Medicine Price in Bangladesh. An Overview

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Medicine is a very important element in our lives. Just as wellness and sickness are our daily companions, so medicine is our companion depending on the condition of our body. Every day people have to depend on medicine for various reasons. Due to this, it is important to know about the price of medicine. In our today’s article, we will try to know about the medicine price in Bangladesh. So let’s get started with Medicine Price in Bangladesh without delay.

What is Medicine

Before knowing the medicine price in Bangladesh, it is very important to know what medicine is. Medicine is a type of chemical that, after application, causes a type of action in the animal body that works to solve diseases or other problems in the body.

What is Medicine
What is Medicine

Medicine is very necessary for us. Medicine is very useful to keep the body healthy and to overcome various problems quickly. Let’s find out about the price of different types of medicine in Bangladesh.

Medicine Price in Bangladesh

In a word, it is very difficult to say about the price of medicine. Because it will take 1 week to list the names of all the medicines that are prevalent in Bangladesh.

In that case, it will be very difficult to give you an idea about the value of all medicines. It is often impossible to give you an idea of ​​the subject unless you know what kind of medicine you are actually going to learn.

But on average, I would like to give you an idea of some issues. The medicine price in Bangladesh is a bit higher than in the international market. There are many reasons behind this but the main reason is the government VAT on medicines.

Brand NameContainsPrice(Tk.)
A SECTOR   Esomeprazole 20mg/capsule20mg x 30s pack: 120.00 MRP
CURACIDEsomeprazole INN 20mg & 40mg/tablet20mg x 28s pack: 140.00 MRP; 40mg x 20s pack: 140.00 MRP
EMA-20Esomeprazole INN 20mg/tablet20mg x 50s pack: 200.00 MRP
EMEPEsomeprazole INN 20mg/tablet20mg x 60s pack: 240.00 MRP
The idea of some medicine price in Bangladesh

A Price Idea

It is a little bit hard to give you the right idea about the price of all the medicines in Bangladesh. But at this stage, I will try to give you the price of some of the most common medicines in Bangladesh.

I would also like to give you an idea about the price of any other medicine in Bangladesh. So let’s get started with a short overview of Medicine Price in Bangladesh.

  • Esomeprazole: 5 tk to 15 tk
  • Ciprofloxacin: 5 tk to 30 tk
  • Riboflavin: 0.30 tk to 1 tk
  • Paracetamol: 1 tk to 5 tk
  • Calcium: 1 tk to 15 tk
  • Cetirizine: 0.30 tk to 5 tk
  • Metronidazole: 0.50 tk to 5 tk

Esomeprazole Price in Bangladesh

Esomeprazole is a very popular medicine in Bangladesh. This medicine is mainly used for gastric problems. This medicine is widely used in almost every region of Bangladesh.

Esomeprazole Price in Bangladesh
Esomeprazole Price in Bangladesh

If you want to buy esomeprazole from Bangladesh then you may have to spend between BDT 5 to BDT 15. Esomeprazole varies in price according to mg. Sometimes the price varies from company to company.

Some of the popular medicines of Isomiprazol are Ema, Emep, Epa, Esolok, Esomep, etc. Esomeprazole tablets, capsules, and syrups with injections are also available.

Metronidazole Price in Bangladesh

Metronidazole is a popular medicine in Bangladesh. It is used for stomach problems. Doctors in Bangladesh regularly prescribe metronidazole drugs.

In Bangladesh, if you go to buy Metronidazole group medicine, you will get it starting from 50 paisa to 2.5 BDT.

In addition to metronidazole tablets, it also contains syrups, capsules, and even injections. Many popular companies in Bangladesh produce medicines of the Metronidazole Group. Some of the drugs in the metronidazole group are Metro, Amodis, Dirozyl, Benmet, Amotrex, etc.

Ciprofloxacin Price in Bangladesh

Ciprofloxacin is another very widely used medicine in Bangladesh. It is also very important for people. This medicine helps people with various diseases.

Ciprofloxacin is one of the most expensive medicines in Bangladesh. You can buy each ciprofloxacin from BDT 15 to 30. Ciprozid, Ciprox, Ciprocin, Cipro-M, Beuflox, etc. are some of the popular ciprofloxacin group drugs available in Bangladesh.

Paracetamol Price in Bangladesh

Paracetamol is probably the most widely used drug in Bangladesh. This group of medicines includes Napa, Napa Extra, Ace, Paracetamol, and many more.


All these are widely used in Bangladesh. Doctors prescribe this medicine due to various problems.

In Bangladesh, you can get paracetamol national medicine starting from 50 paise to 5 BDT.

Although it is less expensive, it is a very important medicine for the human body. Paracetamol is the most used case and Medicine Price in Bangladesh is increasing its rats.

Top Pharmaceutical Companies in Bangladesh

So far many companies in Bangladesh are involved in the production of medicine. There are a number of popular ones who have made the market for medicine products their own. There are a few such institutions. You might also check the top pharmaceutical company list here on Wikipedia.

  • Incepta Pharmaceuticals Limited
  • Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited
  • Renata Limited
  • Square Pharmaceuticals Limited
  • Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Limited
  • ACI Pharmaceuticals
  • Opsonin Pharma Limited

If you go to any part of Bangladesh to buy medicine of any genre, you will see the predominance of these few institutions. Quality Medicine in Bangladesh means that the names of these institutions come to the fore.

There are also many other groups of medicines that we use regularly. These medicines have become very important to us for our various problems. The price of all medicines needs to be discussed on a large scale in order to present them to you properly. But that is not possible today.

Our Opinion

I hope you have got an idea about the medicine price in Bangladesh. Medicine for sickness, for medicine, so that we do not get sick, we have to keep it in mind all the time. And that is why you should refrain from taking any medicine on your own without the advice of a doctor.

I am concluding today’s article here by wishing you well. Our website has many important articles on various topics. They can help you. There was a request to read those articles for Medicine Price in Bangladesh.

FAQ: Medicine Prices in Bangladesh

1. Why do medicine prices vary in Bangladesh?

Medicine prices in Bangladesh can vary due to factors like import costs, government regulations, manufacturing expenses, and market competition. Brand-name drugs typically cost more than their generic counterparts.

2. Are there any government regulations on medicine pricing in Bangladesh?

Yes, the government of Bangladesh regulates the prices of essential medicines to ensure they remain affordable for the general population. This includes setting maximum retail prices for certain drugs.

3. How can I find the best prices for medicines in Bangladesh?

To find the best prices, you can compare costs at different pharmacies. Some pharmacies may offer discounts or have lower prices for generic drugs. Online pharmacy platforms also provide price comparisons.

4. Are generic medicines in Bangladesh as effective as brand-name ones?

Yes, generic medicines in Bangladesh are required to meet the same standards of quality, safety, and efficacy as brand-name medicines. They are typically more affordable as well.

5. Can I buy medicines online in Bangladesh?

Yes, several online platforms and apps allow you to purchase medicines in Bangladesh. These platforms often provide the convenience of home delivery and may offer competitive pricing.

6. How does health insurance impact medicine prices in Bangladesh?

Health insurance can significantly reduce out-of-pocket expenses for medicines. However, the extent of coverage depends on the insurance policy and whether the medicine is included in the plan.

7. Are there any programs to help with the cost of medicines in Bangladesh?

Government programs and NGOs in Bangladesh may offer assistance programs to help individuals with the cost of medicines, especially for low-income or vulnerable populations.

8. What should I do if I suspect a pharmacy is overcharging for medicine?

If you suspect overcharging, you can report it to the Directorate General of Drug Administration in Bangladesh. It’s also advisable to compare prices at different pharmacies.

9. Can prescription medicine prices be negotiated in Bangladesh?

While most pharmacies have fixed prices for prescription medicines, some may offer discounts. It’s always worth asking if any discounts or loyalty programs are available.

10. What impact does patent protection have on medicine prices in Bangladesh?

Patent protection can lead to higher prices for certain medicines, as it gives the patent holder exclusivity in the market. However, Bangladesh has certain exemptions for producing generic versions of patented medicines for domestic use, which can help to know Medicine Price in Bangladesh.

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