RFL Gas Stove Price In Bangladesh Best Guide 2023

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Do you want to make a high-end cooking experience in your kitchen? In this case, a new gas stove can be a new turning point in your kitchen. The article will tell you the top 5 RFL gas stove price in Bangladesh and more.

In every Bangladeshi home, a gas stove should be safe, cost-effective, and extremely operable. Here, I am going to tell you the top 5 RFL gas stove price in Bangladesh. So, without further delay, let’s take a look at the main topic.

Here are the top RFL gas stove products list you might check

Top 5 RFL Gas Stove In Bangladesh

When it is all to cooking and gas stoves, the mentioned RFL gas stove is widely popular in Bangladesh. So, let’s explore them together.

1. RFL Double Auto Glass Gas Stove

When it comes to safety, performance, durability, and style, I always recommend the RFL double auto glass stove.

RFL Gas Stove
RFL Gas Stove

This gas stove is made of shatter-resistant material and solid glass is on top, which ensures maximum comfort while cooking.

Moreover, the product comes with a long-lasting aluminum burner and a knob that is built for easy flame control.

RFL Double Auto Glass Gas Stove Feature

  • Produces tornado blue flame.
  • Black color.
  • 100 mm burner.
  • 2 years warranty.
rfl logo
rfl logo

RFL Gas Stove Price In Bangladesh

RFL auto gas stove is a much less expensive product considering configuration, durability, design, and safety aspects. It is available for only 4,850 TK.

This is widely found in any local RFL shop near your location. Sometimes, the price may be varied by the shopkeepers.

2. RFL Double 21gn LPG/NG Glass Gas Stove

If you want to take your cooking policy to the next level, then this professional chef choice’s gas stove is only for you.

RFL Double 21gn LPG/NG
RFL Double 21gn LPG/NG

This gas stove is made of solid glass that is 5 mm thick for the highest safety and durability. Apart from that, the stove is very easy to maintain.

RFL Double 21gn LPG/NG Glass Gas Stove Feature

  • Made of durable double glass.
  • Blue flame.
  • Easily manageable knobs.
  • 12 months warranty period.

RFL Gas Stove Price In Bangladesh

This high-quality gas stove is widely available with only 8,100 TK. The best part of this stove is it has a 1-year servicing warranty.

You can find this gas stove only on any reputable eCommerce site or their official website. However, there is no doubt about the guarantee of this product because I found numerous positive reviews for this one.

3. RFL Auto-Single Gas Stove

RFL auto single gas stoves have recently achieved a lot of popularity for their rust-resistant and light-polished stainless steel that not only make a luxurious glossy black appearance but also create long-time durability.

RFL Auto-Single Gas Stove Feature

  • Blue flame.
  • 100 mm burner.
  • LPG-friendly.
  • 1-year warranty.

RFL Gas Stove Price In Bangladesh

RFL auto single gas stove costs only 2,900 TK. I think the stove is very affordable and is available with a lot of amazing features, unlike others.

This is widely found in any shopping mall or the ‘RFL Best Buy’ shop near your area. You can buy it from the shop easily or order it from any e-commerce shop.

4. RFL GLS LPG Gas Stove Bluebell

If you are looking for something for your kitchen to receive all the comfort and convenience, then the RFL GLS LPG gas stove is perfect for you.

Its sleek design, long-lasting glass, heat-resistant body, and high-effective burners will never make your kitchen boring.

RFL GLS LPG Gas Stove Feature

  • Consumes less gas.
  • Fit for both LPG and NG.
  • Two burners.
  • 18 months warranty time.

RFL Gas Stove Price In Bangladesh

RFL bluebell double gas stove is here with only 5,200 TK. This gas stove is very popular in Bangladesh because of its less spending power and nice-looking features.

You can get this stove in any RFL shop in Bangladesh. However, in this case, you need to be careful while purchasing whether it is a real RFL product or not

5. RFL Silky Single Gas Stove

Our last pick is an RFL silky single gas stove that is mainly well-known for its modern appearance and effective practical functions in the kitchen.

Premium finish solid glass on top polished stainless steel beneath, easily manageable knobs, and other features make it a unique complete package.

RFL Silky Single Gas Stove Feature

  • 50,000 times auto-ignition.
  • 90 mm burner made of cast iron.
  • Red color.
  • 12 months service warranty.

RFL Gas Stove Price In Bangladesh

The price of an RFL silky single gas stove would be 2,000-2,200 TK. If you don’t need to cook for more people every day, then this may be the best choice for you.

You can buy this gas stove from any local shop or order it from any popular online site. Moreover, you can directly order it from the RFL official website.

Hope this article has guided you perfectly while selecting an ideal gas stove. Besides that, you got the information of the top 5 RFL gas stove price in Bangladesh. 

Quickly pick the best one which goes with your requirements and budget and share your experience with us. Thanks for being with us.

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