Quality and the Best Wooden Door Price in Bangladesh

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Wooden Door Price in Bangladesh details guide. Bangladeshis prefer the latest wooden door designs for new home construction, home remodeling, and changing a worn-out door. When it comes to quality, they do not compromise on wooden door price in Bangladesh.

All they seek is original hardwood, durability, and designs of the wooden doors. Here, we have mentioned the prices of wooden doors as per wood, designs, dimensions, and artwork on them. Check Price In Bangladesh for all products and services available in Bangladesh. What to check on wooden door prices in Bangladesh?

Quality and the Best Wooden Door Price in Bangladesh

Check Wood Type

Domestic customers in Bangladesh prefer hardwood doors for home. It is due to the low price and long-lasting nature of such woods. Bangladesh comes under tropical rainforest. Before buying check the wood type and Wooden Door Price in Bangladesh.

There are 300 varieties of hardwood present. Here we only mention Wooden Door Price in Bangladesh. The most used hardwood for door making is as follows. Lets talk more on Wooden Door Price in Bangladesh.

1. Teak wood or Shegun Wood Doors

Home and office doors in Bangladesh are mostly made of teak wood. The price of a standard door size costs 29,000 BDT.  Bangladeshis select this wood type for hardwood nature, as they do not go backed or dry in any seasons and most durable one. It is why it is worth buying from home decors, door shops, and online timber marts.

Teak wood or Shegun Wood Doors

Teak wood or Shegun Wood Doors

  • The price of a Shegun wood door 800mm with designs and finishing is 31,000 BDT.

It is not advisable to buy a ready-made door. The best way is to give an order and wait until your preferred teak wood door is ready with your door designs and finishing.

Many furniture-making companies in Bangladesh do custom designs by taking bespoke orders from needy customers.

2. Jack Tree Wood or Kathal Wood Doors

The Bangladeshis love pure brown doors select jack tree wood type for its natural color. It is a hardwood tree finishing with polish works is unnecessary, as they look very appealing without them.

Jack Tree Wood or Kathal Wood Doors

Jack Tree Wood or Kathal Wood Doors[/caption]

  • The price of a Kathal wood door 800mm with designs and finishing is 17,500 BDT.
  • The price of a Kathal wood door 800mm without designs and finishing is 15,500 BDT.

Kathal wood doors are much more durable and withstand proper shape and size in all weather. It is best used in traditional type construction works with solid bricks and clay bricks for home construction.

Kathal wooden Door Price in Bangladesh is reasonable. In the village and urban area, people are love this wood since ancient. The wood is loved by the people of Bangladesh.

3. Swietenia or Meheguni Wood Doors

Meheguni Wood Doors are preferred for commercial and home door making. It is a durable wood and is locally outsourced from tropical rainforest areas in Bangladesh.

  • The price of a Meheguni wood door 800mm door with designs and finishing is 7,500 BDT.
  • The price of a Meheguni wood door 800mm door without designs and finishing is 5,500 BDT.

Meheguni wood is the best to select for making unique door designs. People preferring dark colors can buy this wood type. They look much more appealing after polishing.

Swietenia or Meheguni Wooden Door Price in Bangladesh is cheap than other furniture wood.

4. White Teak or Gamari Wood Doors

Gamari wooden door price in Bangladesh is much more affordable when compared to Shegun teak wood doors. Bangladeshi households prefer this wood type as it is anti ant white-resistant. This wood is the best to make out the utmost in polishing and applying paint on them as per your color preference.

  • The price of a Gamari wood door 800mm with designs and finishing is 8,500 BDT.
  • The price of a Gamari 800 mm-wood without designs and finishing is 6,500 BDT.

Gamari is 100% solid wood. Gamari doors do not alter their thickness or shape due to changing weather conditions. The budget home constructors select this door for its affordability. It is available as readymade doors in door marts, furniture shops, and online timer marts in Bangladesh.

5. Red Oak Wood Doors

Bangladeshi luxury furnishing seekers prefer Red Oak wood doors for their solid-state wood type. It is much durable and strong. They are the best wood for crafting works on home and commercial doors. They look classy without polishing and look elegant after finishing work on doors.

Red Oak Wood Doors

Red Oak Wood Doors

  • The price of a Red Oak wood door per SFT is 3,651BDT. It is with polish works.
  • The price of a Red Oak wood door without finishing is 2,924 BDT.

The crafted door with decorations and designs will cost you an additional 5,000 to 10,000 BDT. It is the best solid wood for door art design works. Red Oak Wooden Door Price in Bangladesh have reasonable.

This type of door lasts long as it becomes an antique of later days. New home builders and alternation work people must compare wooden door prices in Bangladesh online. It will help you to find the nearest hardwood door makers.

Wooden Door Price Offers

They are available in top brands by wood marts and furnishing. Avail of online discounts and get them door delivery. Thus, the price of doors depends on wood type, size, decoration works, and overall finishing.

The price of the custom door made by a carpenter will be costly. The price of wooden doors in retail furniture and door marts is affordable.

Yet, the online price for wooden doors in Bangladesh comes with many offers and discounts.

FAQ: Wooden Door Price in Bangladesh

1. What is the average price range for wooden doors in Bangladesh?

  • The price of wooden doors in Bangladesh varies widely based on the type of wood, design, and size. Generally, prices can range from BDT 10,000 to BDT 50,000 or more.

2. What factors influence the price of a wooden door?

  • Several factors affect the price, including the type of wood (e.g., teak, mahogany, garjan), the complexity of the design, the size of the door, and the quality of craftsmanship.

3. Are custom-designed wooden doors more expensive?

  • Yes, custom-designed doors are typically more expensive due to the additional labor and specific materials required.

4. What types of wood are commonly used for doors in Bangladesh?

  • Popular choices include teak, mahogany, garjan, and shisham. Each type of wood has different characteristics and prices.

5. Can I find budget-friendly wooden doors in Bangladesh?

  • Yes, there are budget-friendly options available, especially if you opt for local woods and simpler designs.

6. How does the cost of wooden doors compare to other materials?

  • Wooden doors are often more expensive than those made from materials like PVC or aluminum, but they offer better aesthetics and durability.

7. Are there additional costs to consider when buying a wooden door?

  • Yes, consider costs for transportation, installation, and any additional hardware or finishing.

8. Where can I buy wooden doors in Bangladesh?

  • Wooden doors are available at furniture stores, specialized door shops, and can also be ordered from carpenters or wood workshops.

9. Is it possible to get a discount on bulk purchases?

  • Yes, some sellers offer discounts on bulk purchases, which is common for construction projects.

10. How long do wooden doors last?

  • With proper maintenance, wooden doors can last many years. The lifespan depends on the type of wood and environmental conditions.

11. Do wooden door prices vary across different cities in Bangladesh?

  • Yes, prices can vary based on local availability of materials and regional cost differences.

12. Are there eco-friendly wooden door options in Bangladesh?

  • Yes, some manufacturers offer doors made from sustainably sourced wood or recycled materials.

13. Can I order custom sizes for wooden doors?

  • Yes, most manufacturers and carpenters can create doors in custom sizes to fit specific requirements.

14. Is it necessary to treat wooden doors for weather resistance?

  • Yes, it’s advisable to treat wooden doors with weather-resistant coatings, especially in areas with high humidity or rainfall.

15. How can I ensure I’m getting a good quality wooden door?

  • Look for doors from reputable manufacturers, check the quality of wood and craftsmanship, and read reviews or get recommendations.

For the most current pricing and options, it’s recommended to visit local stores or consult with professionals in the door manufacturing industry in Bangladesh.

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