Edible Coconut Oil Price In Bangladesh, The Best Eye-Opening Guide, 2024

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Edible Coconut Oil Price in Bangladesh details guide. Coconut oil has been found as a staple in every household in Bangladesh since ancient times. Furthermore, it is so familiar that the marvelous health-benefiting features of coconut oil have been found in Ayurveda manuscripts around 2000 years back. Because of this, people in Bangladesh use coconut oil as hair products, foods, sunscreens, deodorants, moisturizers, etc. Since it is available in our country, the edible coconut oil price in Bangladesh is very low. 

In recent years, the popularity of coconut oil and particularly edible coconut oil has increased more across the globe because of its several health benefits.

Research proves that the unique combination of fatty acids in coconut oil helps to blast away belly fat, improve brain function, prevent heart disease, and above all strengthen the immune system. 

Edible Coconut Oil Price In Bangladesh 

Now I am going to tell you the edible coconut oil price in Bangladesh and more about it. So, without further intro, let’s start on Edible Coconut Oil Price in Bangladesh.

Edible Coconut Oil

Edible Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is an edible oil generated from the core of mature coconuts of palm trees. Coconut oils are generally available in two major categories. They are edible or virgin oil and refined oil. 

Product Price Comparison

You can get edible coconut oil from any super shop or E-commerce site. There are family packs sized and small-sized coconut oil available. 250 ml of coconut oil costs 540 TK and 500 ml is available at 1100 TK. Prices may vary at different super shops. I will suggest you purchase a small-sized one as the first trial from any super shop. Once you think it is suitable for you, then purchase the family packs.

Product Description

Edible Coconut Oil Price in Bangladesh
Edible Coconut Oil Price in Bangladesh

Virgin coconut oil is made from coconut without heat exposure. On the other hand, refined coconut oil is processed through heat exposure.

However, edible coconut oil is more popular for its pleasant aroma, taste, essential vitamins, and nutrition in comparison with other ordinary coconut oil.

Both coconut oils are available in our country. At first, coconut oil was used only on the skin. But later on, due to its multifaceted benefits, coconut oil is now widely used as food.

Therefore, the level of production has increased to meet the demand and because of this edible coconut oil price in Bangladesh is low.

The highest production of coconut is in the Laxmipur district of Bangladesh. So, obviously, this is where most coconut oil is found. 

Nutrition information edible coconut oil

As per the U.S. Department of Agriculture, there is nutrition information for 1 tbsp of edible coconut oil.

Protein0 gram
Fat13.5 g   
Saturated Fat11.2 g
Carbohydrates0 g
Fiber0 g
Sugar0 g
The Nutrition Facts Of 1tbsp Edible Coconut Oil

Health Benefits Of Edible Coconut Oil

Health Benefits Of Edible Oil

Increases level Of HDL Cholesterol

According to the Harvard Medical School Literature, edible coconut oil helps to promote the levels of HDL cholesterol which is good for our health.

HDL Cholesterol

HDL CholesterolWhereas, HDL can reduce the risk of heart disease. Not just that, but it can reduce LDL cholesterol which

Helps You To Lose Weight

Thousands of people around the world are affected by obesity today. Experts suggest that our diets are more important than our exercise routines in this case.

The Benefit of Coconut Oil

The Benefit of Coconut Oil

A Journal of Nutritional Science and Nutrition showed that Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) contained in edible coconut oil can help you lose weight. The oil is easy to digest and helps in the proper working of the thyroid system in comparison with other edible oil.

Full Of Healthy Fatty Acids

Edible coconut oil is full of saturated fats. These types of fatty acids help your body to burn unnecessary fat and provide immediate energy to your body and brain.

In addition, the oil is high in MCTs, a kind of fat that your body metabolizes immediately and turns into ketones. These ketones have a powerful positive effect on our health. 

Improves Heart Health

The heart performs tirelessly all around the clock in your body, even when you are asleep. So it is very important to take care of your heart completely. Strong evidence shows that MCTs in edible coconut oil increase the healthy cholesterol  (HDL) in your body. Thus, it keeps a great balance of HDL and LDL in our body which can reduce the risk of heart disease.       

Protects Your Oral Health

Before the invention of toothpaste, swishing coconut oil around the mouth was a process of cleansing the mouth. The oil removes the bacteria from our mouth which reduces the risk of several dental problems like plaque.

Oral Health

Oral Health So, experts recommend using the oil in

your mouth a minimum of three times a week for 20 minutes a day to protect your oral health. 

Balances Diabetes

Diabetes has now become a common disease around the world. But so far no effective cure has been found for this disease. To balances diabetes, you need to know Edible Coconut Oil Price in Bangladesh.

Experts say that pure edible coconut oil helps to control diabetes by stabilizing blood sugar spikes and promoting the secretion of insulin. 

Coconut oil has been in vogue since ancient times due to its various benefits. It is even used in several herbal medicines as the basic element. Due to its versatile use, people often call it ‘miracle oil‘ in our country. Since it is quite popular in our country, the manufacturing companies are on a massive course to produce this oil.

Final Word

For that reason, the edible coconut oil price in Bangladesh is really within the reach of your hand. So, purchase edible coconut oil rather than refined versions and enjoy a number of emerging benefits of it. Hope you get enough info about edible coconut oil price in Bangladesh. Stay with us to get more articles and facts like this.

FAQ: Edible Coconut Oil Price in Bangladesh

1. What is the current price range for edible coconut oil in Bangladesh?

As of 2023, the price of edible coconut oil in Bangladesh varies depending on the brand, quality, and packaging size. Prices generally range from BDT 500 to BDT 1500 per liter, with variations based on whether it’s organic, virgin, or refined.

2. Why is there a variation in coconut oil prices?

The variation in coconut oil prices is influenced by factors such as the manufacturing process (virgin or refined), organic certification, brand reputation, and packaging. Virgin and organic coconut oils are typically more expensive due to their more labor-intensive production processes and purity.

3. Where can I buy edible coconut oil in Bangladesh?

Edible coconut oil is available in supermarkets, health food stores, and online marketplaces. Popular shopping destinations include Chaldal, Daraz, and local markets like Kacha Bazar.

4. How can I ensure I am buying high-quality coconut oil?

To ensure high-quality, look for labels like “virgin” or “cold-pressed,” check for organic certification, and opt for reputable brands. Also, read customer reviews if purchasing online.

5. Can I get discounts or bulk pricing on coconut oil in Bangladesh?

Discounts and bulk pricing may be available, especially when purchasing from wholesalers or during promotional periods on online platforms. It’s advisable to compare prices across different sellers to find the best deal.

6. Is there a significant difference between local and imported coconut oil?

Imported coconut oil often comes at a higher price due to import taxes and shipping costs. Local brands may offer more competitive pricing, but it’s important to consider factors like quality and production methods.

7. Are there any health benefits unique to edible coconut oil?

Edible coconut oil is known for its healthy fatty acids, which can boost heart health, metabolism, and skin health. Virgin coconut oil retains more nutrients and offers more health benefits compared to refined varieties.

8. Does the price of coconut oil fluctuate frequently in Bangladesh?

The price of coconut oil can fluctuate due to factors like global market trends, seasonal availability, and economic conditions. However, significant fluctuations are not common.

9. How can I store coconut oil, and does it affect its longevity?

Store coconut oil in a cool, dark place to maintain its quality. Proper storage can extend its shelf life. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and high temperatures.

10. Are there any eco-friendly or sustainable coconut oil brands in Bangladesh?

Several brands in Bangladesh are focusing on eco-friendly and sustainable practices. Look for labels that indicate sustainable sourcing and environmentally friendly packaging.

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  1. […] Virgin or edible oil is made from coconut without heat exposure. On the contrary, refined oil or simple oil is made from copra and processed through heat. Both are available 1in Bangladesh. However, in order to get an effective result, try to use edible coconut oil. […]

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