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Bengali is naturally fond of food. That is why coconut milk has been dominating the Bengali food list for ages. The article is all about coconut milk price in Bangladesh. So, to know more about it, read the article carefully.

Coconut milk has recently become a very popular Bengali food for its creamy texture and natural sweetness. It is actually a milk alternative, not like other cow milk found in the market. Besides that, coconut milk provides not only a delicious taste but also a number of health benefits. Therefore, it’s known as a ‘miracle liquid’ in the Indian subcontinent. 

Now I am going to describe to you the information on coconut milk price in Bangladesh and more about it. So, without further delay, let’s explore it.

Coconut Milk Price In Bangladesh

Different manufacturing companies have been producing coconut milk nowadays. Here you can find the exact price of coconut milk in Bangladesh.

Coconut Milk
Coconut Milk

Product Price

Coconut milk price in Bangladesh high to low. Coconut is generally found in the coastal area of Bangladesh. It is also produced in the Laxmipur district. Since it is available, it costs you very little. You can get 400 ml coconut milk at 125 TK and 800 ml coconut milk at 250 TK

Coconut Milk Price
Coconut Milk Price

There is also available coconut milk powder. It contains 66% coconut oil that has all the flavors of coconut milk. The powder is mainly used in dry applications and dessert items. 150-gram coconut milk powder is found at 330 TK.

Coconut milk is available in any super shop or E-commerce site. You can purchase it from anywhere in Bangladesh. I will suggest you buy it from any shop, so you can select the best one by noticing the expiry date, BPA-free cans, and the processing system. 

Product Description

Coconut milk is a thick, milky-white liquid produced from the kernel of mature brown coconuts. The milk isn’t actual milk in the traditional sense. It is a delicious alternative that can benefit health in several ways.

Coconut milk is considered a traditional food in Southeast Asia, Oceania, and East Africa. Older and mature coconuts are the best choice for producing coconut milk. Three types of coconut milk are found in the market. 

Thick coconut milk or coconut cream contains the highest amount of fat. Thin coconut milk or coconut milk is full of around 20% fat. The last one is coconut skim milk which has minor amounts of fat. 

The Number Of Nutrients In One Cup Of Coconut Milk

Nutrition In Coconut Milk
Nutrition In Coconut Milk

Coconut milk price in Bangladesh low and high. Coconut milk is a high-calorie food since it is rich in high levels of saturated fat. In addition, it is a good source of vitamins and minerals, which makes it a very calorie-rich food. One cup (240 grams) of coconut milk contains: So here is a short chart on Coconut milk price in Bangladesh.

Fat57 grams
Protein5 grams
Carbs13 grams
Fiber5 grams
Vitamin C7 mg
Folate38 mcg
Iron4 mg
Magnesium89 mg
Potassium631 mg
Copper0.6 mg
Manganese22 mg
Selenium14.9 mcg
Coconut chart

Coconut Milk Pros

  • Increases The Immune System:

    Coconut milk is full of a lipid called lauric acid which is actually known for antiseptic features. It helps the human body to fight against bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Some studies show that acid can reduce the levels of infection caused by viruses and bacteria. So you need to know the Coconut milk price in Bangladesh.

  • Helps In Weight Loss:

    Coconut milk contains short and medium-chain triglycerides that work great to reduce body weight and waist size. In that case, they encourage our human body to eat less and prolong the feeling of contentment. Meanwhile, healthy fat provides energy to the human body. 

  • Promotes Heart Health:

    We all know HDL is good for our heart health and LDL has a bad impact on our bodies. Coconut milk has saturated fat that helps to increase the levels of HDL cholesterol and decrease the levels of LDL in the human body. HDL cholesterol has anti-inflammatory features that promote the blood vessel lining. As a result, it can prevent more heart diseases, including heart attacks.

  • Controls Diabetes:

    Coconut milk has a positive effect on blood glucose levels. Researches suggest that coconut milk improves the ability of cellular response to insulin that increases insulin secretion in the body. Thus, it reduces blood sugar levels in the human body and controls diabetes.

  • Has Antioxidants:

    Coconut milk contains vitamins C and E, which are popular for their antioxidant features. Free oxygen radicals produced during the metabolism process are harmful to cellular components and create tumors in the human body. Antioxidants remove these harmful elements from our bodies.

  • Improves Skin And Hair:

    The secret reason for the long and silky hair is coconut milk, without any doubt. Applying coconut milk regularly can prevent dandruff on the scalp and can make hair stronger and healthier. On the other hand, it is also used on the skin to remove dryness and promote glowing skin. It even removes the line of aging from your face and holds youth in your appearance.

Coconut Milk Cons

  • May Cause Vomiting And Diarrhea:

    Though coconut milk has a lot of health benefits, it has some risks too. Drinking coconut milk sometimes can cause digestive issues such as vomiting and diarrhea. 

Coconut milk is rich in healthy fat, proteins, and vitamins. Not just that, but it has excellent moisturizing and repairing features that can provide you with wonderful hair and skin. Therefore, coconut milk is widely available in Bangladesh and coconut milk price in Bangladesh is near to your hand.

Now, you know how wonderful coconut milk is, and this is why I can’t stop talking about it. In order to get the experience of this delicious food, try to use it today. Hope you get enough information on coconut milk price in Bangladesh. Thank you for staying for info on Coconut milk price in Bangladesh.

FAQ: Coconut Milk Price in Bangladesh

1. What is the current price range of coconut milk in Bangladesh?

  • Answer: The price of coconut milk in Bangladesh varies depending on the brand, quality, and quantity. As of the latest data, prices can range from BDT 125 to BDT 1000 per liter. For specific brand prices, it’s recommended to check online retail stores or local supermarkets.

2. Why do coconut milk prices fluctuate in Bangladesh?

  • Answer: Price fluctuations are influenced by factors such as seasonal variations, demand and supply dynamics, transportation costs, and international market trends. Seasonal weather conditions can affect coconut yield, thus impacting the price.

3. Are there different types of coconut milk available in the market?

  • Answer: Yes, there are various types of coconut milk available, including full-fat, lite, organic, and flavored varieties. Each type has a different price point.

4. How does the quality of coconut milk affect its price?

  • Answer: Higher-quality coconut milk, often characterized by higher fat content and organic certification, typically comes at a premium price compared to regular or lower-fat varieties.

5. Can I get discounts or bulk purchase deals on coconut milk in Bangladesh?

  • Answer: Many retailers and wholesalers offer discounts for bulk purchases. It’s advisable to check with local stores or online marketplaces for ongoing deals.

6. How does the price of coconut milk in Bangladesh compare to other countries?

  • Answer: The price of coconut milk in Bangladesh might be lower compared to Western countries due to local availability. However, it may vary when compared to other coconut-producing countries in Southeast Asia.

7. Is there a significant difference in price between canned and fresh coconut milk?

  • Answer: Yes, canned coconut milk is generally more expensive due to processing and packaging costs. Fresh coconut milk, sold in local markets, is often cheaper but has a shorter shelf life.

8. Are there any local brands of coconut milk, and how are they priced?

  • Answer: Bangladesh has several local brands offering coconut milk. These brands might offer competitive pricing compared to international brands due to lower transportation and import costs.

9. Where can I find the best deals for coconut milk in Bangladesh?

  • Answer: The best deals can usually be found in local markets, online grocery stores, and during sale seasons in supermarkets.

10. Has the COVID-19 pandemic affected coconut milk prices in Bangladesh?

Answer: The pandemic has impacted global supply chains, which might have temporarily affected the prices and availability of coconut milk. However, the situation is dynamic and varies with current global and local conditions.

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