Raymond Fabric Price in Bangladesh 2021. Very Basic to Details.

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Raymond is one of the most famous names in the field of fabrics. Most people use this brand of fabric in their suits, pants, and for many other purposes. But among these Raymond Facric lovers don’t know the price of this fabric. Out this article’s main audience will be those who don’t know the Raymond Fabric Price in Bangladesh. So, without any delay, let’s start knowing the prices of this fabric brand.

Raymond Fabric Price in Bangladesh

These are different types of fabrics from this brand. All of these are very much comfortable and special.

Raymond Fabric Price in Bangladesh

Raymond Fabric Price in Bangladesh

You will enjoy these fabrics while wearing them. Here I am going to tell you the price of different types of fabrics from Raymond.

All these will be from the Bangladeshi market perspective. Let start knowing Raymond Fabric Price in Bangladesh.

Poly Viscose Fabric 1200 TK to 2500 TK
Wool Checks Fabric 1500 TK to 3000 TK

Raymond Poly Viscose Fabric Price in Bangladesh

There are different types of fabrics in the market. Different people love different types of them based on their choice. Among them, Poly Viscose is one. This type of fabric is a complete mixture of polyester and viscose. 

Raymond Poly Viscose Fabric

Raymond Poly Viscose Fabric

There are a huge number of people who love this type of fabric. If you also love this group for your cloth, then you have to spend about 1800 BDT.

This is not a fixed price. You will find variety in this category. Based on quality some are 1200 tk and some are 2500 tk. This is the price of a 3 meters fabric.

There are different colors and textures in this group of fabrics. This is the average price of the original Raymond. If you want original Raymond fabric then you have to go to their own shop or verified shops.

Otherwise, you may be fooled by sellers and buy duplicates. +somewhere Raymond Fabric Price in Bangladesh can be varied.

Raymond Wool Checks Fabric Price in Bangladesh

Wool Check is another famous check that people love from Raymond. Like other parts of the world, Bangladesh people also love this check for court and pants.

Raymond Wool Checks Fabric

Raymond Wool Checks Fabric

If you also love this texture on your dress and enjoy the softness of this fabric then you may buy it for about 2200 TK.

This is the average price of Raymond Wool Checks Fabric. This class also has a lot of varieties.

Based on the quality of the fabric, the price may be from 1500 Tk to 3000 TK. The more you will pay, the more it will be in your favor.

This also needs some special attention while buying. If you don’t want to make any loss and don’t want to buy any low-quality product by the price of the original Raymond.

The price I mention here is the price of 3 meters fabrics.

Raymond Showroom in Bangladesh

I said many times that to buy the original product of Raymond, you need to go to their own showrooms. For this reason, there are many people who want to know about their showrooms in Bangladesh.

Here I am going to tell you all about their showrooms situated in different parts of Bangladesh.

Raymond Fabric Price in Bangladesh at Raymond Shop

This is a renowned shop in Bangladesh. The people who live in Dhaka can shop from this shop easily. The location of this showroom is 1st Floor, Zahir AC Market, 52 New Elephant Road, 1205.

They are very famous in this area as a seller of Raymond fabrics in this area for a long time. You may also try them if you want to buy Raymond.

The Raymond Shop, Rajshahi

Among the people of Rajshahi, The Raymond Shop is the best place to buy Raymond Fabric. This shop is famous in this area. The address of this shop is Aoloka more, Rajshahi, Bangladesh.

People from all around this area enjoy their service. They have home delivery services too. You may go and try their service.

The Raymond Shop, Bogra

This is another hub of Raymond products in the Rajshahi area. This is another big city shop where you may buy original Raymond Fabrics. All these are very quality and authentic.

If you want to buy their original fabric and other clothes, you have to go to their shop. Their address is Amicus Plaza, Shahid Abdul Jobbar Road, Bogra. You will love their service.

Raymond Shop, Chittagong

There are so many shops of Raymond brand in this area of Bangladesh. Some of them are ‘Raymond’ at 7 Shaik Mujib Road, The Raymond Shop at O.R. Nizam Rd, another one is Raymons Collection at 241, Sukiron Plaza, Terry Bazar.

There are some more Raymond shops in this area of Bangladesh. This post city is always crowded with foreigners. And most of them are love this particular brand very much.

Our Opinion

I have already given you many suggestions about Raymond’s fabric. But finally, I want to give you some advice especially about buying purposes.

This is actually on buying original Raymond Products. I suggest these shops but I did not verify them personally. They are just famous in Google Map reviews.

So, you have to manually check their authenticity. Check the fabric’s seal. I hope now you get all you need to know about Raymond Fabric’s price in Bangladesh. I hope you enjoy this article clear about Raymond Fabric Price in Bangladesh.

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