What is PS3 Price in Bangladesh? Very Easy Analysis.

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The PS3 is a very popular gaming device. But with the arrival of powerful Android phones in the market, a revolution has taken place in the gaming world. Everyone is leaning towards gaming. However, playing games on mobile is not as fun as playing games on Game Consoles. And that’s why PlayStation and Xbox are still popular. The PS3 is such a popular Game Console that people have been enjoying high graphics games for a long time. We will try to find out the PS3 Price in Bangladesh today. Then let’s start without delay.

PS3 Price in Bangladesh

Sony’s PlayStation has hit the market with various updates at different times. PlayStation 3 is one of them. There are several versions of PlayStation 3 that have been released globally.

Sony's PlayStation
Sony’s PlayStation

However, there are not many sellers of gaming consoles in Bangladesh. Sony has also lifted the PS3 from the market since the PlayStation 4 hit the market.

Due to this, not much is known about PS3 Price in Bangladesh. Most of the PS3s that are being sold in the market now are second-hand. However, at the time when PS3 was in the market in Bangladesh, its price was around 40,000 BDT.

A sort chart of PS3 Price in Bangladesh

PS3 VersionPrice in Bangladesh
20GB40,000 BDT
40GB32,000 BDT
60GB50,000 BDT
80GB50,000 BDT

PS3 20GB Price in Bangladesh

When the PlayStation 3 was first launched in the Japanese market in 2006, its official price was fixed into several categories. Those categories depended on the system’s memory. Sony kept four different categories of system memory, one of which was 20 GB. At that time, if you wanted to buy a PlayStation 3 with 20GB of system memory, you would have to spend around BDT 40,000 in Bangladesh.

PS3 40GB Price in Bangladesh

The 40GB memory variant of the PlayStation 3 last hit the market in November 2007. However, other versions of the PlayStation were already on the market at this time. 40 GB PS3 Price in Bangladesh is almost 12k now.

Due to this the price of the 40 GB variant was reduced by about 8,000 BDT. The price of the 40 GB memory variant of PlayStation 3 in Bangladesh was around 32,000 BDT.

PS3 60GB Price in Bangladesh

The PlayStation 3 comes with the 60GB variant and the 20GB variant at the beginning. Due to this, its price was increased by about 100 dollars. Playstation 3 with 60GB memory variation was priced at around BDT 50,000 in the Bangladesh market. This was really high at that time.

PS3 80GB Price in Bangladesh

In August 2007, another version of the PlayStation 3 hit the market. That is an 80GB memory variation. It is the most powerful version of the PlayStation 3.

However, many people lost interest in this version as a result of coming out a little late. Due to this Sony did not get a chance to increase the price. 80 GB PS3 Price in Bangladesh almost 70 to 80k Taka

The price of 80GB variation is kept equal to 60GB variation. In other words, the price of this variation in Bangladesh was around 50,000 BDT.

2nd Hand PS3 Price in Bangladesh

If you want to buy PlayStation 3 from the Bangladesh market now then you have to walk second-hand. Because Sony has officially stopped production of PlayStation 3.

2nd Hand PS3
2nd Hand PS3

The price of a second-hand product actually depends on its current condition.

It is difficult to say the price of the second hand, but you can get the second hand PlayStation 3 for 15,000 to 25,000 BDT.

Where to Buy PS3

I have already said that Sony has stopped production of PlayStation 3. So the probability of getting this product from their official seller is 0%. Even now it is no longer available anywhere in the world. So you can’t buy PlayStation 3 even ahead of Sony’s official showroom.

That’s why you have to rely on online sellers. Although trusted online sellers like to sell PlayStation 3 in Bangladesh are not seen now. However, if you want, you can contact the famous game zones of Dhaka to buy a second-hand ps3. There you can get help buying an old PlayStation 3 if you want.

Things to Remember While Buying 2nd-Hand PS3

I would like to say a few words before deciding to buy PlayStation 3. If you remember these, don’t be fooled when buying.

  • Check Condition: Before buying anything old, you must check its condition.
  • Bring Someone Who knows: Take someone with you who knows a lot about that product.
  • Price: It is important to note that the current state of the product is consistent with the price.
  • Check Use Time: Even if it is old, you must keep in mind exactly how old the product is and how much has been used. It is not right to make any decision by looking at the above. The same thing applies to PlayStation.
  • Buy from Trusted Seller: The last thing is to try to buy from a known seller.

Our Opinion

The PlayStation 3 is a much older version that is no longer available. So it would be better if you try to find the updated version of PlayStation than to spend money on it. Because Sony is in charge of the new ones and if there is any problem with your product, they will take it seriously. I hope you have a complete idea about the price of ps3 in Bangladesh. Thanks for reading the whole article.

PS3 Price in Bangladesh: FAQ

1. What are the original prices of different PS3 versions in Bangladesh?

  • The original PS3 Price in Bangladesh varied by storage capacity:
    • 20GB: 40,000 BDT
    • 40GB: 32,000 BDT
    • 60GB: 50,000 BDT
    • 80GB: 50,000 BDT​​.

2. Can I buy a new PS3 in Bangladesh?

  • No, Sony has officially stopped the production of PlayStation 3, making it unavailable new, even in Sony’s official showrooms​​.

3. What is the price range for second-hand PS3s in Bangladesh?

  • Second-hand PS3s are available in Bangladesh, with prices ranging from 15,000 to 25,000 BDT, depending on their condition​​.

4. Where can I buy a second-hand PS3 in Bangladesh?

  • Second-hand PS3s can be purchased from online sellers or famous game zones in Dhaka. However, finding trusted online sellers for PS3 in Bangladesh is currently challenging​​.

5. What should I consider when buying a second-hand PS3?

  • Here are some tips:
    • Check Condition: Examine the PS3’s physical state and functionality.
    • Expert Opinion: Bring along someone knowledgeable about PS3s.
    • Price vs. Condition: Ensure PS3 Price in Bangladesh current condition.
    • Usage History: Inquire about how old the unit is and its usage history.
    • Trusted Seller: Aim to purchase from a known and reliable seller​​.


The information provided is based on current market trends and availability in Bangladesh, and prices may vary depending on the seller and the condition of the unit.

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