How much 1 Bitcoin price in Bangladesh

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Bitcoin is a digital currency that is used for many reasons. But the main concern to the people of Bangladesh is its price and also it’s legacy. Some people want to know 1 Bitcoin price in Bangladesh. Some others are concerned about the legacy of this cryptocurrency in Bangladesh. Here in this article, we will discuss 1 Bitcoin price in Bangladesh and also it’s legacy in Bangladesh. So, let’s start.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the name of cryptocurrency. In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto, a pseudonym for a group of software developers, introduced a new type of virtual currency. This type of currency is known as cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency invented by Nakamoto is called Bitcoin. Now it is very famous for online shopping and other exchange purposes.

1 Bitcoin price in Bangladesh

The price of Bitcoins is always changing. It never stays in a specific place. For example, if you calculate the price of the last few months, you will understand how much its price is changing. Last July, the value of 1 bitcoin was around 27 lakh Bangladeshi takas. But now, at the end of August, the value of this bitcoin stands at around BDT 42 lakh

1 Bitcoin price in Bangladesh

This is changing every day. Sometimes up and sometimes down. So it is very difficult to specify the price of 1 bitcoin. However, when Elon Musk decided to invest in Bitcoin, the price of Bitcoin continued to rise and is still rising. This has been going on for the last few months. However, if I set an average price for the last few months, you can say that the price of 1 bitcoin is equal to around 35 to 40 lakh takas.

Check today’s Bitcoin price Here

Improvement of 1 Bitcoin Price

1 Bitcoin price in Bangladesh is improving day by day. At the beginning of Bitcoin, the price was only 46,000 BDT. This was in September 2016. But gradually it grows very high and very fast. After one year, that means in September 2017, the price stands at 3.5 Lacks BDT.

This was tremendous growth. The next year the price reached 5.5 lakh BDT. The next year was also very high. In September 2019, the price reached 8.5 lakh BDT.

1 Bitcoin priced most in the March of this year. This time the price reached 51 lakhs BDT. People were shocked by seeing the price of this.

Last 6 years report of 1 Bitcoin Price in Bangladesh

  • 2016: The price starts from 46,000 BDT and reaches 76,000 BDT. In the meantime, the price goes ups and down.
  • 2017: The year starts with the price of 76,000 BDT but ends with 10 lakhs. This year, the highest price was 16, lakhs.
  • 2018: This year starts with 10 lakhs and ends with 3 lakhs. This was a bad time for Bitcoin owners. 
  • 2019: The year starts with 3 lakhs but ends with 6 lakhs. But the highest price was around 10 lakhs.
  • 2020: Finally a dream comes true for the owners of Bitcoin investors. From 10 lakhs to 27 lakhs.
  • 2021: This is the golden year for Bitcoin holders. Price goes up and breaks the record with 51 lakhs.

A short graph of this price growth is given below. Bitcoin’s birth date is approximately 2008-2009.

20100,00 BDT- 8 BDT
201125 BDT- 19,000 BDT
2012400 BDT- 140,000 BDT
20131,000 BDT- 96,00 BDT
201459,000 BDT- 4 lakhs BDT
201527,000 BDT- 36,000 BDT
201646,000 BDT- 76,000 BDT
201776,000 BDT – 16 lakhs BDT
20183 lakhs BDT – 10.5 lakhs BDT
20193 lakhs BDT- 10 lakhs
20206 lakhs BDT – 27.5 lakhs BDT
202127.5 lakhs BDT – 51 lakhs

Why is Bitcoin Price so High?

Bitcoin Price so High
Bitcoin Price so High

There are many reasons behind rising the price of Bitcoin day by day. But what are the reasons? Here I am going to tell you about some reasons behind the increase in the price of Cryptocurrency which means Bitcoins. It has some unique features that are why the 1 Bitcoin price in Bangladesh is so high. As well another reason is BTC growing families and use in Bangladesh.

Increase of Acceptance
Increase of Acceptance

Increase of Acceptance

After Bitcoin was invented, it was not so popular and different people and institutions did not accept it. For that reason, the price of this currency was very low.

But in recent times, people from all countries and big institutions are accepting it.

Multi-Billionaire like Elon Musk and his company also invest in Bitcoin. This change the price a lot. So, the wide acceptance of this currency is one of the main reasons behind the price rise.

Paypal Decision

In recent times, World’s famous money transfer company Paypal decides to include Bitcoin as another currency to transfer money from one place to another place. Even this is allowing to buy Bitcoin by paying through other currencies. This makes Bitcoin more popular and increases its price. As a result, it impacts Bitcoin prices in Bangladesh.


In recent times, we have seen some hacking and stealing huge amounts of money from someone’s account. For this reason, people are not feeling secure saving money in banks. For that, they are bending to Bitcoins buying. This also affects the price of Bitcoins. This of type security issue influences the Price of Bitcoin.

Our Opinion

You know why you want to know 1 Bitcoin price in Bangladesh but if you are planning to invest money in this currency then I want to warn you. This is one of the riskiest things to invest in bitcoin. If you have the ability to bear any loss then this is for you. Thanks for reading. Hopefully, you get an idea about 1 Bitcoin price in Bangladesh.

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