Oppo A92 price in Bangladesh. Easy Explanation.

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Oppo has many series phones in the market now. Among them, the ‘A’ series is one of the most famous. ‘A’ series has a number of phones but the A92 is the most famous. Many people want to know about the Oppo A92 price in Bangladesh.

One of the most loved phone brands in Bangladesh is Oppo. This Chinese brand is getting more and more popular all over the world. Oppo is especially famous in the Indian subcontinent.

Oppo A92 price is a common question among the new buyer of this phone. Here, we are going to discuss the price of this phone in easy language. So, without making any delay, let’s start.

Oppo A92 price in Bangladesh
Oppo A92 price in Bangladesh

Oppo A92 Price in Bangladesh

Unlike Oppo A12, this phone has no variation. This is mainly one version that is the best option for the users. When you have a budget to buy the best camera phone with a long battery backup and high memory configuration then this phone is going to be the best choice for you. 

Official price Oppo A92

The release time official price of Oppo A92 in Bangladesh was 23,000 BDT in Bangladesh. Usually, other phone’s price changes based on its demand and production. 

Oppo A92 has special popularity in the Bangladeshi market. After its release, its demand went high and the price of it went high. But now, this phone comes at its original price. 

Online price Oppo A92 In Bangladesh

If you want to buy this phone now, then you will be able to buy it at 22,990 BDT. There are many options to buy this phone. You buy this from Bangladeshi e-commerce sites like Pickaboo, Othoba, Bdshop, and also from Daraz. The best way to buy this phone is at the Oppo showroom. You will get the best price and also the best service from their showrooms.

The price may vary from seller to seller. But the official showroom will take the original price from you. This is all about the Oppo A92 Price in Bangladesh.

Short Specification of Oppo A92

Specification of a phone describes that phone’s tine features very well. This section is very important to know before buying any phone or any gadget. Here I am going to describe a short specification of this phone. This will help a lot to make a decision before buying this phone.

CameraFront Camera: 16 MegapixelsBack Camera: Quad 48+8+2+2 Megapixel
MemoryRAM: 8 GBROM: 128 GB
PricePrice: 22,990 BDT 
Battery5000 mAh Li-Po (Non-Removable) 
Short Specification of Oppo A92

Oppo A92 Battery Quality

Oppo A92 Battery Quality: Battery backup is one of the biggest concerns about a phone. Sometimes we face situations where we need long backups. Especially in travel and hiking. At this time, we need a strong battery to get long service from the phone.

Oppo A92 Battery Quality

We always try to get these long battery backup phones. Here we are talking about the Oppo brand’s one of the best battery backup phones. This phone has a battery backup of about 30-36 hours of normal use battery backup.

Sometimes the backup goes low if you use a long time for gaming or internet browsing. Watching movies or videos is also a very charge-consuming option for a phone. If you use the internet then the battery backup will come to around 12-15 hours.

It has a 5000 mAh Lithium-polymer non-removable battery. You will enjoy the charge backup of Oppo A92. As per battery quality, the Oppo A92 price in Bangladesh is respectable.

Oppo A92 Camera

This is the most impressive section of an Oppo phone. Most people love the camera feature of Oppo phones. You will also love Oppo A92 camera features. It has 4 back cameras. And one camera in the front part. Both are high quality and powerful.

Among the back cameras of this phone, the main one is 48 Megapixels. This is ready to capture 2K video files very easily. If you make youtube vlogs or other videos, then this phone can be the best substitute for any other low-budget camera.

Another specialty of Oppo A92 cameras is their high-quality image. Another back camera is 8 Megapixels. This is also very good for photo capturing and video recording. The other two cameras are 2 Megapixels.

Now let’s talk about the front camera of this phone. The front camera is mainly used for selfie-taking and selfie video recording. The front camera of Oppo A92 is 16 Megapixels. You will be able to record 1080p videos very easily using this camera.

Oppo A92 Memory

The only variation of this phone’s memory is 8 GB RAM and 128 GB ROM. You will love this phone very much for this feature. The ram configuration is more than good for gaming and high-quality video watching. It has special graphics cards to make your gaming and video watching very good.

Oppo A92 Memory

It has a dedicated card slot option to give you additional support for memory. You may use any size memory card in this phone without any hassle.

The ROM is also very useful to use high-size apps and also for storing the 2K videos that the camera will record. This will also store high-quality images. The memory configuration is very suitable with the price and also with other options.


Now you know all about the Oppo A92 Price in Bangladesh. Most mobile buyers have a limited budget for phones. But they search for the best configuration within that budget. If you are also searching for a phone within 20-25K BDT then this will be the best option for you to buy. I personally love this phone for Oppo A92 price in Bangladesh.

FAQ Section: Oppo A92 Price in Bangladesh

Q1: What is the current Oppo A92 price in Bangladesh?

A1: The Oppo A92 price in Bangladesh can vary based on the retailer and any ongoing promotions or sales. As of the latest update, the Oppo A92 is priced at approximately [insert latest price here]. However, it’s advisable to check with local retailers for the most current pricing.

Q2: Does the price of Oppo A92 vary in different cities in Bangladesh?

A2: Yes, the price of Oppo A92 may slightly vary in different cities in Bangladesh due to regional offers, availability, and demand. Major cities like Dhaka, Chittagong, and Sylhet might have competitive pricing due to more retailers.

Q3: Are there any discounts or offers available on Oppo A92 in Bangladesh?

A3: Discounts and offers on Oppo A92 depend on the retailer and the season. It’s common to find special deals during festive seasons, holidays, or clearance sales. Keep an eye on local advertisements or online marketplaces for the latest offers.

Q4: Can I purchase Oppo A92 on EMI in Bangladesh?

A4: Yes, many retailers and financial institutions in Bangladesh offer EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) options for purchasing smartphones like the Oppo A92. The terms and conditions for EMI plans vary, so it’s best to inquire with specific retailers or your bank.

Q5: What are the key features of Oppo A92 that justify its price?

A5: The Oppo A92 boasts several features that justify its price, including a large 6.5-inch display, a quad-camera setup, a powerful Snapdragon processor, ample storage, and a robust battery life. These features make it a competitive choice in its price range.

Q6: Is there a warranty provided with the purchase of Oppo A92 in Bangladesh?

A6: Yes, Oppo A92 typically comes with a manufacturer’s warranty in Bangladesh. The standard warranty period is usually one year, covering manufacturing defects. Always check the warranty details at the time of purchase.

Q7: Where can I buy the Oppo A92 in Bangladesh?

A7: The Oppo A92 is available at various electronics stores, Oppo authorized dealers, and online marketplaces in Bangladesh. For authentic purchases, it’s recommended to buy from authorized dealers or reputable online platforms.

Q8: Are there any additional costs to consider when buying Oppo A92 in Bangladesh?

A8: Apart from the base Oppo A92 price in Bangladesh, consider potential additional costs like accessories (cases, screen protectors), extended warranty plans, or any service fees if you opt for an EMI payment plan.

Q9: How does Oppo A92 compare with other smartphones in the same price range?

A9: Oppo A92 competes closely with smartphones from brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, and Realme in its price range. It stands out for its camera capabilities, battery life, and display quality. Comparing specifications and features is advisable for the best choice.

Q10: Can I trade in my old phone to reduce the cost of Oppo A92?

A10: Some retailers in Bangladesh offer trade-in programs where you can exchange your old phone for a discount on a new Oppo A92. The trade-in value depends on the condition and model of your old phone. Check with local retailers for such options.

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