1 BTC to BDT price in Bangladesh

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Nowadays bitcoin is becoming a leading digital currency in the world. You can buy BTC currency in Bangladesh in several ways. 1 BTC to BDT price in Bangladesh is 4,280,892.36 Taka today. It is the approximate value of 1-bitcoin price. The price is changing every second or minute. So, you need to check after every second or minute to know the correct exchange rate. Bangladesh Bank has not yet approved Bitcoin as a legal currency in Bangladesh. 

This result is for 4 September 2021 according to the “Open Exchange Rates”. This exchange rate is higher than yesterday which is almost 1.15%. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that uses peer-to-peer network technology. It doesn’t have any banking system. Senders can send the currency from mobile to mobile.

There is an app named ‘Digital Wallet’ which helps you to keep your money safe. You can install it from Google Play Store on your smartphone or computer.

How do you convert 1 BTC to BDT price in Bangladesh?

Well, nowadays it is easy to check the exchange rate of bitcoin to Bangladeshi Taka. There are lots of free online tools or websites, where you can calculate the updated exchange rate. You can calculate and convert 1 BTC to BDT price in Bangladesh using a converter calculator, which provides the correct rate.

1 BTC to BDT

1 BTC to BDT price in Bangladesh

If you convert 1 BTC to Taka, you can see the difference between each. The bitcoin price in BD is gradually rising up. And now you can get the cryptocurrency with ease if you have bKash E-Wallet, Paypal, Skrill, and many other ways. Bitcoin works with the latest technology based on digital money.

Bitcoin price in Bangladesh may change within a second. You can buy and sell it to the market using a mobile app. If you want to get all the updates about bitcoin prices, you can keep your eyes on the live bitcoin prices. By doing this, you can also monitor the progress and change the bitcoin prices in bd. However, if you want to get the exact value of the BTC to BDT price in Bangladesh, you have to use authentic sites or converters.

The rate of the cost changes of 1 Bitcoin in Taka (1-month history chart)

The bitcoin currency changes second by second, minute by minute, and day by day. The exchange rate of this cryptocurrency gradually comes up and increases rapidly.



Here is the chart in which you can see the exchange rate of BTC to BDT. 1 BTC to BDT price in Bangladesh by time.

Date                            Day of the week                               1 BTC to BDT
August 5, 2021, Thursday                                1 BTC = 3,471,743.33 BDT
September 4, 2021, Saturday                                1 BTC = 4,280,892.36 BDT

From this chart, you can see the difference. The exchange rate of bitcoin prices is rising rapidly. The cost of Bitcoin in Bangladeshi Taka increased by 809,149.03 which is a vast amount of money. Also, you can get the update for this week from the websites.

Here is another chart of the approximate value which is similar to 1 BTC to BDT price in Bangladesh.

How to get bitcoin cryptocurrency in Bangladesh?

You can get the foreign currency or cryptocurrency bitcoin easily. If you have a bKash E-Wallet or Paypal account, you can receive the electrical money. Fortunately, Paxful provides a safe and secure exchange. Also, you can buy bitcoin if you have a Skrill account. You can buy 0.1 BTC to 1000 BTC. The exchange rate of 0.1 BTC to BDT is 427362.25 Taka.

But before buying or selling, you need to calculate the BTC to BDT. This helps you to make your purchase more delightful. If you want to get real data and historical charts, you can visit Paxful, from which you can calculate the currency. Here are some mediums that help you to buy BTC.

Buy  bitcoin using your Paypal account

Now you can buy bitcoin using your Paypal account. You can transfer your money to your account quickly and safely. Though Paypal is not vastly available in Bangladesh, you can hold and buy Bitcoin with this account. So, make your purchase done following some simple steps.

Buy with a digital wallet

digital wallet

digital wallets in Bangladesh

1 BTC to BDT price in Bangladesh changing as per market trade. It is easy to get BTC with your digital wallet. Before that, you need to sign up for a secure wallet. You can store all your cryptocurrencies here. Then, find your signed-up account and transfer cryptocurrency into your wallet. By doing this, you can start both buying and selling.

Buy with a bank transfer

You can buy cryptocurrency using your bank account. If you have a verified bank account, you can transfer the crypto into money. You can also use your credit card to do this.

Buy with perfect money

You can buy and sell the bitcoin currency using perfect money as well. Here you need to follow some steps to do this. Paxful makes it easy to purchase bitcoin using your perfect money account. To buy with perfect money 1 BTC to BDT price in Bangladesh is easy to process.

Final Words

If you need to exchange the money into bitcoin or bitcoin into money, you need to calculate the rate first. Bitcoin currency is different from all currencies. It is an electronic currency that uses peer-to-peer technology.

Here you may have seen a rate of 1 BTC to BDT price in Bangladesh along with other histories. But remember the exchange rate of bitcoin changes each and every second interval.

FAQ Blog Section: “1 BTC to BDT Price in Bangladesh”

Q1: What is the current price of 1 Bitcoin (BTC) in Bangladeshi Taka (BDT)?

A1: The price of 1 Bitcoin in Bangladeshi Taka varies slightly across different platforms. As of the latest updates:

  • CoinGecko lists it as approximately ৳4,024,252​​.
  • ExchangeRate.Guru reports a price of ৳4,125,837.17​​.
  • Coinbase states the price as ৳4,108,367.60​​.
  • Cryptopolitan provides a figure of ৳4,160,643.50​​.
  • Xe lists it as ৳4,089,392.54​​.

These variations are normal due to differences in exchange rates and the time of the last update on each platform.

Q2: Why does the price of Bitcoin in BDT vary across different platforms?

A2: The price of Bitcoin in Bangladeshi Taka can vary due to several factors, including:

  • Different platforms use varying sources for their currency exchange rates.
  • The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, leading to frequent price fluctuations.
  • Each platform may update their prices at different times, causing discrepancies.

Q3: Is the price of Bitcoin in BDT stable?

A3: Like with other cryptocurrencies, the price of Bitcoin in BDT is not stable. It is subject to market volatility and can change frequently. Users should always check the latest rates from reliable sources before making any transactions.

Q4: Can I use these rates for sending money or making transactions?

A4: The rates provided by these platforms are often for informational purposes only. They may not reflect the exact rate you will receive when sending money or making transactions. It’s advisable to check the actual transaction rates, which may include additional fees or charges.

Q5: How can I keep track of the BTC to BDT rate?

A5: To keep track of the BTC to BDT rate, you can:

  • Use cryptocurrency exchange platforms or financial websites that offer real-time tracking.
  • Set up alerts on these platforms to notify you of significant rate changes.
  • Regularly check multiple sources to get a comprehensive view of the market rate.

Remember, due to the dynamic nature of cryptocurrency markets, staying informed with the most recent data is crucial for accurate decision-making.

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