LED Tube Light Price in Bangladesh. Easy Explanation

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LED tube lights are quite popular as energy-saving electric bulbs. In recent times, LED tube lights have become more popular due to their various features. But most people do not know the LED tube light price in Bangladesh. In today’s article, we will try to inform you about the price of some popular LED tube lights in Bangladesh. So let’s get started without delay.

LED Tube Light Price in Bangladesh

The quality of LED bulbs depends on various factors. Depending on those factors, the price may be higher or lower. However, LED Tube Light price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 150 to Tk 1500 BDT. These are quite energy-efficient and effective. Tube light is able to enlighten your entire house.

LED Tube Light
LED Tube Light

LED Tube Light Price Chart

Light Name    BrandWattPrice(Tk.)
LED Tube LighClick18 Watt1030 BDT
AC LED Tube LightClick20 watt420 BDT
Rectangular AC LED Tube LightClick10 watt330 BDT
Rectangular AC LED Tube LightClick20 watt560 BDT
LED Tube Light Price Chart


Why Use LED Tube Light

It is very important to know why to use LED bulbs. Because at present there are different types of lights. Among them, LED tube lights are made with the latest technology in recent times.

Why Use LED Tube Light
Why Use LED Tube Light

And LED tube lights are able to illuminate more.

But if you don’t know why we use it, many people may make bad comments about LED bulbs.

Some even questioned the LED Tube Light Price in Bangladesh too. For the cheap use of electricity, you can save money.

LED Tube Light Saves Energy

The main reason for using LED tube lights is that they are energy efficient. LED bulbs save about 83 percent more electricity than a halogen bulb.

LED Tube Light Saves Energy
LED Tube Light Saves Energy

LED bulbs, on the other hand, save 81 percent more electricity than filament bulbs. CFL bulbs are quite popular as energy-saving bulbs.

However, LED bulbs are able to save 12-23 percent more electricity than CFL bulbs. And saving electricity means you will benefit. So you understand why using LED bulbs is good for you.

Low Maintenance Cost

In the case of tube lights, maintenance costs mean loss and the purchase of new tube lights. But if you use halogen or filament lights or any other bulbs, you will realize how quickly they become damaged.

filament lights
filament lights

You have to buy them again quite quickly. But due to the use of sophisticated technology in CFL bulbs and LED bulbs, they are long-lasting as well as much less maintenance cost.

According to a report, the maintenance cost of an LED tube light is around Tk 100 a year. On the other hand, the maintenance cost of a halogen bulb is about Tk 700 a year.

LED tube lights are also energy efficient and they provide you long-time service so you can understand why you should use LED bulbs.

Why LED Tube Lights are Priced High?

The question of why LED bulbs are more expensive remains in the minds of many. Many people think that where it is possible to buy a filament bulb for 20 to 25 BDT.

Why should I buy an LED tube light for 150 to 1500 BDT? The LED tube light price in Bangladesh is much higher than other lights.

However, there are enough reasons behind this. The main reason is that they use updated technology and have a voltage controller inside.

LED Tube Lights’ quality matter

As a result, the bulbs are less likely to be damaged due to low or high voltage. Also, one LED tube light provides a much longer service time than other lights. As a result, the price of LED tube lights is a little higher.

Also, the biggest reason is their energy-saving feature. LED tube lights save a lot of electricity. You have learned about the energy savings of LED tube lights at the top of this article.

So since they save electricity, it is normal for them to cost a little more. This is indirectly benefiting the buyer even if not directly and saves him money.

So even though LED bulbs are extra expensive, they are beneficial for people. The price of LED bulbs can be more or less.

Final Recommendation

It is more or less dependent on its various features. So you will try to buy an LED tube light according to your need. I hope you have a complete idea about the price of LED tube lights in Bangladesh.

Our website has complete articles and guidelines about the Bangladeshi price of different products. You can read them if you want. So to use you need to know LED Tube Light Price in Bangladesh.

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