Pant Piece Price In Bangladesh. Brands and Non-Brands

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A man’s taste is revealed through his clothes. This is what kind of clothes he wears basically enhances his personality. Pants are quite popular clothing that took away the attention of people in the fashion world. There are several types of pants, but pants made by Tailors are better than readymade pants. We will try to tell you about the Pant Piece Price In Bangladesh in our article today. Many people are interested in learning about this issue. So let’s not delay.

Pant Piece Price in Bangladesh

There are some well-known brands of pants pieces that are not only in Bangladesh but also in the world. These brands ruled the world of pant pieces.

Pant Piece Price in Bangladesh
Pant Piece Price in Bangladesh

If you want to know about the pants piece price in Bangladesh, then you have to know the price of this brand pant piece. Then let’s know how the price of different brands of pant pieces in Bangladesh.

Raymond800-2500 BDT
Dunhill500-2500 BDT
Belmonte800-2000 BDT

Dunhill Pant Piece Price In Bangladesh

Dunhill is not the most popular fabric in Bangladesh, but in popularity is very high. This brand has different types of products. among them, Pant Piece is quite popular.

Dunhill Pant Piece Price In Bangladesh
Dunhill Pant Piece Price In Bangladesh

There are a lot of fans of Dunhill’s pants Piece in Bangladesh. Those who think pants piece means only Dunhill.

However, the original Dunhill’s pants of Piece can be up to 2500 BDT. You can buy them from 500 to 2500 BDT.

The price is based on quality and other things like color, fabrics, and also texture. If you want to buy Dunhill’s Pants Piece from Bangladesh, then you have to spend this money.

  • Dunhill’s pants of Piece can be up to 2500 takas

Raymond Pant Piece Price In Bangladesh

Not only in Bangladesh, Pants Piece in the whole world means Raymond. Raymond’s pants pieces are famous all over the world.

Raymond Pant Piece
Raymond Pant Piece

They also have a specific fanbase. It will be difficult to find people who do not know about Raymond’s pants piece in Bangladesh.

Only Bangladesh will be wrong, but people from almost every part of the world keep a very good idea about this brand.

If you want to buy Raymond’s Pants Piece from Bangladesh, then you have to spend around 800 to 2500 taka. This price may vary from seller to seller.

When you buy Raymond’s pants piece, you will surely buy inspecting Raymond’s seal in the cloth and buy from a credible vendor. Then you will not be fooled while buying clothes.

Belmonte Pant Piece Price In Bangladesh

Another big name in the field of Pants Piece is Belmonte. Although in Bangladesh they did not benefit much.

Belmonte Pant Piece
Belmonte Pant Piece

However, Belmont is a big name in the international market. They are not only Pants Piece but also more manufacturers and sellers of different types of fabrics. Its fabric is popular all over the world.

If you want to buy Belmonte fabric from Bangladesh then you may have to spend 800 to 2000 BDT.

However, depending on the seller, the price may be a little higher or lower. And if someone sells counterfeit products, they can give you a much lower price. So beware of fakes.

Non-Brand pant piece price in Bangladesh

So far, I have tried to give you an idea about the price of the pants piece of different brands. However, the pants of other small companies are more prevalent than the brand in Bangladesh. You don’t have to spend so much money to buy a pants piece from any other company or non-brand.

Usually, you can buy pants in Bangladesh starting from 100 BDT. So I can say that if you buy cheap pants piece in Bangladesh, you will get a good pair of pants starting from 100 BDT to 500 BDT. But if you like to wear branded clothes then you must keep in mind the price given above.

Things to Consider while buying pant piece

We usually wear clothes to relax and avoid embarrassment. We should buy the kind of clothes in which these two things are found together.

  • Good Looking: When buying a pant Piece, one must keep in mind that it is beautiful to see. This should be taken care of first of all.
  • Comfort: Then we must take care of which piece of pants can be found comfortably. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing it after making the pants, then all your money will go to waste. So this issue must be kept in mind.
  • Matching: The last thing you need to keep in mind is how you feel about the pants. This is a must-have, for any cloth buying. Different people like different colored clothes quite well. Try to buy the clothes that will suit you best.

Our Opinion

The price of pant pieces depends entirely on your choice. The kind of budget you want to buy a piece of pants you will get within that budget.

However, the price of a piece of Bangladesh pants starts from BDT 100 to BDT 3000. Now you can buy a piece of pants according to your needs.

There are many more articles on our website about the Bangladeshi prices of different products. You will get a lot of information even after that. I am finishing here today by requesting you to read those articles.

FAQ: Pant Piece Price in Bangladesh – Brands and Non-Brands

1. What is the average price range for branded pant pieces in Bangladesh?

  • Pant Piece Price In Bangladesh vary in price depending on the brand and quality. Generally, prices range from 1,500 BDT to 5,000 BDT. Premium brands may charge higher.

2. How do non-brand pant piece prices compare to branded ones?

  • Non-brand pant pieces are significantly more affordable, usually ranging from 500 BDT to 1,500 BDT. The price can depend on the fabric quality and the retailer.
  • Popular brands include Ecstasy, Cats Eye, Yellow, and Richman. These brands are known for their quality, style, and range of options.

4. Can I find good quality in non-branded pant pieces?

  • Yes, many non-branded pant pieces offer good quality, especially those sourced from reputable local manufacturers. It’s essential to check the fabric and stitching quality before purchasing.

5. Are there any online options for purchasing pant pieces in Bangladesh?

  • Yes, many retailers, including brands like Daraz, AjkerDeal, and Bagdoom, offer online purchasing options. Online platforms may provide a wider range of choices and sometimes, better deals.

6. What should I look for when buying a pant piece?

  • Key factors include fabric quality, durability, color fastness, and fit. For branded pieces, authenticity is also crucial.

7. Are there seasonal discounts or sales on pant pieces in Bangladesh?

  • Yes, many brands and non-brand stores offer seasonal sales, especially during festivals like Eid, New Year, and Pohela Boishakh. It’s a good time to find discounts.

8. Is there a significant difference in pant piece prices across different cities in Bangladesh?

  • Prices in metropolitan areas like Dhaka and Chittagong may be slightly higher due to higher operational costs. However, the difference is not usually significant.

9. Can I get custom-tailored pant pieces in Bangladesh?

  • Yes, many tailors and boutiques offer custom tailoring services. Prices for custom-tailored pieces will include both the cost of the fabric and the tailoring service.

10. How has the pant piece market in Bangladesh evolved in recent years?

  • The market has grown significantly, with an increase in both local and international brands. There’s also a trend towards more sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics.
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