Vivo V11 Price in Bangladesh

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Vivo V11 Price in Bangladesh with the Best Price and Warranty

Vivo smartphones are preferred by Bangladeshis for their camera, music, and video game performance. The Vivo V11 is one of such masterpieces from the manufacturer in its V11 series phone production. Check Vivo V11 Price in Bangladesh, technical features, service centers, and guarantee here. Vivo V11 Price in Bangladesh by the Manufacturer

23,990 BDT is the official Release Price

Vivo V11 Price in Bangladesh in Retail MarketVivo has flagship outlets, authorized dealers, Smartphone retail stores, and consumer electronic shops in Bangladesh. Check the price here with tax and insurance coverage. Know Vivo V11 Price in Bangladesh

  • Vivo V11 MRP 11,990 + 15% sales Tax = 27588.5 BDT
  • Vivo V11 MRP 11,990 + 15% sales Tax + Mobile Insurance Cover = 28288.5 BDT

For the above-said price, you will get the Vivo 11 Smartphone box, which is inclusive of the handset, headphones, charger, USB cable, SIM ejector pin, user manual, and warranty card. It will help you if you could check all these things are present inside the box before billing.

Vivo V11 Price in Bangladesh in Online Stores

Vivo V11
Vivo V11

The top 10 online stores in Bangladesh sell Vivo V11 with some discounts, cashback, and offers. Yet, the Vivo V11 price varies in online stores. Here, we have mentioned the Vivo V11 price with delivery charges and with discounts. Check Vivo

V11 Price in Bangladesh.

  • Vivo V11 Price in Bangladesh without Tax and free shipping = 23,990 BDT
  • It is without Tax and + Delivery Charges = 24290 BDT
  • Vivo V11 Price in Bangladesh without Tax and 10% Discounts = 21591 BDT

Vivo V11 Price in Bangladesh under Financing Scheme

Consumer loans in Bangladesh are available in banks, private finance companies, and micro-financing agents. Here, they will charge a 10% to 30% interest charge. Thus, a new Vivo V11 Smartphone you might buy under a finance or installment scheme will cost you 27187 BDT.

Vivo V11 Price BD Vivo V11 Price

It will help you compare the Vivo V11 Smartphone prices with banks and small credit agents online and in the retail market. Check Vivo V11 Price in Bangladesh.

Vivo V11 Price in Bangladesh Underground Market

A few of Bangladeshis might not be affordable to buy a new Vivo V11 Smartphone. Yet, they can find Vivo V11 Smartphone prices cheaper in the underground markets.

They are Vivo V11 Smartphone resellers of refurbished phones. Such phones do not cover warranty and insurance if any, as you are the second owner. Such shops do not give any warranty or bill for the Vivo V11 Smartphone you brought from them.

Sometimes you might be lucky to get a good phone that a consumer has sold them to buy the upgraded version of the Vivo V series Smartphone.

Vivo V11 Price in Bangladesh an Overview

Vivo Electronics Corp in Dongguan, China, manufactures Vivo V11. They distribute this new Smartphone via authorized online and retail channels.

The manufacturer of this Smartphone released this series at the end of December 2017 in Bangladesh. Thus, thousands of Bangladeshis have purchased this phone via online stores with many cashback offers and discounts. The people whose residential pin codes are not serviceable by e-stores have brought Vivo V11 from nearby authorized dealers. Brand Name or Manufacturer by Vivo.

Vivo V11 for Gamers

Vivo V11’s 6-GB RAM supports the high-end-level gamers to play solo and multi-player video games. Thus, it helps you to play video games without any interruptions from the phone end.

This Smartphone is the best for playing games offline and online. Graphic games look brighter on this phone. The sounds are mesmerizing when you play racing, war, or fight games. It will help you if you play a game with charging the phone.

Vivo V11 Battery Life

Vivo V11 gives almost 30 hours of talk time. It is an excellent phone for video games and video channel viewers. Your phone’s battery life lasts when you charge it with the adapter or charger, which comes in the box.

The Vivo V11 battery is a removable one. Thus, do not replace any other battery with a similar volt and amp. It will help you if you contact the Vivo customer care number and get advice if your battery has some problems.

Vivo V11 Service Center in Bangladesh

Vivo has many mobile showrooms with service centers in the main cities. It is advisable to go there when your Vivo V11 has some fault.

Many Vivo-authorized service centers are there in the main towns. It will help if you approach them when your Vivo V11 is within the warranty period and out of the warranty period.

Vivo V11 Warranty in Bangladesh

Vivo V11 consumers are advised to make use of the warranty given in Bangladesh. The online channels sell this phone with the warranty mentioned on the bill.

The retail market will provide the warranty card. Thus, it is advisable to check the warranty card when you buy from the retail market. It will help in replacement, service, and accessories free of cost.

FAQ: Vivo V11 Price in Bangladesh

1. What is the current price of the Vivo V11 in Bangladesh?

As of the latest update, the Vivo V11 is priced at BDT 23,990 in Bangladesh​​​​.

2. What color options are available for the Vivo V11?

The Vivo V11 is available in Starry Night and Nebula Purple colors​​​​.

3. What are the key specifications of the Vivo V11?

The Vivo V11 features a 6.41″ display with a resolution of 1080×2340 pixels. It comes with a rear camera setup of 12+5MP and a 25MP front camera. The device is powered by Android 8.1 OS and has a base variant with 4GB RAM and 128GB internal storage​​.

4. Is the Vivo V11 still available for purchase?

Yes, the Vivo V11 is still available for purchase in Bangladesh​​​​.

5. What is the storage capacity of the Vivo V11?

The base variant of the Vivo V11 comes with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage​​​​.

6. When was the Vivo V11 released?

The Vivo V11 was released in September 2018​​.

7. Is there any discount currently available on the Vivo V11?

The original price of the Vivo V11 was BDT 25,990, but it is now available at a reduced price of BDT 23,990, saving buyers BDT 2,000 (approximately 8%)​​.

8. How has Vivo positioned itself in the Bangladeshi market?

Vivo has established a strong presence in Bangladesh, especially among mid and low-mid range consumers. The company officially expanded its business to Bangladesh at the end of 2017​​.

This information should provide a comprehensive overview of the Vivo V11’s pricing and features in Bangladesh, catering to potential buyers and tech enthusiasts.

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