High commode price in Bangladesh

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Presently, you can purchase a high commode within your budget because the High commode price in Bangladesh is exceptionally reasonable.

Don’t think that a high commode is very expensive. Companies like AKIJ, RAK, RFL, COTTO, ROJA, STELLA, etc brands are made of high-quality high commodes at a reasonable price. 

A high commode is a crucial part of a toilet. It provides a luxury and outstanding look to your toilet. Basically, rich people set high commandos in their toilets. 

Let’s see the list of high commode price in Bangladesh. 

Price List of High Commode Price In Bangladesh Brands

Nowadays, high commodes have become very familiar in our country. Bangladesh has few companies that make high commodes at a reasonable price. 

They deliver the best quality and outstanding features. To accumulate the glamor of your toilet you can also set up a high commode in your toilet. This list of high commode price will help you to find out the best commode for your bathroom. 

  • RAK COMMODE PRICE: 9000-35000 
  • STELLA COMMODE PRICE: 9000-30000 
  • RFL COMMODE PRICE:8000-30000 
  • COTTO COMMODE PRICE: 6000-25000 
  • ROSA COMMODE PRICE:8500-30000 
  • CHARU COMMODE PRICE:5000-25000 


You can buy a RAK high commode from 9000 to 35000. Although the price is not like an expensive commode, it provides features like an expensive commode. It is a great company in our country. 

They have many colors, models, styles, etc. You purchase your favorite commode with the characteristics that you really want. 

URBAN, COMPAQ, SAHARA, VAPEY, FEELING, etc models are available.  Still high commode price in Bangladesh under buying capacity of middle-class families.


STELLA company’s commode price range from starting from 9000 to 30000. Furthermore, they have different models like VICTORIA, EVANA, AURORA, MARINA, NORA, VIOLA, etc.  

Contact them to observe the features of their commodes. Stella company gives you buy with reasonably High commode price in Bangladesh. That is why customers in Bangladesh love to buy with High commode price in Bangladesh.


RFL commode price starts from 8000 to 30000. They have made a popular status in their own way. You can buy a toilet commode from them without any anxiety. 

After buying their products you’ll get satisfied because they have made a good reputation for their sanitary items. 


COTTO commode company is a fantastic company. This company produced many types of commodes that are eligible for this current age. 

The price range of them starts from 6000 to 25000. Their products will provide you with the tension-free satisfaction that you want. Cotto’s High commode price in Bangladesh is still cheap as other company’s price.


ROSA is an extremely nice company. They have a variety of items. You can choose Rosa high commode models like LEA, FIONA, NILE,  MARINA, etc from them. 

Their prices range starting from 8500 to 30000. 


CHARU is an extraordinary company. Also Charu High commode price in Bangladesh under buying capability among limited earning families.

They obtained an incredible status.

They obtain huge amounts of sales from their customers monthly. FARAH, TINA, SELLA, NICOLE, etc are their models. 

CHARU commode price in BD starts at 5000 to 2500. You can purchase the best item from your budget. 

Buying advice before buying a high commode

You’ll need to observe this toilet buying guide before buying it. If you buy a high commode, you can face many troubles after using it. 

Size: Choose a size before buying a toilet commode that’ll be eligible for all your family members. If you buy it without any observation you’ll face many crises. 

Color:  The color should be a manageable color that can increase your toilet’s look. Try to choose a color that can mix up with your bathroom’s wall color.  High commode price in Bangladesh

  1. Height: Identify a height of the high commode that is capable of your family members’ height. 
  2. Weight: Rectify the weight of your high commode that can manage high weights. 
  3. Design: Select a unique and terrific design. Because once you buy it you can’t change it easily. 

Guidelines for to use of a high commode 

We have to obey some guidelines while using a high commode. Otherwise, many health issues can increase. If you want to purchase a high commode you should know the facts. 

  • Always close the cover of the high commode. Likewise, Don’t forget to close it after using it.
  • Always wash your hands with soap or sanitizer after using the commode. It is an essential need for everyone. This process will help to clean germs and remove bad smells. 
  • Set up your bathroom rack far from the commode. 
  • Regularly clean your commode with toilet cleaner. Because of irregular cleaning, your commode can get dirty. 

Pros of high commode

  • It looks stylish and modern. Furthermore, It gives an attractive look to our bathroom. 
  • Suitable for tall people. Tall people feel relaxed when using it. 
  • Eligible to handle people who have leg problems or other health issues.

Cons of high commode 

  • Expensive than a low commode. That’s why everyone can’t buy it. 
  • All children can’t use it. 


The High commode price in Bangladesh can vary depending on various factors such as brand, design, materials used, and additional features. Without specific details, it is difficult to provide an exact price. However, I can give you a general idea of the price range you can expect for high-quality commodes in Bangladesh.

In general, high commodes with advanced features and modern designs tend to be more expensive compared to basic models. Prices can range from around 10,000 Bangladeshi Taka (BDT) to 50,000 BDT or more, depending on the factors mentioned earlier. High commode price in Bangladesh


Presently, the high commode is becoming very popular in Bangladesh. But, everyone doesn’t know that we can buy it with a minimum budget. They think that a high commode is expensive. 

However, if you want to purchase a high commode for making your bathroom more modern you can choose the best for you from our article with your budget. We made a High commode price in Bangladesh article only for your satisfaction. High commode price in Bangladesh.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on High Commode Prices in Bangladesh

Q1: Why are high commodes more expensive in Bangladesh?

A: High commodes often come with advanced features like automated flushing, bidet-style washing, and superior materials. The import costs, brand value, and technological advancements contribute to their higher price in Bangladesh.

Q2: What are the average High commode price in Bangladesh?

A: The High commode price in Bangladesh can vary widely based on brand, features, and quality. Generally, high-end commodes in Bangladesh can range from BDT 15,000 to over BDT 50,000. It’s advisable to check with multiple retailers for the best price.

Q3: Are there any cost-effective alternatives to high commodes?

A: Yes, there are mid-range models that offer a balance between quality and affordability. These may lack some advanced features but are still comfortable and functional.

Q4: What should I look for when buying a high commode in Bangladesh?

A: Key factors include the build quality, material, flushing technology, water efficiency, comfort, and additional features like a bidet or heated seat. Brand reputation and warranty are also important.

Q5: Can I find eco-friendly high commodes in Bangladesh?
A: Absolutely. Many modern high commodes are designed with water efficiency and eco-friendliness in mind. Look for models with low-flush technology or dual flush options.

Q6: How do installation costs affect the overall price of high commodes?

A: Installation costs can vary. Some sellers offer free installation, while others charge an additional fee. It’s important to factor in these costs when budgeting for a high commode.

Q7: Are there any well-known brands for high commodes in Bangladesh?

A: Yes, brands like Toto, Roca, and Kohler are known for their high-quality commodes. Local brands also offer competitive options.

Q8: Is it possible to purchase high commodes online in Bangladesh?

A: Yes, many retailers and brands have online stores. However, it’s advisable to see the product in person or seek recommendations before making a purchase.

Q9: What warranty period is typical for high commodes in Bangladesh?

A: Warranties can range from 1 to 5 years, depending on the brand and model. Always check the warranty details before purchasing.

Q10: How can I ensure the longevity of a high commode?

A: Regular cleaning, proper use, and timely maintenance are key. Avoid using harsh chemicals for cleaning and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for care and maintenance.

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