ITZ Kabbo Free Fire Gamer In Bangladesh

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Online gaming is getting more popular day by day. Digital Bangladesh it effect is not out of them. Free fire is popular online in Bangladesh and ITZKabbo is a familiar name. ITZ Kabbo creates gaming content on youtube. As a game player, you may also know this person. In this article, I will cover everything about ITZ Kabbo that you need to know.

Who is ITZ Kabbo?

The real name of ITZ Kabbo is The 26-year-old has also played 596 duo games and has triumphed in 2872 of them, maintaining a win rate of 20.75%. Kabbo is a Bangladeshi Free Fire streamer and one of the top youtube gaming content creators. Young people in Bangladesh growing their gaming skills. Even they are playing a number of gaming competitions.

Info About ITZ Kabbo

ITZ Kabbo free fire ID:  228197025

Kabbo is a top-level and popular Free Fire streamer in Bangladesh. This gaming youtube content creator is not only in Bangladesh but also popular with many country game lovers. Those who love free-fire games are searching for Khabbo’s free-fire ID. So, here is a little bit about Kabbo’s free-fire id.

This game started in 2017 and develop in 111 Dots Studio. Massively this game is getting one of the most popular games in Bangladesh among young people. With the worldwide popularity of this free-fire game, youtube content creators have the option to build their youtube content creator carrier here. Like Mr Triple R Itz Kabbo is another content creator of the Free Fire online game.

How Kabbo Become a Top Level Free Fire Gamer on Youtube

Who loves free fire has a dream that becoming a YouTuber like Kabbo. So, you have a question how did this guy become the best free-fire youtube in Bangladesh? Yes friend I am going to be clear about this in this article. So do not delay starting about that. And yes you must read the end level to know details about ITZ Khabbo.

Basically, it started the free-fire journey in January 2015. Kabbo goes delayed to Kustia court and uses free wifi to play the game clash of clans. At that time in Bangladesh, free wifi was very rare. As a result, he enjoys the gameplay with free internet. To play the game he uses the free broadband network with his android phone. During this period he lost his phone.

Khabbo started to try to play “player battleground” as his friend suggested. But he had a pretty low rang android phone support. So they just started a new game that supports his phone. They regularly play games and are addicted to playing every new online game.

ITZ Kabbo

2017 they just introduce with free fire popular game. Once upon a time, All A was a popular online gamer and Kabbo watch his game on youtube and get inspired. As a result, he decided to buy a computer. After buying this computer he just install the free fire. The first time, he was a Facebook steamer then started making youtube videos. During the Facebook stemming time he achieved 115k subscribers.

Growing free fire youtube fans

Md Shoikot Islam Kabbo watches some free-fire youtube videos and gets inspired. However, when he started to make youtube videos for the first time he have no idea. After then he understands which video should publish. Gradually he published the Dubble sniper game upload, how to collaborate with other youtube etc matters he understands properly.

ITZ Kabbo makes a video on 1vs1, clash Scott 4vs4, and grandmaster push. He just got 400k subscribers playing 4vs4 and complete 800k with a grandmaster game. In the same way, he just got millions of subscribers.

BD71 is brand

Khabbo is always with the BD71 group. BD army 71 has a huge members and Khabbo was always with this group. This brand channel started a long time ago. Some of the members here are Mr Triple R, Mir, Rob, Faysal, Ashis, etc.

Kabbo Free Fire Gaming Stats

Squad Matches Stats

  • Matches – 11509 squad games
  • Win – 3459
  • Win rate – 31.27%
  • Kills – 31088 kills
  • K/D ratio – 3.98

Duo Matches

  • Matches – 2064 duo matches
  • Win – 388
  • Win rate – 18.99%
  • Kills – 4684 kills
  • K/D ratio – 2.97

Solo Matches

  • Matches – 1776 solo matches
  • Win – 198 Booyahs
  • Win rate – 11.15%
  • Kills – 4970 kills
  • K/D ratio – 3.91

Itz Kabbo Free Fire Ranked Stats

Squad Matches

  • Matches – 1366 squad game
  • Win – 882 Booyahs
  • Win rate – 69.50%
  • Frags – 4868 frags
  • K/D ratio – 12.07

Duo Matches

  • Matches – 37 duo matches
  • Win – 21
  • Win rate – 40.74%
  • Kills – 166 kills
  • K/D ratio – 8.50

Solo Matches

  • Matches – 2 solo matches
  • Win – 1
  • Win rate – 50%
  • Kills – 7 kills
  • K/D ratio – 7

Kabbo YouTube channel

  • Subscribers – 1.5 Million subscribers
  • Views – 204 million views

KabboFree Fire Earnings

  • The estimated monthly earnings are between $4.9K and $79.3K
  • The estimated yearly income is between $56.8K and $992.1K

1. What is the Free Fire ID of Itz Kabbo?

Kabbo’s free-fire ID number is 228197025.

2. Who is this Itz Kabbo?

He is a top-level youtube gaming content creator of Free Fire from Bangladesh.

3. Where is Itz Kabbo from?

Itz Kabbo is from district Kustia and country Bangladesh.

4. What is the YouTube address or link of Itz Kabbo?

YouTube Channel name of this stemer is – Itz Kabbo

5. What is Free Fire?

Garena Free Fire is a battle royale online famous game.

6. When was Free Fire released?

Free Fire was released in 2007 over the internet.

7. Who is the developer of Free Fire?

Free Fire was developed by the famous group 111dots Studio.

Final verdict

This guy is familiar among the young gamer in Bangladesh. Khabbo create YouTube content related free fire online game. Most of the online players know him for his YouTube content. Huge subscription and view on this channel.

FAQ Section: ITZ Kabbo – Free Fire Gamer in Bangladesh

Who is ITZ Kabbo?

ITZKabbo is a renowned Free Fire gamer and content creator from Bangladesh. He has gained popularity through his exceptional gaming skills and engaging content related to the popular mobile game, Free Fire.

ITZKabbo is known for his strategic gameplay, impressive skills, and entertaining commentary. His ability to engage with his audience and provide tips and tricks for Free Fire players has contributed significantly to his popularity.

What type of content does ITZ Kabbo create?

ITZKabbo primarily creates content related to Free Fire, which includes gameplay videos, tutorials, tips and tricks, and live streaming sessions. He often shares his gaming experiences and strategies to help others improve their gameplay.

Where can I watch ITZ Kabbo’s Free Fire content?

ITZKabbo’s content is primarily available on platforms like YouTube and Facebook. He regularly posts videos and goes live on these platforms, interacting with his audience and showcasing his gaming skills.

Does ITZ Kabbo participate in Free Fire tournaments?

Yes, ITZKabbo often participates in Free Fire tournaments and competitions. He has been involved in various local and regional tournaments, showcasing his gaming prowess and competing against other top players.

How can I learn from ITZKabbo’s gameplay?

Watching ITZKabbo’s gameplay videos and live streams is a great way to learn. He often explains his strategies and decision-making processes during his games, which can be incredibly educational for aspiring Free Fire players.

Is ITZ Kabbo active on social media?

Yes, ITZKabbo is active on several social media platforms. He often uses these platforms to interact with his fans, share updates about his content, and announce his participation in gaming events.

Can beginners learn from ITZKabbo’s content?

Absolutely! ITZKabbo’s content is not just for advanced players. Beginners can learn a lot from his gameplay strategies, tips, and tutorials, which are often designed to help players of all skill levels.

How does ITZKabbo contribute to the gaming community in Bangladesh?

ITZKabbo is not just a gamer but also an influencer in the Bangladeshi gaming community. He inspires many young gamers in Bangladesh to pursue their passion for gaming and helps in popularizing games like Free Fire in the region.

Can I interact with ITZ Kabbo during his live streams?

Yes, ITZ Kabbo often interacts with his viewers during live streams. This is a great opportunity for fans and fellow gamers to ask questions, seek advice, or simply enjoy the interactive gaming experience.

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