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People want to know about Raymond Blazer and suit Price in Bangladesh. This is a famous thing to know for many reasons. To satisfy these readers who want to know the price of Raymond Blazer in Bangladesh, I am writing this article. This will be a complete guide for you to buy a Raymond brand blazer at a low cost. In this article, I will guide you more about Raymond except for the price of it. So, let’s start with Raymond Blazer and suit Price in Bangladesh.

Raymond Blazer Price in Bangladesh

Raymond Blazer Price in Bangladesh
Raymond Blazer Price in Bangladesh

Blazer is one of the first choices of fashion lovers. This is also a formal dress that people wear informal places. And in the field of Blazer, Raymond is a famous name. They produce quality blazers. Their Balzer has a huge number of fans. Here in this part of the article, we will try to know the Raymond blazer price in Bangladesh.

Cotton Blazer3,500 BDT to 6,500 BDT
Wool Blazer4,500 BDT to 8,500 BDT
Linen Blazer4,500 BDT to 6,000 BDT

Raymond Cotton Blazer Price

People love cotton blazers to wear. They are very cozy to wear. There are many more reasons behind cotton’s popularity. If you also love a cotton Blazer from Raymond then you must know the cotton Blazer price of Raymond. One cotton Blazer price of Raymond brand starts from 3500 BDT. This is a basic price or starting price. This may go up to 6,500 BDT. People love the Cotton Blazer very much. That’s why it has a great demand.

Raymond Wool Blazer Price

Wool is another most loved fabric for blazers. People love this fabric also. If you want to buy a Raymond blazer of wool fabric then you have to spend more than the cotton fabric Blazer. Raymond Blazer and suit Price in Bangladesh with wool blazer price are reasonable.

One Blazer of wool fabric may cost you 4,500 BDT to 8,500 BDT. This is one of the high-priced products from Raymond. But price does not matter, the quality will give you satisfaction. Raymond Blazer and suit Price in Bangladesh.

Raymond Linen Blazer Price

Linen blazers are one of the middle and high budget products from Raymond. This is another most loved category from Raymond Blazer. People love this blazer fabric.

Raymond Linen Blazer
Raymond Linen Blazer

The price is almost like the wool blazer but a little low. If you want to buy a Linen Blazer of Raymond from Bangladesh then you will have to pay about 4,500 BDT to 6,000 BDT.

This is the price of the blazers from Raymond. On average, I can say that if you want to buy Raymond Blazers then you will have to make a budget from 3,500 BDT to 8,500 BDT.

The price may vary from seller to seller. But you have to buy from authentic sellers.

Raymond Suit Price in Bangladesh

The price of suits is more than the blazers. If you love Raymond brand suits then you need to know the price of them very clearly. Here, in this part of the article, I am going to tell you about Raymond’s suits price in Bangladesh. This part will not be able to give you an exact idea about the suit price but it will help you to generate a conception about it. Raymond Blazer and suit Price in Bangladesh as well as price chart.

Wool Suit9,000 BDT
Cotton Suit5,000 BDT to 8,000 BDT
Linen Suit6,5000 BDT to 8,500 BDT

Raymond Wool Suit Price

Wool is a high-quality fabric for suits and blazers. People love this fabric very much for many reasons. If you also love this type of fabric and want to buy a suit, then you have to spend about 9,000 BDT. But there are some low-quality wool fabrics that may cost some less. But this is the standard price of Raymond wool suits.

Raymond Cotton Suit Price

Raymond Blazer and suit Price in Bangladesh under choice. Cotton is another quality fabric. If this is from Raymond then there is no doubt about the quality. If you love cotton suits then you need to know about the price of this. In Bangladesh, cotton fabrics suit price starts from 5,000 BDT. Sometimes it goes high to 8,000 BDT. The price depends completely on fabric quality.

Before buying read this price info Raymond Blazer and suit Price in Bangladesh

Where to Buy Raymond Blazers and Suits?

This is a serious and good question for the new Raymond buyers after knowing the Raymond Blazer and Suit Price in Bangladesh.

Where to Buy Raymond Blazers and Suits?
Where to Buy Raymond Blazers and Suits

If you are a new user of this brand and searching for a Raymond blazer and suits seller you read carefully. There is a huge number of sellers and showrooms of Raymond in Bangladesh.

They are spreading around Dhaka city and also other big and small cities of Bangladesh. You may buy from them.

Another good source of buying Raymond products is online sellers. You may buy from trusted online sellers.

But in the case of buying from online sellers, you have to be aware of fraud. There are some online product sellers who are not trusted. Please avoid them while buying.

Our Opinion

Finally, I want to tell you to learn about the original Raymond product. If you can not verify the original product then there is a chance of being fooled by the seller. Raymond Blazer and suit Price in Bangladesh is not so high.

Another thing I want to mention about this is the price. Here I give an idea about the  Raymond Blazer and suit price in Bangladesh. But this is not fixed. The price may change from time to time and seller to seller. Keep eye on that.

FAQ: Raymond Blazer and suit Price in Bangladesh

1. What are the current prices for Raymond Blazers in Bangladesh?

  • Cotton Blazer: Prices range from 3,500 BDT to 6,500 BDT.
  • Wool Blazer: These are priced between 4,500 BDT and 8,500 BDT.
  • Linen Blazer: These are available for 4,500 BDT to 6,000 BDT​​.

2. How much do Raymond Suits cost in Bangladesh?

  • Wool Suit: A single wool suit costs around 9,000 BDT.
  • Cotton Suit: Prices vary from 5,000 BDT to 8,000 BDT.
  • Linen Suit: These suits are priced between 6,500 BDT and 8,500 BDT​​.

3. Where can I purchase Raymond Blazers and Suits in Bangladesh?

  • Raymond products are available at numerous sellers and showrooms throughout Bangladesh, especially in Dhaka and other major cities. Additionally, you can purchase these items from trusted online sellers. However, be cautious of fraudulent sellers when buying online​​.

4. Are there any notable differences in pricing among different materials for Raymond Blazers and Suits?

  • Yes, there is a noticeable difference in pricing based on the material. Wool items tend to be more expensive, followed by linen and cotton. The choice of material affects the price, with wool being a premium option.

5. How do the prices of Raymond Blazers compare to their suits?

  • Generally, suits are priced higher than blazers. For example, the lowest price for a cotton blazer starts at 3,500 BDT, whereas a cotton suit starts at 5,000 BDT. This trend is consistent across different materials.

6. Is there a significant price range within the same material category for Raymond products?

  • Yes, there is a considerable price range within the same material category. For instance, a cotton blazer can range from 3,500 BDT to 6,500 BDT, indicating a variation based on factors like design, quality, and specific features.

7. Can I find Raymond products in various cities across Bangladesh?

  • Yes, Raymond products are widely available in various cities across Bangladesh, both in physical stores and through online platforms.

8. What should I be cautious of when purchasing Raymond products online?

  • When purchasing online, it’s crucial to ensure that you are buying from a trusted seller to avoid counterfeit products and fraud. Always verify the authenticity of the product and the reliability of the seller.

9. Are there any specific recommendations for first-time buyers of Raymond products in Bangladesh?

  • First-time buyers should compare prices across different sellers, check for authenticity, and consider the material and design that best suits their needs and budget. It’s also advisable to read reviews and seek recommendations if possible.

10. How do the prices of Raymond Blazers and Suits in Bangladesh compare to previous years?

  • The prices can vary from year to year based on economic factors, new collections, and material costs. It’s always best to check the current pricing from reliable sources or directly from the sellers for the most accurate information.
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