Armani Jeans Pant Price in Bangladesh 2023

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Armani is a very popular name in the world of jeans and pants. Armani brand jeans are always special. But many people in Bangladesh do not know about the price of Armani brand jeans pants. In today’s article, we will try to inform you about the price of Armani jeans pants. So let’s start without delay and find out the Armani Jeans Pant price in Bangladesh.

Armani Jeans Pant Price in Bangladesh

Although Armani is a big name in the field of jeans pants, the price of Armani jeans pants has never skyrocketed in Bangladesh. They make and market jeans for all classes of people at a very natural and affordable price. 

However, according to Armani’s official website, the price of one of their pants ranges from around 300 to 600 dollars. In Bangladesh, they sell jeans from BDT 350 to BDT 2,000. And Armani’s own logo is used in all of them. 

There is also a huge demand for Armani jeans in different countries of the world. But there are price differences everywhere. However, today we will try to know about the Armani jeans pant price in Bangladesh and not in any other country.

Duplicate Armani300 TK to 1000 TK
Original Armani2000+ TK

The price of fake Armani in Bangladesh is between 300 to 500 TK or 1000 TK. In these, you will find everything including Armani’s seal. But I have already said that these are fake. And most of what you will find in the market of Bangladesh is fake Armani.

If you want to buy original Armani jeans pants then you have to think over 2000 TK. Be sure to be careful when buying original Armani jeans and try to buy their jeans from their verified medium.

Armani Showroom In Bangladesh

There are so many Armani Showrooms in Bangladesh. As I said before, if you want to buy Armani jeans pants, then you have to buy the original. Duplicate pants are not like the original in quality.

Armani Showroom In Bangladesh
Armani Showroom In Bangladesh

You will not get the actual feeling of Armani jeans pants in them. To get the original Armani, You have to go to the verified Armani Shops in Bangladesh. Here I am going to tell you about some original Armani Showrooms in Bangladesh.

Armani Collection

This is one of the most famous Armani shops near Dhaka. The actual location of this shop is at L, 202, 2nd Floor, Mouchak Market, Dhaka 1217. If you live near this area then you can buy jeans and pants from here. This shop is open for you to buy Armani jeans pants from 11 AM to 9 PM. They have a home delivery service in their area. You may take this service by paying the service bill.

  1. Clothing and Accessories
  2. Women’s Collection
  3. Armani collection jacket
  4. Giorgio
  5. Armani collection perfume
  6. Emporio Armani
  7. Armani t-shirt

Armani Bazar

Another shop that can be a seller of Armani Jeans Pants in the Dhaka area. I am ‘saying maybe’ because I did not verify it personally. You may try them.

Armani Jeans Pant Price in Bangladesh
Armani Jeans Pant Price in Bangladesh

The address of their shop is Shop No-2, Nur Super Market, V.I.P Gali, Kaliganj, Chowdhury Nagar, South Keraniganj, Armani Bazar, Dhaka 1310. This is also very popular as a readymade garments seller.

Emporio Armani

This is the official seller of Armany as the name is suggesting.

So, this is representing the company name incomplete. There is no such proof that they sell original Armani Jeans.

You may go to them and try them. To find their shop, you have to go to 69, 2 Naya Paltan, Dhaka.

This is the address of this shop.

Things to Consider while buying Armani Jeans

There are many things to consider while buying any cloth for you or anyone else. But while you are thinking about buying Armani jeans then you have to take some points seriously. These points are given here and about Armani Jeans Pant Price in Bangladesh.

  • Size of Pant: While buying any cloth, you have to think about the size. The size of the jeans should be according to the person who will wear them. You have to think about the height of the pants and also the wrist size. Without thinking this, you will not find the Armani jeans that fit you.
  • Color: Consider the color of the jeans while buying them. Your jeans will present you to different people and also different people. It should be based on your choice and also based on the situation. If you are thinking of going to the office wearing those jeans, then take light colors.
  • Product Originality:  I already told you that there are two types of Armani jeans in the market now. Some are original and some are duplicates. You have to differentiate between these two. If you buy a duplicate Armani at the price of the original then it will be a loss for you.
  • Price: Price also matters. You should not think that the more priced products are original. If you are buying the original Armani then compare the price with the quality. Then it will be a good side for you.

Our Opinion

Finally, I want to share my own opinion about this brand. If you love the original Armani then go for it. But if you have a low budget then you should not go for that. There are so many low-budget pants that have good quality. You may buy them as Armani. That was all about Armani Jeans Pant Price in Bangladesh. Thanks for reading about Armani Jeans Pant Price in Bangladesh.

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