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PS4 is one of the updated game consoles, is a device that is a dream device for gamers. Another version of the PlayStation 4 is the version that almost everyone is interested in. In our today’s article, we will try to inform you about the ps4 pro version. Our main purpose will be to inform you about the PS4 Pro Price in Bangladesh. So let’s get started without delay.

PS4 Pro Price in Bangladesh

There are two versions of the PlayStation 4 Pro. One of which is slim and the other is normal. I will try to inform you of the price of both versions. Also in this part of the article, we will try to give you detailed information about the price of the PlayStation4 1100 and 1200 models. These details of PS4 Pro Price in Bangladesh.

A chart of PS4 Pro Price in Bangladesh

PS4 Pro (1 TB)35,000 BDT to 37,000 BDT
PS4 Slim22,000 BDT to 24,000 BDT
PS4 110022,000 BDT
PS4 120022,000 BDT

PS4 Pro 1 TB Price in Bangladesh

Memory variation is a very important issue because the performance of a device is based on memory. If the memory is low, the performance is low. PS4 games are on of the top and popular game in Bangladesh.

PS4 Pro 1 TB Price
PS4 Pro 1 TB Price

Performance is better if the memory is more. So everyone tries to buy more memory devices. And more memory means the price will be a little higher.

If you want to buy the 1 TB memory version of the Pro version of the Play Station 4, you will have to spend around BDT 35,000 to BDT 37,000 from Bangladesh.

This difference in price is mainly due to the seller. Some are selling at BDT 35,000 while others at BDT 37,000. However, it is unusual to have too much difference.

PS4 Pro Slim Price in Bangladesh

Another popular version of the PS4 is the Slim. As the name implies, it is a very attractive and slim device. This includes the necessary materials and some low-quality. Also, the slim version uses only 500GB of memory.

Due to this, it has been priced at BDT 23,500. Various sellers in Bangladesh are selling the slim version of the PlayStation 4 at this price. The product also sells between 22,000 and 24,000 in Sony’s own showrooms.

PS4 1100/1200 Model Price in Bangladesh

Another model of the PlayStation 4 is the PS4 1100. It is quite popular. This version of PlayStation 4 uses 500 GB of memory. Another popular model is the PS4 1200. It is also very popular.

Although the model has changed a bit, its price in Bangladesh has not changed much. You can buy this device only if it costs more than 22000 Takas. With that, you can enjoy its special performance. High graphics and 4K TV gaming are the most special features of the PlayStation 4.

PS3 Price in Bangladesh

After knowing the price of the PlayStation 4, many people will probably try to know about PlayStation 3. That is why I have tried to gather that information for you. PlayStation 3 in Bangladesh is no longer available.

PS3 Price in Bangladesh
PS3 Price in Bangladesh

Sony has taken these out of the market 5 years ago. So these are no longer being marketed and you can’t buy them even if you want to.

However, you can buy older versions of these devices if you want. The PS3 price in Bangladesh was around BDT 40,000 in the first place. However, the price has been reduced later. At that time 40,000 takas was the fastest gaming experience.

PS2 Price in Bangladesh

People are still interested to know about the price of PlayStation 2 in Bangladesh. However, these have been removed from the market in Bangladesh long ago.

PlayStation 2
PlayStation 2

Not only in Bangladesh, but these devices are also no longer available anywhere in the world.

Yet people are not interested in knowing the price of these. When the PlayStation 2 was released, it was priced at around 40,000 yens or about 24,000 Bangladeshi takas.

But now it has become very difficult to find a second-hand device for PlayStation 2. Because these are now almost extinct. Gradually PS2 is modified to update tp ps3 then PS4 Pro Price in Bangladesh.

Where to Buy PS4 Pro in Bangladesh

PlayStation is Sony’s product. So if you want to buy these products from Bangladesh or anywhere in the world, you have to go to Sony’s own showroom.

This is the best place where you can buy these devices most easily. However, in addition to Sony’s own showrooms, this product is easily available in gaming zones.

You can also buy from there. Also at present e-commerce companies sell such gadgets. If you want, you can buy this product from a trusted e-commerce company. But I would personally suggest buying from Sony’s own showroom. Because it is the safest.

Things to Remember While Buying PS4

There are some things we must keep in mind when buying any product. There are some things to keep in mind when buying a PlayStation 4 Pro. I am trying to give a brief idea about the issues that need more attention. I think these suggestions and my tips will be useful.

  • Check Original Product: When buying a PlayStation 4, be sure to consider whether the product is original. Because of the scattering of duplicate products in the market at present.
  • Take Expert: Take an experienced person who has used PlayStation 4P or any other version of PlayStation 4 before. You will be able to see the details in it.
  • Buy From Trusted Seller: Must buy from a trusted seller. In that case, Sony’s showroom would be the most perfect place.
  • Check Warranty Card: At the time of purchase, you must understand the documents of guarantee or warranty (if any).

Our Opinion

The PS4 Pro Price in Bangladesh is quite low. Other PlayStation devices are valuable enough that not everyone can use them all the time. So if you like gaming then you can definitely try this device. Thanks for reading the whole article.

A little bit high price from ps4 to PS4 Pro Price in Bangladesh. However, this price comparison website in Bangladesh can help you to buy opportunities with the lowest price. The PS4 Pro Price in Bangladesh is a little bit high than PS4.

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