IPhone 11 price in BD

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The iPhone 11 was initially released in 2019, but it has remained relevant through the years with continuous updates and a fast processor. In Bangladesh, this phone gain massive popularity. And with Apple dropping prices, it has become a popular choice for budget buyers. You should have a clear idea of the iPhone 11 price in BD if you want to buy a smartphone. You may also buy iPhone 11.

IPhone 11 price in BD
iPhone 11 price in BD

iPhone 11 is the fastest phone of Apple

In several ways, the iPhone 11 refreshes the earlier iPhone XR. The major differences are that the iPhone is a bit faster, 11 has longer battery life and is furnished with an ultra-wide camera along with the main one.

The iPhone 11 is the fastest cell phone in the world. Apple’s silicon is simply a year or two ahead of Android’s best “gaming” phones. your question is now understand why iPhone 11 price in BD.

On the performance base, the iPhone 11 is better than the Pro phones since it features a low-resolution display. A lower resolution means fewer pixels to drive, which means less pressure on the chip powering the phone.

The iPhone 11 also carries as much RAM as its more expensive counterparts, creating it a no-compromise gadget as far as performance is concerned. So, you may choose as this as of iPhone 11 price in BD.

While the phone does not support 5G yet, it does support the fastest Wi-Fi standards.

Appealing Design

IPhone 11 Pro is a complete phone, whether it approaches to design or appealing colors. It has a matte-finished back glass with flawlessly fitted keys. The perfectly aligned dual camera and the round edge make it even more attractive. The design completes with the colors. Red, White, Black, Yellow, Green, Purple- every color makes the design different but still elegant. 

Colorful, Bright display

The display is very much colorful. This is an LCD display, not an OLED similar to the iPhone 11 Pro but Apple has worked astonishments with it. Not just with the colors, but the display goes evenly to all the ends of the phone. The bezel around the screen is thicker than the iPhone Pro. It still looks brilliant and the level of display is the most impressive thing. Apple names it Liquid Retina.

One fantastic item is that the iPhone 11 display retains a similar level of precision even while you are dropping the brightness down to 2.3 nits. IPhone 11 price in BD

Magnificent Camera

The TrueDepth camera on the front of the phone n features a wide-angle mode that is triggered by revolving the phone sideward. The Field of View is augmented to 85 degrees. IPhone 11 price in BD is respectful when coming to price comparison. It makes it easier to fit many people in selfies as they do not need to stretch their arms too far. Apple also improved the slow-motion abilities of the front-facing camera and called the end product “selfies.”

Precisely, the iPhone 11’s camera array is now square and has two lenses – in place of one like the iPhone XR had. 

The second lens is an ultra-wide-angle camera with a 120-degree FOV. The additional FOV means you can zoom out on a subject, capturing more of the surroundings in the photo. This is a feature that several Android gadgets have added over the previous few years, and it is one of my special features of any camera. 

Another feature that Apple gives with camera features in competing against Android gadgets is Night mode. Night mode is simply possible with the wide camera on iPhone 11. Thus you should not take the ultra-wide-angle photo at night with any phone to anticipate the same outcomes. But here is how it works: open the camera app, and it notices whether there is sufficient light for a regular photo. If it is, you tap the shutter key plus take your picture. 

If your iPhone chooses it needs more light, a small moon icon displays with an amount of time. Sometimes it is one second, nine seconds, or any digit in between. When you see that it exists, you press the shutter key and then hold still. The iPhone 11 will capture a photograph in a low-light atmosphere, and it seems as if it is a well-lit room. 

Google’s Pixel cell phones were the first to have the same feature, and in my test shots, the iPhone 11 has exceeded the Pixel 3XL every single time.  So, hopefully, you get an idea of the iPhone 11 price in BD.

Battery Life

IPhone 11 price in BD has a somewhat bigger battery compared to the iPhone XR. The iPhone 11 is powered by a 3,110 mAh battery – a slight upgrade over the XR’s 2,940 mAh and similar to the new iPhone 11 Pros. The phone supports wireless charging (Qi-compatible), and it could also fast charge with 18W chargers because of the USB Power Delivery support.

It has a similar Lightning charging port as preceding generations. While it primarily shipped with a 5W power adapter in the box, Apple detached this from all iPhone sales afterward the iPhone 12 series launched. It dispatches with a compatible Lightning to USB-C cable.

IPhone 11 price in BD could do about 18 hours of 3G calls and 15 and a half hours of web browsing on a single charge. You could watch videos for around 18 and a half hours. Adding the efficient standby to the mix returned a brilliant battery durability rating of 94 hours. Which is 78 hours on the iPhone XR as well as better than 86 hours on the iPhone 11 pro.


The iPhone 11 has stereo speakers, just similar to the iPhone 11 Pro and XR. The first speaker is at the end, while the earphone acts as a second one. The output is very stable, and its loudness appeared similar.

Yet, the sound is pretty rich, the bass is deep sufficiently helped by the bottom speaker. We could consider the iPhone 11 speakers to be the better setups you could get in a smartphone today.

iPhone 11 price in BD

IPhone 11 price in BD starts from 55000 BDT. With this reasonable price, it delivers premium service with outstanding features. 

The iPhone 11 is available in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB storage variants. That makes it to buy Zoon as iPhone 11 price in BD.


‘The iPhone 11 delivers a great point-and-shoot camera (which is an improvement on the XR), and the same processor as the premium Pro and Pro Max, and provides solid battery life. It produces a magnificent rounded picture with sensational sound. so It is a superb all-rounder. If you want value for money you should choose iPhone 11 as your next branded gadget. Finally, I think iPhone 11 price in BD is under buying capability.

Overall, the iPhone 11 was a highly capable smartphone with a powerful camera system, excellent performance, and reliable battery life. It offered a great user experience with its smooth performance and access to the extensive iOS ecosystem. However, if you prefer an OLED display or more advanced features, you might consider the higher-end iPhone models.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About iPhone 11 Prices in Bangladesh

Q1: What is the current official price of the iPhone 11 in Bangladesh?

  • A1: The official price of the iPhone 11 in Bangladesh can vary based on factors like storage capacity, color, and ongoing promotions. As of [insert date], the starting price for a new iPhone 11 is approximately [insert price] BDT. Please note that prices may change, so it’s advisable to check with authorized Apple retailers for the most current pricing.

Q2: How much does an unofficial iPhone 11 cost in Bangladesh?

  • A2: Unofficial or grey market iPhone 11 models are often priced differently than official ones. As of 2024, the price for an unofficial iPhone 11 starts around 27500 BDT. Keep in mind that these prices can fluctuate and unofficial models may not come with a warranty or after-sales service.

Q3: What are the price ranges for used iPhone 11 models in Bangladesh?

  • A3: The price for a used iPhone 11 in Bangladesh depends on its condition, storage capacity, and age. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from [insert lower price range] to [insert higher price range] BDT. It’s important to thoroughly check the condition and verify the authenticity of a used iPhone before purchasing.

Q4: Are there any risks involved in buying an unofficial or used iPhone 11 in Bangladesh?

  • A4: Yes, there are certain risks. Unofficial iPhones may not have a valid warranty and might not support local network bands. Used iPhones, while more affordable, might have hidden issues like battery degradation or hardware problems. Always buy from reputable sellers and request a thorough check or a validity guarantee.

Q5: Can I get a warranty on a used iPhone 11 in Bangladesh?

  • A5: Warranties on used iPhones are rare, but some reputable sellers might offer a limited warranty or a return policy. Check with the seller before purchasing to understand any warranty or return options available.

Q6: How can I ensure that I am getting a fair price on an iPhone 11 in Bangladesh?

  • A6: To ensure a fair price, compare prices from multiple sellers, including official retailers, unofficial stores, and online marketplaces. Also, consider the phone’s condition, storage capacity, and any additional accessories or warranties included in the price.

Q7: Are there any seasonal discounts or promotions on iPhone 11 in Bangladesh?

  • A7: Yes, discounts and promotions are common during festive seasons, holidays, or special sales events. Keep an eye on announcements from official retailers and popular electronics stores for the best deals.

Q8: What should I check before buying a used iPhone 11 in Bangladesh?

  • A8: Before purchasing a used iPhone 11, check for any physical damage, verify the battery health, ensure it is not iCloud locked, and confirm that it supports local network bands. It’s also advisable to check the device’s warranty status through its serial number on Apple’s official website.
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