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Keyboard Price in Bangladesh are in reasonable cost. Keyboards are very necessary parts of computers. For Desktop Computers this is most important. This most used computer part is now being used for many reasons. Most people don’t know the price of this computer part. Here in this article, we will try to know the Keyboard price in Bangladesh. This article is going to be very helpful for you if you want to buy one keyboard for yourself. Here we will give you information about the price of different brand’s Keyboard Price in Bangladesh.

Keyboard Price in Bangladesh

There are different brands of keyboards in Bangladesh. Among them, some people love A4tech, Some likes Walton and some want Rapoo for their own features.

Keyboard Price in Bangladesh
Keyboard Price in Bangladesh

Here in this part of the article, we will tell you about the price of these brand’s keyboards.

  • A4tech: 550- 600 BDT
  • Walton: 450- 550 BDT
  • Rapoo: 450- 550 BDT
  • Delux: 450- 550 BDT
  • Havit: 400- 500 BDT
  • Xtreme: 450- 500 BDT

A4tech Keyboard Price in Bangladesh

A4tech is one of the most popular brands in Bangladesh for keyboards. They produce quality keyboards on all budgets. You will love the keyboard from them very much.

A4tech Keyboard
A4tech Keyboard

They have some special features that are very comfortable for the users. If you want to buy this brand’s keyboard then you have to spend around 550 BDT to 600 BDT. You may love this price and its features. You may try them if you want.

Walton Keyboard Price in Bangladesh

Walton is a local brand in Bangladesh. This brand has a number of products in this country. People know them as the Bangladeshi brand.

Walton Keyboard price
Walton Keyboard price

They are good also in keyboard production brands. If you want to buy their keyboard then you have to spend around 450 BDT to 550 BDT. This is low enough as a brand keyboard. They are very much popular in Bangladesh. You may try them if you want.

Rapoo Keyboard Price in Bangladesh

Rapoo is another brand that is popular as a keyboard-producing company. They have a huge number of models on keyboards. Some of them are very popular and some of them are very much quality. They have a huge number of fans all around the world. If you want to buy a Rapoo keyboard from Bangladesh then around 500 BDT. The price will vary from 450 BDT to 500 BDT. You may try them also if you want.

Delux Keyboard Price in Bangladesh

As a producer of keyboards, Delux is popular. This brand has a number of keyboards in the Bangladeshi market. They are priced from 450 BDT to 550 BDT. Though the price is low the quality is not so low. They have a very good service as a keyboard producer. If you are thinking of buying a keyboard recently, you may buy one from Delux.

Where to Buy Keyboard in Bangladesh?

There are a lot of places to buy keyboards in Bangladesh. You may buy online and offline too. You may buy from your local buyers. But I personally suggest people buy electronic and electric products from your local sellers. They are more trusted and more friendly. If you want to buy from any of your local sellers then go and contact them. This will be best for you with low Keyboard Price in Bangladesh.

But if you want to buy a keyboard online then there are a number of sellers available. You may buy from Startechbd. They are very much trusted. They are selling computer parts and hard disks for a long time.

Another online seller of keyboards is Rayn Computer’s official website. They are also trusted. Some others are like Daraz, BDStall, and many more. If you are buying a keyboard from an online seller, read the product description and specifications well.

Things to Remember Before Buying a Keyboard?

There are many things to consider while buying as Keyboard Price in Bangladesh. You can not miss these things before buying this computer part. If you make any mistake then you will face difficulty in using this. Here are the things that you need to consider.

  • See the Specification: If you are planning to buy one keyboard recently then you have to remember this thing must. You have to see the specification section of the keyboard. This is very important before buying any product.
  • The Language Support: Some keyboards are Bijoy supported and they have Bijoy keys visible. Some are not like that. If you want to buy one Bangla keyboard then you have to check it before buying. If you make mistake then the buyer may refuse to take it to return. So, this is a must-do thing before buying a keyboard.
  • Keyboard Size: The size is important. Because the size makes the difference while typing anything. If you buy a small keyboard then you will miss the button while typing fast. So, you can not mistake in this place. This is another must-do thing before buying a keyboard.
  • Buy From Trusted Buyer: Another thing you need to do that, you have to buy from a trusted seller. The trusted sellers do no trick with the buyer. They provide the original product to the customers. And if any problem happens then you may talk to him any time.

Our Opinion

I hope you get a complete buying guide of keyboard price in Bangladesh. Besides giving you a price idea, I tried to give you a complete buying guide. You may visit our website to read more articles about different products’ price in Bangladesh. Thanks for reading from us.

FAQ: Keyboard Prices in Bangladesh

1. Why do keyboard prices vary in Bangladesh?

  • Keyboard prices in Bangladesh can vary due to factors like brand, quality, features (mechanical vs. membrane), and import costs. Higher-end models with advanced features like backlighting, programmable keys, and ergonomic designs tend to be more expensive.

2. What is the price range for keyboards in Bangladesh?

  • Keyboard Price in Bangladesh can range widely, from affordable options around BDT 500-1,000 for basic models to BDT 5,000-15,000 or more for high-end, feature-rich keyboards.

3. Are gaming keyboards more expensive?

  • Yes, gaming keyboards are generally more expensive due to their specialized features like N-key rollover, macro recording, and durable switches. Prices can range from BDT 2,000 to over BDT 10,000.

4. Can I find good keyboards within a budget in Bangladesh?

  • Absolutely! Many brands offer quality keyboards at budget-friendly prices. It’s possible to find good options under BDT 2,000, especially if you’re looking for basic functionality.

5. How do I choose the right keyboard within my budget?

  • Consider your primary use (gaming, typing, general use), desired features (backlighting, key type), and read reviews to find the best option within your budget.

6. Where can I buy keyboards in Bangladesh?

  • Keyboards can be purchased at computer stores, electronics retailers, and online marketplaces. Online platforms often provide a wider range of options and sometimes better deals.

7. Are there additional costs to consider when buying a keyboard in Bangladesh?

  • Besides the purchase price, consider potential shipping costs (if buying online) and warranties. Some high-end keyboards might also require compatible hardware for optimal performance.

8. Is it worth investing in an expensive keyboard?

  • It depends on your needs. If you are a professional gamer or spend long hours typing, investing in a higher-quality keyboard can improve your experience and may be more durable in the long run.

9. Do keyboard prices in Bangladesh fluctuate often?

  • Keyboard Price in Bangladesh can fluctuate due to factors like demand, new model releases, and changes in import taxes. It’s a good idea to compare prices from different sellers before making a purchase.

10. Can I get a keyboard customized in Bangladesh, and how does it affect the price?

  • Customization is possible, especially for gaming keyboards. Customization can include keycap replacements, switch changes, and RGB lighting, which can increase the price depending on the extent of customization.
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