutely! There are several budget-friendly options available, with Bluetooth Mouse Price in Bangladesh starting as low as BDT 500. These mice are suitable for basic use.

4. What factors affect the price of a Bluetooth mouse?

  • Key factors include brand reputation, build quality, battery life, additional features like programmable buttons or ergonomic design, and warranty.

5. Where can I buy a Bluetooth mouse in Bangladesh?

  • Bluetooth mice can be purchased at electronics stores, computer accessory shops, and online marketplaces such as Daraz, Pickaboo, and Evaly.

6. How do I choose the right Bluetooth mouse for my needs?

  • Consider your primary use (gaming, general use, graphic design), grip style, desired features (like silent clicking or adjustable DPI), and your budget.

7. Is it worth paying more for a branded Bluetooth mouse?

  • Branded mice often offer better build quality, reliability, and customer support. However, there are also non-branded mice that provide good value for their price.

8. Are there any additional costs to consider when buying a Bluetooth mouse?

  • Consider potential shipping costs if purchasing online, and whether you need to buy batteries or a battery charger for models that aren’t rechargeable.

9. Can I get a warranty with a Bluetooth mouse purchase in Bangladesh?

  • Many brands offer warranties ranging from 6 months to 2 years. Be sure to check the warranty terms at the time of purchase.

10. Do Bluetooth mice prices fluctuate frequently in Bangladesh?

  • Bluetooth Mouse Price in Bangladesh can vary based on demand, new model releases, and changes in import policies. It’s advisable to check current prices before making a purchase.
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