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If you have money in your bKash mobile wallet, then you need to know the process of checking the bKash account balance and the process of coding the BKash Account Balance Check.

Today’s article will discuss in detail how you can use the Bkash code in your Account for all the Bkash features. Bkash Bangladesh is a familiar digital product in this country.

Bkash Code by dialing the USSD code

If you want to know more about this, then check out this article at the end. The process of checking the Bkash code detail we mention here step by step.

If you do not have a smartphone in your hand, or if the official bKash app is not supported on your phone, you can check the bKash account balance through the bKash code if you want.

No specific mobile is required to check the Bkash account balance, you can check by dialing the USSD code from any SIM-supported phone if you want.

Simple Way Check Balance

Bkash expanding its mobile banking functions so users can check balances simply “Check Balance” option. To see your current mobile wallet balance –

01. Go to your bKash Mobile Menu by dialing *247#
02. Choose “My bKash
03. Choose “Check Balance
04. Enter your Mobile Secret Menu PIN

You will see the current and available balance of your bKash Mobile Account.

Bkash Code Balance Check *247#

If you want to check your account balance through your mobile phone then follow the step.

  1. First dial from your specific SIM: * 247 #
  2. After typing the bKash menu code, the full bKash menu structure will open in front of you, from where you can complete the tasks of your choice.
  3. To check the account balance, first, enter the number that contains my bkash code i.e. “8” and then click on the send button.
  4. After selecting the number 8 option, when you send it, another new page will open in front of you. From there you can perform more different tasks.
  5. Check Balance, then click on the send button.
  6. The option called Check Balance is in the number 1 position, so type 1 in the box here and then send it.
  7. Type 1 and send it, and another page will open in front of you. You must enter the PIN number that contains the PIN number of your bKash account on this page.
  8. Enter your PIN number in this option then click on the send button.
  9. Successfully entering your PIN number, you will be able to see the amount of money currently in your account.

And in the above-mentioned process, you can easily check the bkash wallet balance through the bkash menu code.

All Bkash menu codes by dialing * 247 #

  1. First dial * 247 # from your bKash-supported SIM.
  2. Then the full development menu will open in front of you. From here you have to select the 8 options called My BKash.

Then since you want to check the account balance, you have to select 1 option i.e. Check Balance option.
On the next page, you have the password for your bKash account, you have to enter that password properly and then click on the send button.

At the very last stage, you will be able to check your bKash account balance.

Check the bKash account balance through the app

You can also easily BKash Account Balance Check code without dialing the code if you want.

To check the bKash account balance through the apps, first, download the bKash apps from the following link.

Download APP

Once the app download is complete, log in to the app with your bKash account number and password. Then on the home page, you will find the option to check the account balance.

Whenever you log in with your account number and password, you will be able to access this My Development app and you will be able to get the balance by clicking on the top of the app “Type to know balance” button.

If you want to check your bKash code account balance with just one click, bKash apps have no alternative.

That’s why if your SIM supports the bKash app, then download the app first.


And this is the complete process of checking the development account balance in two ways, detailed information about the process. If you want to transfer bkash to nagad then you may read the article. So, now check the balance with Bkash Code *247#. Two four seven with star and hash is the bkash simple code.

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