Gabardine Pant Price in Bangladesh

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Gabardine pants have become one of the top fashion partners for men nowadays. These pants are preferable with both a collar T-shirt and shirt. And it can be used equally in both casual and formal cases. Moreover, gabardine pants are equally suitable for all seasons. So, let’s start the analysis of Gabardine Pant Price in Bangladesh.

There are different types of gabardine pants are available in Bangladesh. However, many of us fail to buy good quality pants even at high prices, due to not having a very clear idea about the price of gabardine pants in Bangladesh.

In today’s article, we will try to tell you about gabardine Pant’s price in Bangladesh. Here we will discuss the price of different branded or non-branded gabardine pants. So that you can easily buy good quality gabardine pants within your budget.

Gabardine Pant Price in Bangladesh

Gabardine Pant

There are several good brands that offer very good quality gabardine pants. Some of these are domestic brands and some are foreign. From there you can get the best gabardine pants in your budget. The quality and price of Gabardine pants vary from brand to brand. But the price of gabardine pants of almost all brands is very close.

If you can find out the price of a few brands of gabardine pants, you will also get an idea about the price of gabardine pants from other brands. So let’s find out, what are the prices of gabardine pants in different famous brands.

H & M Gabardine Pant Price in Bangladesh

H and M is one of the best brands in the world among clothing retail companies. The popularity of H&M is as wide in Bangladesh as in other countries.

H & M Gabardine Pant
H & M Gabardine Pant

H&M manufactures a wide variety of products including Blazers, Shirts, Socks, Trousers, Pants, Tops, Table clothes, Candles, Pillows, and Gift cards. Like all other H&M products, Gabardine pants are also best.

H & M’s gabardine Pant is highly preferred by customers for their unique design, premium quality, longer life, colorfastness, standard designs with the best quality, etc. H &M’s gabardine pants range in price from a minimum of BDT 650 to BDT 4,000 or more. In H and M showrooms you will find Narrow and Regular Shape gabardine pants of different colors like Black, Blue, Denim Blue, Brown, White, Gray, etc.

Plus Point Gabardine Pant Price in Bangladesh

Plus Point is one of the best fashion houses in Bangladesh. This fashion house is well known and trusted for premium quality shirts, t-shirts, denim, shorts, sneakers, mufflers, etc. Plus Point is mainly popular for T-shirts, but its Gabardine Pant is also very high quality.

You can get different colored Gabardine pants made of different materials including cotton, and twill at Plus Points. The quality of the Gabardine pants is good enough considering the price. 

The minimum price of Plus Point’s gabardine Pants is 750 takas and the maximum price is 4,000 takas. However, the price varies sometimes. So, If you want to buy good quality Gabardine pants at a reasonable price, you can easily go to Plus Point.

Cat’s Eyes Gabardine Pant Price in Bangladesh

Cats Eye has a good reputation for men’s fashionable clothes. This trend of Cats Eye is also continuing in the case of gabardine pants. Cats Eye’s gabardine pants are very stretchable and skin-feated.

Cat's Eyes Gabardine Pant
Cat’s Eyes Gabardine Pant

You will find different-sized pants here at your convenience. There is also a huge variety of colors. However, If you want to buy Cat’s Eyes gabardine pants, then you have to spend around 1400 to 4000 taka.

Cats Eye also has a 7-day exchange facility. You can also buy Cat’s Eye’s gabardine pants online.

In this case, if you have purchased a product of around 3,000 takas then your delivery charge will be completely free.

Menz Club Gabardine Pant Price in Bangladesh

If you want to buy good quality gabardine pants at an average price, you can also visit Menz club. Menz club is famous for stylish clothes for men. So you can rest assured that the pants of Menz club will be trendy.

Menz club’s gabardine pants usually cost between 1,800 takas to 2,500 Takas. Within this price, you will get both types of pants narrow or regular. And the pants are stretchable enough, fabrics are good also. So you can feel free to buy your favorite gabardine pants from the showrooms of Menz club. Menz Club also gives you the facility to buy online.

There are also various well-known brands including Gentle Park, Door, Menz Club, and Infinity. Their gabardine pants are also the best in terms of quality. You will also find gabardine pants of different sizes and colors here. And they are priced the same as the above brands.

Non-Brand Gabardine Pant Price in Bangladesh

Non-branded gabardine pants are also of good quality in many cases. Good quality non-brand gabardine pants are available at Bangabazar, Gulistan, Gulshan-1 DCC Market, Bashundhara City Shopping Complex, Jamuna Future Park, New Market, Shyamoli Square, etc.

You will also find such pants in local markets in different parts of the country. You will get both regular and narrow pants there. But in that case, you should check the quality of the fabric well.

In many cases, there are problems with color and size. However, if you buy with a little caution, you can get rid of these problems. Non-branded pants are also available at very affordable prices.

Random Brand Price

In this case, you can get your desired gabardine pants for 250 takas. Non-branded pants range in price from 250 takas to 1,500 Takas. However, the price also varies sometimes. Another thing to consider when buying non-branded pants is to try to bargain. Because in most cases the price of these pants is not fixed.

Random Gabardine Pant Price in Bangladesh is the cheapest rate.

Things to Consider while buying Gabardine Pant

Here are some bonus tips for you so that you don’t have to suffer from discomfort when buying gabardine pants.

  • Before buying any gabardine pants, make sure it is comfortable and easy to clean.
  • Check the quality of the fabric well. Also, make sure that the pants are well-stretchable.
  • Before buying gabardine pants, you have to keep your budget in your mind. Find the best pants in that budget.
  • With our reasonable budget, no worry about making decisions. Rather you will be able to make decisions quickly.
  • If you will buy branded gabardine pants then the price is high and for a non-branded pants lower price.


Finally, Gabardine Pant Price in Bangladesh, buy the best gabardine pants on your budget. Considering the information in this article, buy the best quality gabardine pants on a specific budget by matching the price with the quality.

And keep an eye on our blog section to get information on the price of everything from mobile phones to medicine. Hope you get an idea of Gabardine Pant Price in Bangladesh.

FAQ: Gabardine Pant Price in Bangladesh

1. What is the average price range for gabardine pants in Bangladesh?

The price of gabardine pants in Bangladesh typically varies from BDT 500 to BDT 3000. Factors influencing the price include brand, quality, and design.

2. Are there any high-end brands offering gabardine pants?

Yes, several high-end brands offer gabardine pants in Bangladesh, with prices ranging from BDT 1500 to BDT 3000, depending on the brand’s prestige and quality of the material.

3. Can I find budget-friendly gabardine pants in Bangladesh?

Absolutely! Budget-friendly gabardine pants, ranging from BDT 500 to BDT 1000, are widely available in local markets and online stores.

4. Do prices vary between men’s and women’s gabardine pants?

Generally, the prices are quite similar for both men’s and women’s gabardine pants, although some exclusive women’s designs might be slightly pricier.

Seasonal trends can influence the prices of gabardine pants. During off-season sales, prices might drop, whereas new collections or festive seasons might see a slight increase in prices.

6. Are there additional costs for custom-made gabardine pants?

Yes, custom-made gabardine pants may cost more, typically starting from BDT 2000, depending on the level of customization and material quality.

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