Goldfish Price In Bangladesh, The Best Opening Guide In 2023

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Decorating houses with goldfish has gained a lot of popularity nowadays. Their excellent color can make your office room, living room, or a bedroom more colorful and increase positivity. Not just that, but goldfishes play a vital role in keeping all the stress and mentally tired from everyday life away from you. Some people even think it is a symbol of luck and fortune. Since they are available and goldfish price in Bangladesh is cheap, many people want to keep them at their house.

However, now I am going to tell you about goldfish price in Bangladesh and others about it. So, without more intro, let’s explore this beautiful creature. 

The goldfish is a freshwater fish. It is included in the family Cyprinidae of order Cypriniformes. Their wonderful color patterns and superb body shapes make it one of the most iconic indoor aquarium fish in existence today. 

Goldfish Price In Bangladesh
Goldfish Price In Bangladesh

Goldfish are now being farmed on a large scale in different parts of Bangladesh. So, now they are available in our country. Besides that, goldfish price in Bangladesh costs very low. However, you can find it in any pet store or any E-commerce site. In this case, the price changes a little. Ordering from any online site costs more than a store. However, the fish is more available in Katabon, Dhaka.

Most of the time it is sold as a pair. You can get a pair of 2.5 inches of goldfish at 160 TK. On the other hand, a pair of 2 inches of goldfish cost 100 TK. I think you should purchase the fish physically rather than purchase from an E-commerce site. This will not only reduce your costs but also ensure appropriate purchasing.

Now, here you can find something about goldfish.

Goldfish History

The goldfish was first known as the Asian carp. Because it is a comparatively small member of the carp family. Goldfish were originally found in East Asia more than thousands, of years ago. The actual dwelling of the carp which become goldfish is in the eastern area of China. The historical record comes from the Jin Dynasty (266-420 AD) in China. Later, the fish spread from China to Japan or somewhere in the world between 1650 and 1700.

Goldfish Size

Goldfish generally do not grow longer than 6 inches or 15 cm. They may grow longer in bigger tanks or outdoor ponds. When goldfish are kept in small aquariums, they are then 1 inch to 2 inches long. But, in the wild, they can be 14 inches long. 

Goldfish Vision

Vision is highly developed in goldfish species. Human eyes can see only three colors, but goldfish can see four. Because of having four kinds of cone cells, they can see four different colors: red, green, blue, and ultraviolet which makes them tetrachromats. 


Goldfish can listen to you. They can hear 40 to 3200 Hz. However, they have two otoliths used to identify the sound of particle motion. So this hearing goldfish price in Bangladesh is worth buying.


In most cases, the reproduction of goldfish depends on the environment, weather and temperature. You need to prepare your tank first, and this tank should hold at least 20 gallons. Keep the temperature of the water around 50 °F and gradually promote the temperature by two or three degrees each day until it reaches 74 °F to encourage spawning. 

In this perfect environment of the tank, isolate a pair of male and female goldfish. The female releases her eggs and the male releases his milt that fertilizes the eggs. After that, the eggs hatch within 48 to 72 hours. Finally, the new babies in final shape will appear within a week. 

Goldfish Behavior 

Goldfish are absolutely social fish. They have the ability to learn social learning skills. They are very friendly to the people whom they live with. Furthermore, they love to play, swim all day and explore your aquarium. When they feel at risk, they hide behind a plant or in a hole. 

Benefits Of Keeping Goldfish As Pets


Goldfish do more than just enhance the beauty of your house. Now I am going to discuss the advantages of keeping goldfish at your home. 

Goldfish Easy To Maintain

Goldfish Easy To Maintain
Goldfish Easy To Maintain

Caring for goldfish in your home is not very difficult, as they don’t need vigorous maintenance like other pets. For example, you don’t need to take them to the vet.

Moreover, they won’t make noise anymore that can disturb your family members or neighbors.

Goldfish need to be fed once a day. More than that, you don’t need to be worried about their feeding because there are automatic feeders.

Inexpensive And Available Everywhere

Goldfish is one of the least expensive pets. They can be found almost everywhere in Bangladesh. You can get goldfish of different colors from any pet shop at a very favorable price.

Improve Your Mental Health

Studies have shown that having an aquarium at your home is a wonderful way to reduce your mental depression. Even by setting up a goldfish aquarium, you can feel tranquility in your mind. It is very enjoyable to watch goldfish swimming smoothly through the water after a stressful, long day.

Reduce Mosquito Population

Lately, the dengue mosquito outbreak has reached a dangerous level in our country. You can keep goldfish in outdoor ponds or any waterlogged places to reduce the mosquito population. They destroy mosquito breeding grounds by eating mosquito larvae and eggs.  

Money Making Opportunity

You have a great opportunity to make money by raising goldfish at your house. Since it costs less and is easy to raise goldfish, you can breed them and sell them with more baby goldfish.

Other PetsGoldfish
They need routine walks outside.They don’t need so.
You can’t go on vacation without them.You can go on any vacation or trip with complete peace of mind. Because there are automatic feeders to feed them.
You have to properly take care of other pets. Such as bathing them, keeping them at the right temperature, etc.You don’t have to do anything.

Many people like to keep goldfish at their homes for their relaxing and fun pastime. Apart from that, they can make fantastic pets, and you can keep them as the goldfish price in Bangladesh is really near your hand.

But they also require love, care, and attention just like other pets. Are you ready to provide your goldfish with what they need? Hope you get enough information on goldfish price in Bangladesh from this article. Now it is clear about goldfish price in Bangladesh.

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